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Kalamari comments

Posted in: Fukushima in spotlight at Berlin film festival See in context

They attempted to acknowledge, but they failed in assessing the scale of the loss. I'm sorry if those who were personally affected feel offended, most of the people who worked on this at Berlinale and most of us germans in general have not been the sites of the destruction. A picture in a TV screen cannot relate the human side and the sorrow of everyone who lost family and home.

What we saw in our news in Germany we're mostly reports of the reactor, and the destroyed shoreline in close proximity to Fukushima, but only very little about the surrounding prefectures and counties. This created the false image in many peoples heads that the main disaster was the reactor breakdown, when other prefectures like Hokkaidō, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Ibaraki, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka and many others suffered just as much directly from the tsunami.

This was failed to adress propperly in our news and at the Berlinale festival (a very unfitting word). What we did see we're abandoned towns, destroyed shore cities, and many, many people living in crammed shelters, and many still living there to this day.

The event is an reminder to the german population about the many lives that we're lost in Japan in the days of the tsunami, but I wish they had not publicized an official event like this without more clearly acknowledging that the loss and suffering took place and will continue to take place not in Fukushima prefecture alone, but in all of Japan. Out of respect for those who died and for their loved ones left behind, our thoughts are with you, for what little it's worth. I wish you the strength to rebuild, and that you can return home soon.

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Posted in: What do you think of the idea of a grand coalition between the ruling DPJ and opposition parties? See in context

Some experience I can share from home in Germany: No matter how wild the vote numbers for individual parties and ruling coallitions change and up being, the actual political course in a democracy tends to be slow and hard to steer to a new course. They do wish to be revoted a few years later.

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Posted in: Evacuee finds shop robbed during brief return home See in context

My heart goes out to the shopowner for the financial damage he suffered, but if I had been among those who lost their home, I'd been one of the first to carry out a few bottles myself. It's nothing personal, and concidering the circumstances, that the alcohol might even have saved a few lives.

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Posted in: Nintendo says server breached, but no data lost See in context


In the case that they are truly focusing on Japanese companies, it leads to wonder what they intend to accomplish. If they were going for industrial espionage then targeting user accounts (well possibly among other things) seems to yield little fruit.. I still believe there has to be a well paying sponsor for the attacks, for the only other reason I can see to attack these companies is to cause damage to their reputation/stocks.

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Posted in: Nintendo says server breached, but no data lost See in context


I don't see what gain anyone would have from attacking japanese companies in such a way anyway.

Really, why would a professional hacker bother breaking into one of the most secure Server clusters of the world, only to steal credit card information and some embarassing personal passwords. If they wanted profit, they would choose easier ways and easier targets.

First Sony, then Nintendo, if anything this smells like a well funded smear campaign by Microsoft. I don't usually like to blame without proof, but Microsoft has earned my profound disrespect by being one of the most customer unfriendly and most agressively expanding companies of the past years, and a move like this would fit their past profile.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

It is very understandable that those who suffered directly from the fukushima incident (those who had to leave their homes behind due to radiation) will be angry and never want to see something like fukushima repeat itself. Its easy and stupid to demand that people just go on with their lives like nothing happened.

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Posted in: Man stabbed to death in hospital; son dies in apparent suicide afterward See in context

My guess is they attempted a desperate transfer because the hospital was not equipped enough to handle his injuries.

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Posted in: Two workers find love among the ruins See in context

Aye, best of wishes to them. :)

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