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closing? to lose such an icon. now what will all the tourists do? pose with the crab?

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tkoind2: I just wanted to applaud your eloquent words that resemble my feelings on the matter. I'm not really for any politician though as I feel all that get to that level are corrupt but we must choose the lesser evil and always those who can bring about the needed changes.

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When I lived in Japan as a kid, what bothered me more was the stares, kids flipping me off or yelling the bad words they knew in English or throwing rocks at me, etc. I'd just point back and yell "Nihonjin!" or chase them while cursing them. As a "haafu", I'm growing more and more resentful of that term. I used to use it all the time but after so many years I'm just sick of it, tired of explaining that I'm half and why I can speak Japanese, or to the British/Americans in Japan that I can speak English, etc. But I understand these terms and conceptions. I know the difference between someone who's just curious or prejudice.

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Judging by the comments, I think a little bit of context of the Japanese men quoted was lost. That conversation took place in Okinawa, who was left very bitter against the Japanese government due to WW2 and post-war events. Whether you're from there or not, if you live there for awhile (or next to a foreign military base) you might start to understand the tone of the article, regardless of whatever faults there may be. As an American, sometimes I think my fellow countrymen equate advocates of peace, of less aggressive foreign policies, and so forth as unpatriotic because we have never had our homeland invaded and destroyed like the nations we occupy. I am for a national service for our youth, whether it be military or otherwise, providing troop aid to other countries, etc. I do not understand how this article and such sentiments can be perceived as anti-American. There are many ways to make your country better. If you serve your government and quit due to policy changes or disillusionment on some matter, it doesn't mean you're a traitor. These are simply musings on how a nation went from war to peace, why others are currently not at peace, and how could they move towards peace.

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