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Posted in: Health officials trying to reduce impact of swine flu See in context

Lets watch how The World will strike the most dangerous event for humans than World War...!

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Posted in: How important is the fate of U.S. automakers GM and Chrysler to Japan's auto industry? See in context

"Notginger at 09:04 AM JST - 1st April

Why ask us? This is Japan Today, not The Economist."


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Posted in: What should be done to solve the problem of hospitals turning away seriously ill cases? See in context

Well, that doesnt seem to be a lack of doctors...!

I think the doctors are afraid of liability...afraid with a possible mistake...!

What could i tell...? "Dont be a doctor" or "get another occupation"...?

Something strange is going on inside the hospitals...!

The law has to be stronger for hospitals administration and not with the doctors...!

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Posted in: What are your worst fears if mass layoffs continue due to the economic recession? See in context

Simple answer:

Burglary and Violent protests.

This is normal in every present society.

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Posted in: Japan to pay 80,000 Afghanistan police salaries See in context

It's Japan's pure marketing! And political decline!


If Japan don't help Afheganistan then who cares...? Where are ONU...?

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