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Kalob comments

Posted in: Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up See in context

He said it was coming in too fast and may have snapped a leg.

No... He didn't say that. He said that a theory is the leg got caught in a hole and resulted in it tipping, while another theory would be a fractured leg. He didnt say anything about it coming in too fast. If anything, they confirmed it was at exact speeds they were expecting. NASA even said the approach of landing they took was one they will plan to use in the future due to its success.

The fact that a public company, who probably spent less than what the government normally would for this kind of thing, was able to even get this close to perfection is absolutely amazing. People tend to underestimate the extremely complex physics and environmental factors that come in when trying to land on the moon. If it was easy, there would be more than just 5 countries on it by now.

Please rewatch the interview, assuming you did in the first place.

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