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Posted in: Google versus Facebook for dominance of the web. Who has the upper hand? See in context

However facebook is good I like it, but can't be a best friend as google is.

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Posted in: GKB47 suicide prevention slogan inspired by AKB48 criticized See in context

At a glance I thought just sucks. But even if it's kind of "fashion" thing it may help for the people, might be. Anyway this kind of "on fashion" things especially for serious issue, is not welcomed. How can people feel good about it who's in depression? They never want a treatment "on fasion" but people who really loves AKB

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Well, Valentine's day is Valentine's day. Nothing more than that.

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Posted in: Into the world of 'otaku' See in context

This is beautiful, but I think we should stop thinking that "otaku" is so special. In my opinion, there's little difference between otaku people and people are not otaku

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Posted in: Oden, mixed stew, sukiyaki most favored 'nabe' dishes in winter See in context

It's interesting that people living in warmer place more likely to eat 'nabe'!!

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