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Sorta like Mirai nagasu skating for the USA instead of Japan?

No, Mirai was born and raised in California, so she should be kating for the USA, despite her Japanese heritage and name.

The New York Times reports that this couple were born and grew up in the US, but gained "dual citizenship" so that they could skate for Japan in this Olympics. My understanding of Japanese naturalization law is that it requires a person seeking Japanese citizenship to (1) give up their previous citizenship, and (2) adopt a Japanese name. Neither of these requirements seem to have been met in this case. So either they are not "real" Japanese citizens, and therefore ineligible to skate for Japan, or they no longer hold US passports. I trust the relevant authorities in each country will figure this out.

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Posted in: Gov't admits POWs worked for Aso family's mining company See in context

Japan was not a signatory to the Geneva Convention of 1929 that regulated the use of POWs in labor. Therefore, as a sovereign nation, Japan's use of POWs as slave labor was not technically a contravention of international law, despite it being inhumane and unethical (especially from the POV of the victors). The real problem in this situation is that the prime minister (despite the fact that no rational person could hold a 4 or 5 year old personally culpable for the actions of his family) insists on the Japanese tradition of refusing to face up to the country's actions during the war by hiding behind technicalities. Much better if he simply said "My family's business used POWs as labor during the war, which, while regrettable, was not a crime given that Japan did not ratify the 1929 Geneva Convention governing the employment of POWs." Done, get on with digging the Japanese economy out of its hole (without slave labor, one hopes).

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Posted in: Changing trends leaving Ebi-chan behind See in context

"Changing trends" = getting old

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Posted in: Finance minister says financial crisis mainly U.S. fault See in context

Not saying that what the US is doing to counter the debt deflation spiral and the resulting deep recession is right, but what exactly are the lessons to be drawn from Japan's lost decade that are supposedly useful other than what doesn't work? Let's see: 1) keep dead companies on life support; 2) build multiple bridges to small islands; 3) threaten consumption tax increases as soon as the economy shows even the slightest hint of life; 4) construct cultural halls in even the smallest village, then let the locals try to maintain them on a shrinking tax base; etc. etc. etc. As I said, can't claim the US government is looking tremendously astute (the Brits have done better), but we have enough politicians trying to make points in Washington, why do we need such tripe from a Japanese minister?

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Posted in: Natto with sukiyaki sauce See in context

Natto is a far-sight better than vegemite/marmite, and plenty of people scarf that down.

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