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kaminarikeizai comments

Posted in: Anti-China protest See in context

I think small flags are not "Made in Japan" in above picture and such type of flags are available in 100 yen shop.

I found a Facebook page by searching “facebook made in japan 100 yen shop” in Google Japan. Many Chinese and other foreigners like this page but I did not find any Japanese people who like this page.

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Posted in: Anti-China protest See in context

Very funny in Japan, everything is made in China but manufactured by Japanese companies in China, how Japanese people can boycott Chinese products. How Chinese people can boycott Japanese products those are made by Chinese workers in china?

I just found a website “boycottmadeinchina dot org” in Japanese language.

Other side; China banned some sites including “made-in-japan” dot and other domain names related to Japanese products, although these websites never criticized China.

Is it necessary such demonstration and hate in 21st century? Foolishness from the both countries (China and Japan). Why people (Japanese and Chinese politicians) do not try to ease the tensions in between Japan and China.

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Posted in: 40% of child seats in cars remain unused: police survey See in context

What was the smaple size of this survey. Did police collect the fine from offenders? What about the dogs(Wan-chan) in Japan? Are they have special rights to show their head outside the car's window.

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Posted in: 14 men, aged 16-45, busted over national child pornography ring See in context

Good Job! But only 14 men from all over the Japan.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Spelling error : entertaiment

Enter Tai Ment :-)

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Posted in: What do you think of the ongoing dispute between Google and China? See in context

Google and China try to find out root causes for this dispute. Competitors for Chinese IT companies can take advantage to get overseas IT projects by marketing (rumors) this (Google and China) dispute. It is too early to say Google is failed in China. Who were involved in this scandal and what profit they were looking from this dispute? Where is Google business shifting after closing its Chinese unit? Why it was so sudden?

It is not just a Google and China’s dispute; this fight may disturb other businesses in China.

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Posted in: Google, Yahoo criticize Australian Internet filter See in context

Google said ..... its own filter to block child pornography.....

But your filter is not working fine. Unable to detect blogs on Google (Blogger)and Yahoo, those are giving a free referral links to dirty websites. Please block these blogs.

Australian Internet filter is a good solution.

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Posted in: Japan: A paradise for entrepreneurs See in context

Yes, Japan is a paradise for entrepreneurs in Asia. There is no electricity shortage. Water quality is good. Transportation is very good. Japan is ideal place to run a factory. Only problem is high rent, high-wages and high land prices. Japan is very costly. But there is one plus point for Japan, if we compare it to other Asian countries, Japan is the most peaceful Asian country. Japan and Singapore both are my favorite’s places for business and work.

There is no future stability in China, India and Thailand. There is only corruption, fraud, terrorism, and bad attitude of bureaucrats (including local businessmen). It is difficult to find a right business partner in these 3 countries. Clients from India or China never send payments on time and never pay 100% amount against invoices. If we remind them for the payments, they behave like a gangster. After many bitter experiences, I’ve decided not to do any business with India.

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Posted in: Toyota chief says quality control training lapsed amid fast growth See in context

What an excuse?

Fast growth or greed for profit! Toyota is making cars not chinese gyoza. Where is the pride of Nihon Monodukuri (Japanese manufacturing) Made in Japan?

Toyota’s quality control chief may be a new scapegoat of this scandal. If it is truth that quality control training lapsed somewhere, we expect a resignation letter from Mr. Toyoda before he dismisses or transfers some other Toyota's staffs (low-ranking) related to this concern.

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Posted in: Toyota president apologizes to Chinese customers See in context

One should never forget the past.......

Thanks to Chinese people, they completely forgot Chinese Gyoza scandal. Toyota is very lucky in China.

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Posted in: Toyota faces federal, congressional probe in U.S. See in context

Toyota is very lucky. It didn’t get same treatment from America as 2 years ago a Chinese gyoza maker got from Japan for Chinese-made gyoza scandal. In that scandal Chinese gyoza factory was closed in China and many workers lost their job.

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Posted in: Suzuki, Nissan, Daihatsu announce recalls in Japan See in context

Please no more Eco Points system for Japanese Cars. I hope we will see more scandals (recalls) in Japan. As economy burst something happend in this beautiful island country.

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Posted in: Toyota now investigating Corolla steering problems See in context

Japan should cut eco-point benifits for Toyota.

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Posted in: Canon's 4th quarter profit surges on brisk camera sales See in context

It better to call Canon a Malaysian company.

All Canon cameras are "MADE IN MALAYSIA".

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Posted in: Hatoyama starts tweeting, using blog See in context

Hato Café blog is looks like a commercial blog. These days blog is a fashion for politicians.

Why he mentioned “Gandhi’ name” in his post under title “About this blog”? Gandhi was a great leader of India. He sacrifices his all wealth for his country’s freedom. Gandhi’s life style was so simple and he lived like an honest saint. Please do not misguide Japanese people by using Gandhi’s name in your blog. First you pay all taxes honestly to Japan.

Why is he using this government “kantei.go.jp” portal for writing his personnel experience? “昨日の空の写真は私が携帯で撮りました。” Translation: “I took the yesterday's sky photograph by my mobile.”

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Posted in: Hatoyama said Japan will consider selling India nuclear power technology See in context

India is not a fool to buy costly technology from a nation (Japan) that always opposed and criticized the Indian nuclear program. It is a dirty Japanese business game by offering a free bullet train for selling costly nuclear power technology to India. India will never sign the NTBT.

There are other big players (America, France and Russia) in the market. Why Japan is considering now?

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Posted in: New graduates face gloomy job prospects See in context

Wow, techno teachers from Japan. Will they teach 100% techology to another coutry?

JICA is hopeless. They know only how to waste Japanese money in overseas projects.

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Posted in: If you could meet U.S. President Barack Obama during his visit to Japan, what would you like to talk with him about? See in context

Please, ban unplanned outsourcing to cheap labor countries in name of globalization.

Make some strict rules to stop misuse of H1 Visa.

How many American's are working in China and in India on working visa?

How many Chinese and Indians are working in America on H1 visa?

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Posted in: Internet set for change with non-English addresses See in context

It will increase revenue of greedy internet domain registration companies. Does really Japanese internet world want isolation from other countries same as edo isolation period?

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Posted in: Internet set for change with non-English addresses See in context

It is difficult to search a right website on net due to poor SEO strategy by Japanese companies. This new idea will create more difficulties.

Google Bot, MSN Bot, Yahoo Slurp good luck!

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Posted in: Hatoyama says reviving economy top priority See in context

If reviving economy is the top priority, first ban local and international Haken (dispatch workers) in Japan. These days’ companies are not hiring qualified foreigners, who are living in Japan with genuine visa (permanent residency or spouse visa) for overseas marketing, finance, IT and other jobs. Companies are hiring people from overseas (cheap labor countries) and these people come to Japan for 6 months to 2 years with the help of haken-gaisha (placement agency). With the help of bogus (fraud) companies they get working visa of Japan. After completion their contract period, these workers also replaced by new haken-workers from overseas.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate dips to 5.5% in August See in context

Yes, Japan was in the same show after the war.

In the current business practice, unplanned outsourcing is the biggest threat and danger for the society. We can see global economic imbalances everywhere. Rich nations and poor nations both will suffer this outsourcing in the future.

If countries do not have manpower or other resources, can go for outsourcing and it is the best option for the society. But it is danger to neglect your own resources and manpower, start to outsource a cheap labor country in name of cost-cut, blindly import cheap products or sending backend work to overseas. After using a cheap labor country for some years, move to other cheap labor country, so on………, just for the sake of greed. I do not like such kind of globalization.

Japanese companies never hire a person who changed job more than 2 times. I could not understand why these greedy companies are moving their business from one nation to another nation to make a cheap product. 

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate dips to 5.5% in August See in context

In last 8 years many call-center, IT and financial research jobs outsourced to cheap labor countries from Japan. Nowadays, Japanese city garbage poly bag is even not ‘Made in Japan’.

It is foolish to send jobs (including insurance and financial data entry) to cheap labor countries in name of 'cost cutting'.

This is not a right way to achieve globalization target. Provide proper education and technical guidance to all cheap labor countries so they can solve their own problems (including global warming). Do not outsource for your greed and do not create a new kind of global economic imbalances.

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Posted in: Nomura's annual loss swells to Y709.4 billion See in context

Thanks to recession shopping in a time of recession. Good luck Nomura Holdings Inc. ;-)

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Posted in: Hitachi forecasts Y700 bil loss; to cut 7,000 jobs See in context

Rajkumar, thanks for the statistical data especially American poverty data. In a Japanese company’s 'fat cat executives' (mostly high-school pass out) can not understand, until they compare themselves with the American data. They only know how to sell their out dated machinery products to India and China with 40%-50% profit.

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Posted in: Honda UK plant shuts down Friday for 4 months See in context

Thank god! Honda does not force its UK employee to buy a Honda car.

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Posted in: Sony to close factory in France See in context

I think India can do better business with Africa or others. But first India should buy expensive Japanese technology or US technology to build strong business foundation in India. Give better quality to world, if you negotiate with technology cost, you have to compromise with quality. Forget short term (one time) profit, think long term stability.

This is ther generation of Blue ray Disc. Not Videotape. Sell latest Blue ray Disc to Africa also, if they can give you better price. Do not discriminate people or nation.

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Posted in: Honda to release new Accord See in context

Who will buy this expensive new accord? 1000 unit sales a month is a very big target in Japan. If Honda successfully sales 500 units, it means Japanese are not worrying about this recession.

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Posted in: Candidates vary on elections, war shrine See in context

Don’t make it controversial. It’s just a shrine, where people are doing worship. People, who died for their country, should be respectable in their country. Many Japanese soldiers body were not found in World War II. What’s wrong with somebody if he/she pray ancestor in the Yasukuni Shrine. I have same sympathy with the people who were killed by Japanese army.

Shrine is not bad but war is bad. Why you hate a Shrine? Hate war. Even many soldiers were joined army without their intention. They were just following orders from their superiors. So war was a real devil.

America used atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People who are opposing Yasukuni Shrine can oath, “ We will not visit America”.

It was a WAR, which was over 67 years ago. Don’t hate each other; contribute your effort for world peace. Everybody has a bad experience in the world war II.

Please do not do politics on Yasukuni Shrine and do not show your cheapness by highlighting it in media every year.

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Posted in: Soon-to-be Panasonic scraps National Japan brand See in context

Conservative marketing style, that’s why Panasonic failed in the market. Why these people hate “National” brand name. I will also miss the old National brand.

Without a proper survey in the market, they are going to remove “National” brand name. Panasonic will again suffer in the Non-Japanese market with its new brand name.

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