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Posted in: British beef could be back on the menu in Japan soon See in context

When the beef ban was implemented, Brits were also banned from giving blood. I wonder if that ban will also be lifted sometime in the near future.

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Posted in: Justice minister quits after 3 weeks due to yakuza links See in context

Christ, why continue with the ridiculous "for reasons of ill health" charade when everyone knows it was because you got caught out?

Let's call a spade a spade shall we?

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Posted in: McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters See in context

Years ago the entire menu used to be on the overhead boards, which meant that you could browse and choose what you wanted whilst you were waiting to be served (so very little of the problem of people choosing when they reach the counter); now it's just advertising space for the set meals.

Aren't the people who make these decisions supposed to be smart people with business/marketing degrees? Why no-one ever consults the front line staff on how it has affected things is a constant surprise to me.

Another problem with the "no menu" ideas is that McD's in Japan aren't always consistent in what they serve. I sometimes go to one near a school I work at, which doesn't have Apple pies, nor 1/4 pounders; not just out of stock, they are never stocked. Used to have a sticker over them; that was bad enough...

Starbucks Japan, even whilst having overhead menus, also has the good idea of getting a member of staff to hand out menus to queueing customers at busy times.

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Posted in: Kansai airport officials stand by security measures See in context

Whether or not the flight originated in Kansai is irrelevant. What's truly shocking is this lackadaisical approach to trying to prevent potential terrorists boarding planes, whilst scrutinising anyone hoping to enjoy their travels here.

"Nakamoto said arriving passengers are checked more closely than those leaving the country."

A slow hand clap for immigration...

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

I have an ex-AV star who brings her kid to the Eikaiwa I work at.

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Posted in: Japan’s taxpayers are already rebelling against small tax increases needed to limit escalating deficits. This leaves little room for hope that future taxpayers will accept the larger tax increases nee See in context

Japan's taxpayers are already rebelling against small tax increases

....And the evidence of this is where?

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Posted in: First arrests made under new Fukuoka drunk driving regulations See in context


Sorry, which Fukuoka is it you live in? Because it isn't the one in Kyushu, that's for sure. In 3 years here, using the roads pretty much everyday, I've only ever seen one police checkpoint for drivers, which of course had its red lights flashing so anyone could see them from a mile off and therefore make a convenient "detour" if they felt they could be at risk of arrest. Even during last year's Bounenkai season, nothing, nada, zip. Perhaps this is the reason why Fukuoka jostles with Osaka every year for the dubious honour of having Japan's highest rate of DUI.

Just last night, the car in front of the bus I was on had no lights on at night. A police van came from the other direction. Now, quiz time everyone - Did the police:

A) Stop the driver and check if the reason they had no lights on at night might be because they were DUI?

B) Flash the driver with their lights to let the driver know he was driving without lights?

C) Do absolutely nothing?

Policing in this country continues as it ever was; a bad joke.

On a police related note, does anyone know if you're supposed to get a crime number from police when you report something to them? I've had 3 occasions to do so, but have never received a crime number for future reference.

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Posted in: Fake doctor examines 2,300 patients See in context


That's possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

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Posted in: Fake doctor examines 2,300 patients See in context

This is not a surprise at all. I'm sure many of us have encountered a quack (or two) whilst in Japan. I recently went to a dermatologist, and he completely failed to diagnose me correctly, putting it down to something completely unrelated (it turned out, as I found out when I saw a proper doc). To make matters worse, the prescription he gave wasn't working (as it wasn't for my actual problem), and every week I said "Look, it's the same, the medicine has had no effect" and he just continued to say "It's fine"; no explanation as to why it was taking its time to work, no allaying my concerns, just "It's fine". I thought it was suspicious that on his brochure were 2 western qualifications from america, but he didn't seem to be able to speak English at all.

As others have said above, you've really got to be careful here. Charlatans, and old doctors who've been so arrogant as to never really update their procedures to modern ones.

It's not as though it's cheap either...

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Posted in: Clinton shows he is Obama's most valuable weapon See in context

In a detailed and passionate endorsement of his former rival

They were never rivals; Hillary and Obama, yes, but not Bill.

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Posted in: Fast food service in Japan vs America: 2 videos tell the story See in context

"...many Japanese viewers actually seem to find it embarrassing that their people are so willing to jump through hoops for a measly 800 yen per hour."

Though clearly not embarrassed enough for bosses to pay, nor the the general population to campaign for, a decent wage for these people.

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Posted in: Takeshi defends grisly gangster flick See in context

He's made some good films, and some so-so films, but since coming to live in Japan, I haven't watched any of his films because I simply can't reconcile him as a reasonably respected director with the clown I see on JTV.

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Posted in: The charge is necessary to unite the townspeople and encourage them to move on from the disaster. See in context

How about putting the charge on TEPCO's tab?

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Posted in: Lance Armstrong's fall is mind-boggling See in context

If Armstrong's wrongdoing is proven, then the far bigger story is how everyone around him was willingly complicit in the deception, and for so long.

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Posted in: Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way See in context

Who needs a license?

I'm quite shocked to find they actually have licenses in Japan considering how (too) many Japanese "drive".

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists proud of isle landing See in context


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Posted in: 7 things all Japanese just gotta say See in context

Number 2's bang on the money. I was in a "road rage" incident the other week, and whilst remonstrating with the driver over their appallingly dangerous driving, one of his passengers suddenly, from way out left-field, chipped in with a "where are you from?". Unbelievable given the situation; "Kuuki yomenai" indeed.

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Posted in: Man held over death of woman in Kumamoto hotel See in context

Burger_king Thanks for clarifying where the translation failed.

CrazyJoe - I've yet to see a Japanese ambulance "rush" anywhere.

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Posted in: Man held over death of woman in Kumamoto hotel See in context

Firefighters rushed to the hotel and found the woman bleeding from a stab wound to the chest

Firefighters? Perhaps Paramedics would have been a better choice to have dispatched?

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Posted in: No. of police disciplined for misconduct up 23% over 2011, NPA says See in context

It's a very sad state of affairs indeed when your "finest" is riddled with criminals, and can only muster "barely competent" at their best.

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Posted in: Kan slams TEPCO over nuclear crisis video footage See in context

Y'know, it really beats me how the Japanese seem to have no limit for how much obfuscation and general BS they are prepared to take.

Mr Kan is seemingly a diamond in the rough.

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Posted in: Interpol issues arrest notice for Sea Shepherd founder Watson See in context

This is all, quite frankly, somewhat ridiculous.

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Posted in: Man dragged 50 meters by car after argument with driver See in context

Ahhh... The ole' "I have no memory of what happened" defense. Where & when do the Japanese learn this BS?

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

Japanese clothing store staff tend to follow you around the shop at a not-in-actual-fact-discreet-distance - That'd never happen in Europe! Being leapt on with suggestions for "matching" items the moment you check out the price tag on any clothing - That'd never happen in Europe! Being yelled at with the same "greeting" over, and over, and over again. That'd never happen in Europe! Every last detail of what the problem is with a faulty item being checked when you return it to the store - In most European countries, your word is good enough, especially if it's a visible defect, but strangely not in Japan; the "procedure" is mindlessly observed.

Kawakami, my parochial chum, in Europe, the above things that the Japanese do, Europeans don't do for the simple reason that culturally, they are considered quite rude. Yes, Japan has some good things, but by god it has some right shady stuff too. Best come down off of that high horse now Japan, before you fall off.

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Posted in: We will form a government that will truly benefit the people. See in context

Does he honestly believe people will buy into this BS?

I think that may actually be more insulting the the average Japanese Joe than all the corruption.

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Posted in: Two Wheels + Testosterone = Triumph See in context

One possible alternative reason why the number of bike riders in Japan has decreased - Having to contend with the increase "drivers" driving idiotically dangerously.

I ride a Yamaha SR400 (Modelled on the old BSAs) here; it rides like a dog, but it's got character.

But, every time I ride in the city, I question why I bother. I encounter someone's negligence/stupidity seemingly every few hundred metres (pulling out on you, cutting you up, moving into my lane suddenly because they haven't bothered to check their blind-spot nor used their indicators, tailgating - sometimes in the wet - unbelievable). It completely takes the joy out of riding a bike.

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Posted in: Fukuoka cop arrested for taking bribes from crime gang See in context

Fukuoka prefecture has the highest rate of Yakuza related violent crime in all Japan apparently; and now you know why. Instead of apprehending these criminals, certain members of the Fukuoka constabulary are aiding and abetting them.

A slow round of applause for Japan's finest (again).

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

Yet another H&R driver on these pages, today's story about our corrupt cop down in Fukuoka, Nomura and the insider trading scandal, the list goes on...

What links all these seemingly disparate stories is people being extremely deceitful.

I'm sure to get thumbs down for this, but still, it needs to be said that, for all the talk of "Japan is a polite society", and "our noble traditions", Japan has far more than its fair share of utter scumbags who will do whatever they can get away with, and if/when they do get caught, think that only a "Suimasen" is sufficient.

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Posted in: Japanese companies tend to need a lot of time to come to a decision; all they do is have meetings and are reluctant to take on risks. China's environment changes so rapidly. The chance passed you by j See in context

So a double whammy of lost man hours of productivity (due to all the meetings), and possible lost revenue?

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Posted in: Nuclear fears galvanise usually sedate Japan See in context

I remain hopeful that this kind of thing does snowball, and as Yubaru says, spreads to other areas of social malaise. This is heartening to witness; the Japanese have been politically apathetic for far too long.

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