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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

If you cant take care of your own child, your mission as a human is failed. Children are a gift. Small little hearts with full of joy. If you cant have that gift even after it is given, you will be cursed.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

The bomb is ticking. Question is do you need it to be exploded so that you can count the casualties.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

Good on paper. A person must have a limit to his dumbness.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

Despite small number of testings taken place, yesterday they've recorded highest number of virus infected patients, yet general public is so dumb and unguided that they participate in cherry blossom viewing parties and unnecessary gatherings all over the archipelago. Bomb is ticking here.

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Posted in: Over 1.5 billion globally told to stay home to avoid virus See in context

And they go for do or die cherry blossom parties. wow!

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Posted in: No. of coronavirus infections in Japan passes 1,000 See in context

I cannot see public doing anything special to prevent the spread. I've seen people who are having parties in the public parks. congested trains time to time. with that being said, even if the government do not test, patients who are critical and dying must be much much higher compared to this. that means they are doing something. something is preventing the spread.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing 2-month-old daughter See in context

Just by reading the father didn't notice the child was in an accident tells some of the mothers story of being stressed. someone has to take care of new born children along with their mothers. I've heard that some mothers get in serious mental conditions just after 6 weeks. I've heard some mom saying she saw her baby with a broken neck. creepy isn't it?

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Posted in: Store shelves stripped of toilet paper amid coronavirus fears See in context

For people who has urgent needs: go to costco. They had plenty of them. I wonder why so paniced?

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Posted in: Mother of child abuse victim says father gave daughter 'hell' See in context

Some of shallowly commentators are very quick to jump into the conclusion that mother is also accountable for Mia's death. Well, surely she has to be responsible as the mother. But when it comes to abusive man and if she is financially dependent on him, she must first build up some skills to be financially independent and support her children. She may have thought the the children would be ok with their father. Some people with mental disorders are totally normal most of the time and monster awakes when no one is there to resist. Takes advantage on small children, dependents, old people or even colleagues under his rule.

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Posted in: Woman gets 4 1/2-year sentence over road accident that killed 2 children See in context

I am really sorry for the two young souls, but this was an accident! People who says 'punishment is not enough' are basically throwing hatred. I personally remember few times that I did some mistakes that could have ended up with in an accident. It didn't happen because I was able to control the vehicle on time or other party has responded early. I have seen many other drivers doing mistake but luckily recovered before an accident. There are blind spots, her boss might have been hard on her, she may had family problems that triggered her focus out for a moment. I am not saying Sentence was not enough or too harsh, but, remember it could be me, you or anyone.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context


do you thing they will listen if we advice them to not to do it? thats the age they take risks and challenges. I know as a girl that would have been scary. I would have raised my voice against it. truly gruesome there is no argument here. but that boys being boys generations into generations. Good luck with your 'advice them' rally!

I am sure like hell that they would listen.

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

All the commenters are born in their 30s or something? Common, don't you remember such time in your history as a boy where 'girl' thing is so alien and boys were so curious coz they always get a head start in growth cycle? Selling them was little weird. but sharing is caring (no offense to any gender, but that how greedy we all are, don't try to be saints here )!!!

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

No it is not. It shows poor decision making.

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Posted in: What's wrong with having a mother complex? See in context

Every cowboy gets a nap in their mothers lap every fortnight or the other.

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Posted in: Sri Lanka blocks social media after deadly attacks See in context

207 people dead, over 450 injured in deadly attacks by Taufiq Jamal (Internationally recognized terror group) on easter sunday prayers at severel churches and mainstream luxury hotels in colombo including shangrila and kingsbury. This is the deadliest attack in country's history. Prayers for my country.

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Posted in: 2 killed in car-truck collision in Saitama Pref See in context

In Japan, right turners turns at late yellows, truckers tend to fly at early reds. Disasters are likely to happen. people are desperate about color lites. common Japan. It's time to add more roundabouts. not lites.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl survives fall from 5th-floor apartment See in context

Drawers + Window unlocked, TV stand + Window unlocked, Bench in the Balcony! common guys... Toddlers are very quick. They could do very dangerous things even before you think. So prepare your environment toddler friendly. Buying toys would not just enough.

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Posted in: Member of pop group Tokio referred to prosecutors for forcibly kissing teen See in context

what if it was other-way around? That might be she being so cute!

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Posted in: 1 child dead, 2 in critical condition after condo fire See in context

Its only in Japan for sure! It's common sense that someone will not leave the kids alone for even few minutes. Japan has many isolated families. No one to look after babies unless the parents do. Most of other countries grandma, baby sitter or family friend will be there. Japanese people hate interconnections. Well, Old people do have, but not the young generation. It is even almost impossible to put kids to the day care unless both parents are working.

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