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kanagawadave comments

Posted in: Woman arrested for calling 110 more than 900 times in 14 hours See in context

900...? Well, that's a testament to tolerance, I guess.

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Posted in: Nature journal retracts stem cell paper See in context

Just go for a PhD in a science. You'll learn all about rejection and getting over butt hurt.

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Posted in: Police may film interrogations under new proposals See in context

Defense lawyers and taping interrogations might've prevented these police-generated injustices.

Uh, what "injustices"? The idea to a "fair' and "impartial" trial occurs to both the prosecuting and prosecuted.

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Posted in: Police say banker killed himself after Y150 mil rogue trading loss See in context

This seems like a baseless assumption. What evidence at all leads you to believe there was a 'puppet master'?

He probably read Barry Eisler's "John Rain" series too many times and took to heart there was an actual anti-hero specializing in death "by natural causes".

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Posted in: 2 Chinese men held over Tokyo jewelry store robbery See in context

Yes, it matters if they are Chinese because it 1.) dictates who and what local gangland elements, if any, are perpetrating these crimes; 2.) their resident standing with the host national government (Japan, if you couldn't figure); and 3.) how to prosecute said perpetrator.

I know "semperfi" is trying to make this a race issue. It's not. The Japanese don't care, they'll deport an American as fast as a Brit as fast as a Korean as fast as a Chinese gangster if it saves them the bill of having to prosecute and jail.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

Gee whiz, that someone is the victim of targeted violence. Who would've thought it possible in a first-world, highly-industrialized country? It's amazing how, on the internet, all the "heroes" come out and spell out what they would do. Yeah right. Call the cops, call the paramedics; give me a break. 95% of the foreigners in Japan wouldn't even know the equivalent to 9/11, or where to locate a koban box. It's like watching commentary on flag football.

No, what you do is let someone else do it, like a local citizen because they live there and you don't! Or maybe because they realize the targets did something to irritate the local mafia that got their attention, thus the beatdown?

I'm not saying it's right, but after so many years as a military MP, having spent enough time busting drunk Marines and soldiers who took a swing at Filipino hookers or local amphetamine dealers...you have to state the obvious - "YOU'RE NOT FROM HERE, DON'T POKE WHERE IT DON'T FIT!"

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