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Posted in: Detainees go on hunger strike at Ibaraki detention center See in context

Let me get this straight - this is an immigration detention center, i.e. a facility which holds people who have attempted to enter Japan illegally. So if they had tried to enter Japan legally, they wouldn't be in this situation. And now they're complaining?

Bottom line: If you're prepared to break the law, be prepared to accept the consequences.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl, two other teens arrested for forcing girl to jump off bridge in Fukuoka See in context


Bullies don't get punished properly in Japan. It's well known and that's why it just keeps on happening. Stories of bullying incidents make the headlines, and then quietly disappear never to heard about again.

Remember the student who was filmed kicking and assaulting his teacher in class back in September last year? Headlines all over the world. He was supposedly arrested. Since then, there hasn't been a mention of him. The story disappeared and we are forced to conclude that somebody paid someone, or some kind of forced apology was made. The lack of any follow up means the student was likely not charged with anything.

In other words, no proper punishment was delivered to a violent student. Wait for it, this story will disappear too and blend in with all the other incidents that simply vanish from public view after some half-hearted apology and a pay-ff.

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Posted in: Sony pulls festival premiere of 'All the Money,' with Spacey See in context

What happened to "innocent until proven guilty" ? Seems like it has been replaced with "if there's smoke there must be fire".

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Posted in: Weinstein had 'army of spies' to thwart complaints: report See in context


"industry of virtue signallers" - who are you talking about?

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Posted in: Yokohama City official arrested for alleged groping on rush-hour train See in context

At least these days the women actually report it. Maybe someday there won't even be a need for female-only carriages.

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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context

As usual, 'liberal' Western readers overreact to a trivial news story about a nothing lawsuit in the middle of nowhere. Look at this form the school's point of view. The girl must have appeared to be fully Japanese in every other aspect of her appearance, except for her hair. It probably looked like she was dying her hair for fashion purposes, something forbidden by the school's rules. You can't let one person flaunt the rules and expect everyone else to abide by them. Rules are for everyone.

If it turns out that this girl is of mixed parentage and they proved her hair color is brown, then the school should apologize and pay her compensation. But to all those preachers on your moral high ground, remember that this isn't NY City. It's Japan. The rules in one place don't necessarily apply to another.

There's a lot we don't know here. Did the school ask for evidence of her lineage, ie a birth certificate? If so, did she refuse to provide it, leaving the school no other option? We simply don't know. Stop judging until the facts are made public.

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Posted in: Can a woman have a good time at a Japanese love hotel on her own? See in context

I don't get it. You can take a bath and enjoy a sauna at a regular hotel, or a bath resort. For 14,000 yen per night, you'd get a decent place. It doesn't sound like she was there to enjoy the 'alternative' amenities, so what's the point?

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Posted in: Money dispute said to have led wife to break husband's 54 violins See in context

@Civitas Sine Suffragio

At least she only smashed up inanimate objects in her rage. Men often murder women when they are in such rages.

What an idiotic comment! You can't even bring yourself to criticize this crazed woman who attempted to destroy that man's livelihood. Instead you insist that this behavior is somehow acceptable because of comparisons to completely unrelated cases and situations. The details of the negotiations are not yet public knowledge, but your comment clearly shows your utter prejudice against men. You could justify any kind of antisocial behavior by saying "Well that's not as bad as what men do". Shame on you.

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Posted in: Antimissile battery deployed in Hakodate after N Korean missile tests See in context

Burning Bush wrote:

Due to the fact that the Earth rotates clockwise (towards the west), any space bound rocket launched from North Korea will almost invariably cross over the Japanese peninsula at some point in it's ascent.

Lol, best comment ever. I guess everyone to the East of North Korea is safe then, because they can't fire rockets that direction.

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