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Posted in: Woman gets 5 years in prison for killing newborn in Tokyo airport toilet See in context

Murder. 5 years. What is wrong with the judiciary in Japan?

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Posted in: Tokyo takes most of Olympic torch relay off public roads See in context

I'm in the UK. Not one person has mentioned the Olympics. No one cares - it's devalued. Such a shame for Japan not to show some cojenes and cancel the whole thing. To me, it just shows it's a money machine - the lack of fans doesn't seem to make a difference. There is less chance I'll watch the Olympics in the future.

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Posted in: 50 years after his death, Paris remembers Jim Morrison See in context

Feel sorry for the families of the other deceased in this cemetery in Paris - his grave site has been turned into a shrine with tourists blasting out some of the greatest hits from The Doors.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to be taken off Tokyo's public roads for first 8 days See in context

Well I guess no-one gives a damn. I'm in UK at the moment - zero build up to the Olympics. Complete disrespect to the majority of the Japanese public who think these games should not go ahead. Corporate cash rules.

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Posted in: Truck driver admits drinking alcohol before accident that killed 2 children See in context

Choyo Elementary School in Yachimata was closed Tuesday, while the local education board was still unable to give any form of explanation to the parents of school pupils.

What exactly is there is explain?

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Posted in: Japan says North Korea missile launch threatens peace See in context

Why do the North Koreans hate the sea so much?

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