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Posted in: Gov't considers using SDF doctors, nurses at Tokyo Olympics See in context

You gotta be kidding me!

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Posted in: Widow indicted for allegedly killing Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

Prosecutors have an uphill battle if all they have is circumstantial evidence.

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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

First things first, Japan! All your talk and lack of shots in arms just adds to everyone's frustration over your incompetency!!! SHOTS IN ARMS!!! Actions, or in your case the lack thereof, speak volumes!

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Posted in: Long jump See in context

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

"Local government employees are really working hard, as are the call center staff so I ask that people refrain from issuing complaints as much as possible," Kono told reporters on Friday.

No problem. Just let me know your phone number and Suga's and I'd be happy to give both of you an earful! Incompetent! The lot of you!

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