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Posted in: Nissin comes out with new Cup Noodle using … 'almost real sea urchin' See in context

I almost want to throw up after seeing this monstrosity!

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Posted in: Matcha ice cream used to encourage young people to vote in upcoming election See in context

Wow! First, comics. Now, ice cream. Was the voting age lowered to 8 or 18?

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Posted in: Steering failure, bad weather ended rower's Pacific crossing attempt See in context

"Common sense" seems to be missing from this story's headline. And this woman's vocabulary...

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Posted in: Man who beat mother to death in 2008 arrested for beating father to death See in context

Let's hope he doesn't have any siblings. They'd be next...

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Posted in: The X factor See in context

Nice legs... for a human.

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Posted in: 2 men indicted for setting off firecrackers in Nagoya Starbucks See in context

Note that their names aren't published - despite being of age when arrested. That's the ultimate fail for wanting to become famous.

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Posted in: Pop this KitKat in the toaster oven See in context

Unless it's also microwavable at convenient stores, I don't think this product is going to have much success. No offense, Mr. Yasumasa Takagi, but nobody wants the extra work of putting KitKats on a piece of aluminum foil, placing it in a toaster oven and waiting for two minutes in this day and age of instant gratification.

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Posted in: Wild theories fill void left by missing Malaysian plane See in context

While this is a truly unique story - When was the last time an airplane just "disappeared" off the radar - until it is actually found, it's all speculation and popular theories, which are worthless.

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Posted in: Competitive Gal Sone says she'd like to have two daughters See in context

I thought we were done hearing about her. It must be a slow news day.

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Posted in: 16 films based on popular manga series hitting Japanese cinemas in 2014 See in context

This is boring!

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Posted in: Social network gaffes plague Japanese politicians See in context

Foot-in-the-mouth disease goes social! Social networking, that is.

Politicians should use more common sense when trying to communicate their messages. But then again, common sense is almost an oxymoron nowadays...

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Posted in: Man rams car into police HQ in Shiga See in context

More like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...

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Posted in: Man attacks customer with key in convenience store See in context

What a coward to hit someone from behind and then run away..!

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Posted in: Yaguchi apologizes for illicit affair See in context

As usual in Japan, she's not sorry for the affair; she's sorry she got caught and caused a bunch of trouble. I'm sure she'll be more careful the next time she sleeps around.

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Posted in: Tokyo market to stay bullish on cheap yen See in context

Who are these exporters I keep hearing about? Major automobile makers and electronic appliance makers have moved everything overseas so they are not significantly exporting anymore... Consumers who will be paying more for imports (gasoline and most food at the supermarket) definitely aren't cheering... So who exactly is cheering, I wonder...

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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

Say what you will about the production quality and plot of that video, but , boy, can that girl swallow or what!?!

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Posted in: Mona Nakanishi makes her return to showbiz - for 3rd time See in context

Some people are a glutton for punishment...

Others for a paycheck...

Mona seems to fit both bills.

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Posted in: Mister Donut Japan to change product ingredients for first time in 42 years See in context

I hope their new original oil doesn't include any leftover chemicals from Duskin's cleaning supplies...

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Posted in: Furniture retailer IDC Otsuka raises prices See in context

But I'm sure they will be hiring more workers or increasing the the wages of their current workers, in line with Abenomics...

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan giving away free breakfasts See in context

@ freakashow

Consider yourself lucky. The line outside a Mickey D's in a major Osaka train station was nuts. There was no way I was gonna get a free cup without waiting 10 minutes. Same for this offer starting tomorrow. In my book, this is only free advertising because there's no way I'm gonna be able to get my hands on a free Sausage McMuffin..!

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Posted in: Increasing number of Japanese men opt for bachelorhood See in context

I can certainly understand these J-bachelors...

If I had a time machine, my J-wife would destroy it...

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Posted in: Strip clubs face existential crisis in era of digital porn See in context

Been there, done that in Fuse, Osaka...

It was worth the 5000Yen admittance fee to see all of the dancers, but the place was obviously suffering....

Too many OTAKU hanging around the place; no clear place to buy alcoholic beverages; bad lighting and music for each performace...

Still, I hope this place and the handful of others survive to pass on this dying erotic art...

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Posted in: No fashion trends stand out for 2013 See in context

I've seen several young, good-looking Japanese women walking the the streets of Osaka wearing just skin-tight leggings (with no jean shorts or min-skirts over them)... That look is HOT!!!

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Posted in: Lightweight rucksacks See in context

Yeah, maybe it would do all that...

But I wouldn't want to look like a dork carrying it on my back...

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Posted in: 1.75 mil users affected by KDDI au service disruptions See in context

Tragic really, but apparently either no KDDI au users read Japan Today or the disruption wasn't significant enough to comment....

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Posted in: Amazon fends off Apple claim to 'appstore' name See in context

If Apple had their way, we'd all be eating "that round, red fruit" or else paying for the right to say "apple"...

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Posted in: Hollywood tops Chinese film market in 2012 See in context

All rules of fair play being equal, Hollywood will rule the film market for the next decade...

Only thing working in favor of Chinese films and Bollywood ones, too, is the huge domestic market. No one else in the world can stomach the 3rd world produced flicks they spit out...

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Posted in: Swimmer Kitajima to wed pop singer Chisa See in context

He must be a little more popular than she is...

Regardless, congratulations to the both of them!

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Posted in: Are you optimistic for Japan under the new Abe government? See in context

Hopefully, Abe has learned to keep his big, gaffe-filled mouth shut...

Say what you will about PM Noda, but at least it wasn't his mouth that did him in...

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Posted in: Comfy 'cat capes' See in context


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