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Posted in: Aerojet, NEC to explore low power ion propulsion systems for satellites See in context

Did you read the article? They got ion propulsion in 150 satellites. I hardly call that infancy.

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Posted in: Ambassador of cute See in context

And, what about the dark side of this whole uniform fetish -- like guys continually being arrested for taking photos up young girls' skirts.

What the hell. It's analogous to saying it's your fault for being stabbed because you didn't carry stab protection.

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Posted in: Why the Japanese Are a Superior People See in context

Sigh can this be called positive racism? Any racism is bad in my book. How many times people have to learn that you can't just generalize groups of people. And history repeats it self.

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Posted in: Jewish human rights group protests 'anti-Semitic' ad in Nihon Keizai Shimbun See in context

There's nothing wrong with free speech. The point being made here is that these books are being advertised on a very well known newspaper. People will start to believe the legitimacy of the book's claims. It's like having beer/ciggs on a kids programming show.

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Posted in: Saving the planet See in context

I'll bring the salad dressing!

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Posted in: Praying for a hubby See in context

Interesting, I didn't know these Japanese chicks were so desperate...I'm kidding, this is just their culture. Asian women have been doing this for centuries.

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Posted in: Will denying Kim cognac have any effect on N Korea? See in context

US goes to war asks Australia for help and then kicks OZ in the teeth by stealing our wheat contracts with Iraq with over $100 Million a year.

Oh yeah how much help did Aus send. Anyways invading a country for their resources is wrong, but the world has been this way for centuries. Besides it's not like America is stealing their oil. Otherwise it'd be Iraq, 51st state.

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Posted in: Obama storms into abortion debate in Notre Dame speech See in context

Wow, talk about an uninformed statement. Since Bush essentially denied all Federal Funding for Fetal stem cells, there has been tremendous progress made in adult stem cell research.

Ok maybe to clarify, embryonic stem cell research would be dead. Even though tremendous progress has been made with adult stem cells it is nowhere promising as embryonic. Bush really has pushed back progress in stem cell research. Now scientists have to work the long way around for progress, which they may or may not reach.

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Posted in: Obama storms into abortion debate in Notre Dame speech See in context

-teleprompter: I agree with you not all pro-lifes are religious. But the active ones are, the ones that are on the street corners everyday holding up signs. They are also the ones with the most power. I don't want some religion that actively fought against science and human progress to do the same now.

Your argument also ties in with stem-cell research. If they make pro-life law, stem-cell research is dead, kaput. Abortion should be okay, but should be based on individual cases. Just like our justice system. You wouldn't want to hand out the death sentence for all cases do you?

-Wolfpack: I'm not really dismissing it because they are on the other side. Read the 1st paragraph I wrote for 'telepromter' above.

A persons religion is their philosophy for life - and no one yet has been able to prove that a religious philosophy is any worse than a secular one (let's leave the crazy religeous folks like the jihadi's out of this please).

What do you mean secular philosophy exactly?

People who are pro-life have a good argument on the issue of abortion, but closed minded people are unable to open their ears to hear it. Most pro-choice people have de-personalized babies as being just an object called a 'fetus' that is only important if the mother decides it should live.

It is also some pro-lifes who are also closed minded. There are cases in which abortion is necessary, and yet these people will use fancy rhetoric to avoid these cases.

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Posted in: Obama storms into abortion debate in Notre Dame speech See in context

This is what happens in a pro-life world. The baby is carried through all 3 trimesters and comes out healthy. The baby then gets put in a dumpster by the scared teen. Or the baby gets left at doorsteps of orphanages. Now which is the more likely outcome? I'd put my money on the former.

But in any case I think the mother should have the right to choose to abort, only before the first trimester. Any later then it would be consider a murder.

On a side note, I find it amusing that pro-life voices have no real reasons for being pro-life, other than the fact of course my thousand year old teaching says so.

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Posted in: Ginza See in context

There is no Christ.

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Posted in: Window to the world See in context

She's pretty.

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Posted in: Health ministry gets more than 100 prank calls, email threats See in context

What's a vice welfare minister, n why r they being killed?

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Posted in: Blog shows insight into Akihabara murder suspect's mind See in context

There are plenty of nerds and geeks that don't go on murderous rampages. One bad apple doesn't make the whole batch rotten, so to speak.

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Posted in: 'Pedestrian paradise' to be suspended in Akihabara See in context

Wow I don't know how it's gonna affect the locals, but even I know this is one of the worse ways to go about this.

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Posted in: Police patrol in pedestrian paradise in Ginza See in context

Yeah I think they should give the cop a machine gun.

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