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Posted in: Square Enix to release PS3 and Windows versions of 'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' on Aug 27 See in context

Square Enix not Ennix...

And I agree with titaniumdioxine, give us FFVSXIII already!! Fed up of their HD, remix or whatever re-releases. SQEX isn't capable of anything else anymore...

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Posted in: Comic City 2012 See in context

I think you are mixing it with the Comic Market. Comic City is in no way bigger that the Comic Market.

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Posted in: SMAP song reaches No. 1 spot on Oricon for first time See in context

SMAP has many Oricon No.1 songs....

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Posted in: Feline fans See in context

But why are these poor cats even there??

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Posted in: Animate Girls Festival 2011 to be held at Ikebukuro Sept 23-24 See in context

Never expected this to appear on JP. Been to the one last year, way too many people in such a small space, hope it's bigger this year, but I'm not going this time.

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Posted in: Sony to release PlayStation Vita in Japan in December See in context

I know I'll buy it, love the PSP, and they already announced games I'm interested in. But will probably wait until the first wave of price drop. Not sure about the 3G thing though, Wi-Fi is enough.

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

Wow, animation is the last thing I'd think about when I look at this. Boring.

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Posted in: Police continue search for baby girl feared abducted from car in Oita See in context

What is wrong with this woman, you don't leave your 2 yr old child alone in a car.

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