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This Blatter guy could be worse than a lot of the political dictators we have around. I get really peeved when some "lucky" people get into higher positions, get so power-drunk and begin to think that the world revolves around them and will not survive without them being at the helm of things. He is sitting on absolute rot that is called FIFA in terms of abuse of power and corruption and yet feels he is the good samaritan.

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I don't think it's a choice you make it is just who you are, born this way if I may say so. It's not like you wake up one day and say:"That's it, I'm gay now! Because I chose it"

Well..... Kakukakushikajika, so you helped me make my point: If one is "born this way" as gay, what makes him/her so special from the other "born that way" as straight and hence the need to constantly remind the world??

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I totally agree with you, StormR. There is really no need for one to come out as gay or straight. It is a choice we make individually. I would not hate you for knowing you are gay/lesbian. But for God's sake I want to breathe: this coming out thing!

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Looking for a legal advice on this as I was within 60 km radius of the area till I left on March 19. Lost > 50% of my stuff but worst of all I lost my life insurance I had paid into for more than 4 years due to a temporary loss of my job and a dispute regarding payment afterwards because of the disaster.

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