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Posted in: Stalker hid in closet at girl's home before killing her See in context

*I believe a restraining order is the same as a verbal or written warning.... Even if she had a restraining order on the guy a piece of paper was not going to stop him from stabbing her. What's a person suppose to say in a situation like that? "Give me a minute to show you my restraining order." I believe in cases like this the best solution is to have the person arrested an evaluated, have a 48 to 72 hours hold to verify if the person is stable. Some stalkers move on after a police scare but others are so out there that to them it doesn't matter if the police gives them a warning or not. My heart goes out to the family of the victim, unfortunately she is already gone and there's nothing they can do for her but laws can be fixed and help future victims.*****

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