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Posted in: Getting warm See in context

oh yes this one is too close for comfort even if its use to having visitors. Never under estimate a wild macaque, small as it may look but enormous strength

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Posted in: Bear attacks 4 men in Nagano See in context

Its sad, the bears habitat is shrinking. Pretend to be dead cause you can't outrun a bear.

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Posted in: Here are some dieting methods you might not have thought of yet See in context

This issue always brings the beast out of those who's got the will power to diet. But no sooner have they got into shape, they would one way or the other gain them back for most. Just be happy with what you've got, enjoy life and food ! Its a long term solution with healthy food and get your butts out there for some exercise. Easier said then done ? That's where those fad diet comes in for a short and difficult time only.

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Posted in: How language defines us See in context

Language and socialism in different languages in a given situation if we look at things too black and white will be sensitive. Its good to look at situations from different angles and with open mindedness = 1 language.

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Posted in: Japan’s crisis of ambivalence See in context

It takes lots of discipline and dignity for the middle class society to get there and yet not satisfied with their way of life and health. I guess this high expectation drives many people to the edge. ' Don't worry be happy '

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Posted in: Size matters - in your face See in context

人比人 , 比死人..... why compare ?

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Posted in: Jetstar to start flights to Hanoi See in context

well you'll have Air Asia .... ANA, AirAsia to launch budget carrier in Japan http://www.japantoday.com/category/trave...

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Posted in: What is your favorite Asian airline and why? See in context

Malaysia Airlines great service, friendly n smiling face

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Posted in: Otaru: Former herring capital now home to Hokkaido’s other snow festival See in context

Simply love the feel of walking down the street there with its variety of ancient architectural buildings

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Posted in: Beauty tips See in context

hey ... its Max Factor's SK - II . Nevertheless they all looked gorgeous nevermind the curtain.

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Posted in: 50 things that changed our lives in a decade See in context

I especially like the going green and the networking very much. I could just get to know someone half the globe away. Its the lost of words that I'm afraid of.

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Posted in: Snow White Gold See in context

Cool it .. its for show and an investment of Tanaka Kikinzoku and Walt Disney Japan , cool ... and nice.

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Posted in: Does hugging ever make you feel uncomfortable? See in context

I feel comfortable to hug anyone as long as I get a good response which is not always the case. Because not everyone expected it. Its the warmth of a welcome or goodbye and it takes the edge off the loneliness. It lingers in my mind, the warmth as our cheek touches, the light pat on my back, it feel so good. I am for it.

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Posted in: Budget airlines thrive amid gloom See in context

There is no short cuts or cover ups. Air Asia earn their success with smart strategies and follow the market trend. It is here to stay.

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Posted in: Your skin, scoped See in context

Sales gimmick..... ! Thereafter they will be able to recommend you whatever they said is good for your skin.

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context

Obviously one has no control of ones etiquette when they dozed off and display what was not suppose to the dismay or delight of onlookers. I'd have seat myself in a safe position and appreciate it if someone would inform me if such spectacle happenned. Sometimes friends even hesitant to inform one another if their button or zip came undone for reasons of embarrassing each other. So to each his own. This also goes for wearers of mules that produce terrible racket and women who shrill on top of their voices. Who's there to tell them? They might be retaliated by a slap or punch. The sorry state of 'to each his own'!

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Posted in: 140 killed in unrest in China's Xinjiang: Xinhua See in context

Yes we can feel dragonczar's love for his countryman. Nandakandamanda has his points too. Ethnocentric insensitivity is happening all over the world. We are all struggling to live together in harmony with each other. We might not be of the same colour or religion but we do not overstep certain sensitive issue that might stir up unrest.

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Posted in: The secret to good sex after 45: Bring the brain into play See in context

Swiss Toni you must be of age, I don't care if you are over 50. You are really good but as for keeping your clothes on, think again. It is the chemistry and the 'I love the inviting look in your eyes'. If you are already at it go all the way and no holding back.

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Posted in: The secret to good sex after 45: Bring the brain into play See in context

Wow.. very enlightening about sex you feel with your brain. Certainly the move to make the most out of every opportunity and don't save yourself up too much is not a viable proposition. Compulsiveness tires the mind and body. The flourish of good health and confidence are so attractive.

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Posted in: 57-year-old Saitama tax chief arrested for taking pictures of naked 9-year-old girl See in context

I think alike dennisObauer and noborito my hero. Its true that Japanese don't have hang ups about being naked as western values. Europe and Australia have their nudist beach. He is not Mr. Spencer Tunick in the making. Refer to his nudist colony work in Newcastle 17/07/05. This taxman should be charged accordingly if not warned and publicly shamed for what he's done.

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Posted in: Riho Makise sends sweet message at Valentine's Day promotion for Godiva See in context

All women should take good care of themselves and still be a bomb at 50 ! But forgetting the wedding rings and leaving the making of babies to the god is such lousy excuse to make.

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context

Revenues brought in by tourism is most welcome by all countries. Make foreign language education compulsory. One good move I notice is that some hotels and restaurants hired Chinese citizens who could speaks both Chinese and English to bridge the language barrier. Its frustrating trying to check in at the airport and not getting through with what you say. Having applied for a visa before coming and again be finger printed and photographed at the immigration counter is stringent. Japan is beautiful and variant with its courteous people is enough to keep the tourists coming.

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Posted in: Malaysia Airlines to allow cell phones on flights See in context

I would appreciate this kind of service on a long haul flight, not to mention the telephone bill going up if I keep at it. Would be unpleasant if seated next to a chatter.

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Posted in: Airlines eye more onboard advertising See in context

Ads on the overhead bins in a tasteful manner... how ? Tray tables with ads is acceptable. There goes the tranquility of colour coordination of the surrounding of the aircraft interior. Whats an ad if it is not eye catching and loud.Its does effect the mind if we intend a restful journey.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s sightseeing companies offer something for everyone See in context

Many Thanks , I find it very useful. I don't think you will get rip off even if souvenir shop stops are mandatory. What we want to buy is up to our own discretion. The little envelope that goes to our guide is fair enough for the service provided. And if we are ever so stuck in traffic for a few hours to fly by then surely we will get a refund for any main itinerary not able to visit or opt for a replacement that is reachable at that time. I look forward to such articles on Hokkaido.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA admit overcharging for fuel tax See in context

Shame on you Air Canada for overlooking and nearly getting away with this mistake for more then two years ! But thank goodness it blew the top and the international fee registration system came to their senses. Chances are not all passengers will come running to claim their refund or get called up like our lucky ultradodgy. Meanwhile keep forwarding this article and keep your fingers cross.

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Posted in: Canadian airline removes life vests to save weight and fuel See in context

Good riddance ! I mean how many times does an aircraft in trouble of plunging into the sea survived the plunge and managed to get all its passengers to put on the life vest in time before impact. Would the aircraft stay intact, would it hinder the chance to escape from a water filled cabin ?? One in a million except in the movies !

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Posted in: JAL to raise fuel surcharges from Oct 1 See in context

The term states that fuel surcharges are subject to changes. You are not spared even if you confirmed your ticket earlier on.

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Posted in: Pre-empting air rage See in context

Nothing like a peaceful flight as conditions and environment on board tend to wear out even the most patient passenger if the journey to the airport, the smooth check-in and immigration check point and final scan before entering the waiting lounge was a breeze. Having research the airport, seat guru info and Clear card .....doesn't help much at all. Have you ever sat next to an oversize passenger , came across a lady who insist on using the business class toilet and when told otherwise, proclaimed weather the air steward knew who she was and proceed to throw a tantrum, happy go lucky who over done with free booze, threw out in the tiny toilet and cause lots of inconvenience and discomfort to others, passenger who kept buzzing the air stewards and complained they are not getting enough of their attention. Some of these passengers render the chief steward to demand and witheld their passport so that action would be taken on arrival. If only they knew, they'd arrive in better shape if they bring a good book and eye pad and be polite or at least put up with the air stewards who seem to be avoiding them , period. One more hurdle is to find your luggage damaged or worst missing and then finally the officer who insist on going through your luggages, opening presents and their cost. Travel solution ?

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