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Posted in: All-Japan committee meets to promote Sapporo Olympic bid See in context

@Sam Watters. We're currently living in Tokyo.

I agree. Supporting our children on their Hockey ambitions requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I find it so worthwhile though! (and also makes me appreciate my parents who also did the same for me when I was playing youth hockey)

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Posted in: All-Japan committee meets to promote Sapporo Olympic bid See in context

The only reason that Sapporo hosting the Winter Games would get support from me is due a rather personal self interest...

One of my daughters plays Hockey and she's already a part of Japan's youth hockey program. So at the current projection, she would be able to represent Japan in her home city and in front of her family..

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Posted in: Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland, Sweden this week See in context

Finland would give Russia a pounding that they haven't experienced since WWII, if the Russians even dare to infringe against Finnish sovereignty.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

Before going to see a film, I check to see if there are any post credit scenes. And if there aren't any. I am out of there once the credits start rolling and I couldn't care less if anyone has an 'issue' with that.

Time is precious and myself and the people that I went with, can talk about the film over a few drinks.

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Posted in: Verstappen cruises to win in inaugural Miami Grand Prix See in context

The worst weekend of F1 that I have ever watched.

The circuit itself is one of the worst circuits of all time and that gave for an incredibly dull race. Honestly, at times I felt myself going to sleep.

I was expecting a terrible race from this awful circuit, though. However, my biggest grumble isn't with the racing (or lack of) itself....

What was with the post race/podium gimmicks?! Very tacky and I couldn't help but cringe throughout that.

The very Americanised gimmicks might entertain a toddler. However, they won't entertain the viewers who tune into F1 for RACING!

If this is what we can expect, then I will be giving the Miami GP a miss in 2023.

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Posted in: Sinn Fein hails 'new era' as it wins Northern Ireland vote See in context

And the English tabloids are using headlines such as "stokes fears of a united Ireland"....

The only people who fear a reunified Ireland are the English colonists in London!

I wish to see a reunification of Ireland during my lifetime and I hope to see serious talks happening within the next 5 years with regards to holding a referendum for a reunification of Ireland. Because I will vote YES!!

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Posted in: Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 See in context

Will Japan have reopened its borders to tourism by 2030?

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Posted in: Depp testifies Heard attacked him, but he never hit back See in context

The release of the audio recording of Amber Heard admitting that she hits Johnny Depp (whilst calling him a 'baby' in the same audio) has hammered another nail in the coffin of her career.

The behaviour of her lawyer can't be ignored either. As Johnny Depp is still answering questions. Amber Heard's lawyer is talking over Johnny Depp, interrupting him, not giving him a voice.

This is the exact same mentally abusive behaviour that Amber Heard inflicted onto Johnny Depp and I hope that this isn't missed by the jury.

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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context

JR West docking wages of their drivers over a 1 minute delay...

One would've hoped that JR West would've learnt after the Amagasaki derailment in 2005 that killed 107 people. But evidently not. JR West management would still rather heap senseless pressure onto their train drivers and run the risk of human error escalating a minor matter into something deadly.

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Posted in: Russian military's damaged Black Sea flagship sinks See in context

The Moskva has begun it's 'special submarine operation'...

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' prequel 'House of the Dragon' to hit screens on Aug 21 See in context

GOT House of the Dragon is going to be totally eclipsed by the Lord of the Rings tv show that will begin airing on Amazon this September.

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Posted in: Ukraine accuses Russia of massacre; city strewn with bodies See in context

Putin and his comrades need to pay the heaviest price for these atrocious war crimes!

There is no way back for Russia, till Putin and his fellow war criminals have all been held accountable for their war crimes.

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Posted in: High raw material costs plus weak yen threaten Japan's recovery from COVID See in context

To help ease the failing economy, Japan could always embrace allowing international tourism back into the country instead of their current state of Sakoku....

Enough is enough. The majority of countries have finally realised that shutting their borders is futile and only does more harm than good.

The current variations of Covid which are going around aren't anywhere near as deadly as at the beginning (and even then we weren't talking bubonic plague levels) and the countries which have reopened haven't seen massive spikes in hospitalisations or deaths. It's time that we live with Covid like we do with the various other strains of flu and illnesses which are out there. Because global economies (especially Japan's) can't continue like this.

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Posted in: Cathay plans world's longest passenger flight, avoiding Russian airspace See in context

I wonder why they don't follow a route that is similar to the polar route? To get between Japan - UK, it's now 14/15 hours. As the flight passes over the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland.

Would, Canada, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, off the east coast of Japan, be a better option for Cathay than the new New York - Hong Kong route that has been proposed?

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Posted in: Honda's Asimo robot to retire after 20-year career See in context

20 years is an incredibly long time...

Putting that into perspective (from a personal level for me). I remember when I was a little kid and being mesmerised by Asimo - and fast forward the years to the present day and watching my daughters being entertained by Asimo.

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Posted in: Kanye West banned from posting on Instagram for 24 hours See in context

Oh, no. What a shame.

This tragic news has just ruined my Friday.......

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Posted in: Sapporo eyes 2030 Winter Olympics See in context

I'd rather that we got to enjoy the 2030 Sapporo Snow Festival than this ego inflated sporting event....

The Sapporo Snow Festival brings in huge crowds of tourists and money into the local economy and at a fraction of the cost of the Winter Olympics!

(The reason why I bring up the Sapporo Snow Festival, is because I know that the 2030 festival would be cancelled if Sapporo was to host the 2030 WO.....)

I've got family in Sapporo and none of them have shown any interest or support towards the idea of Sapporo hosting the Winter Olympics.

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Posted in: Facebook eases rules to allow violent speech against 'Russian invaders' See in context

Already publicly expressed my desire for Putin's head and I don't feel any shame for thinking and publicly expressing that thought.

The man is an absolute monster and the sooner that he ceases to breath on this world, the better!

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Posted in: FamilyMart to ban plastic forks ahead of ordinance enforcement See in context

That's not a massive inconvenience..

Just do what I did a number of years ago. For around ¥1200 you can purchase yourself a decent travel cutlery set. Made of stainless steel and the set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw and a nice little case to keep them in.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine's future in doubt as ceasefires collapse See in context

Waiting and hoping that there is someone within his inner circle that is willing to take out this deranged lunatic.....

Quite frankly and being rather blunt here. I am waiting with anticipation (and hoping) for news of the death of Putin. This mentally deranged lunatic is currently the biggest danger to our world and a world without him in it will already be a slightly better world.

I'll most likely get downvoted for wishing death on someone. But quite frankly, I don't care about publicly expressing my real feelings on this matter. He is the biggest threat to Russia, Ukraine and the world that my family lives in.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

It will only happen once the governments of Japan & South Korea stop appeasing their nationalist voters.....

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Posted in: Russia suspended from all international soccer See in context

In addition to being expelled from international football.

The IIHF have expelled Russia & Belarus from all international ice hockey World Championship tournaments (Senior mens & womens and Junior boys & girls) for the foreseeable future and they have also stripped Russia from hosting the 2023 World Junior Championship!

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

It's shocking that there isn't already a system in place to block sex offenders from working with the most vulnerable members of society in Japan!

Hisashi Sonoda, a professor emeritus of criminal law at Konan University, raised issues such as the risk of information leak on someone's sex crime history and the ambiguity of the definition of sex crimes to be covered under the system.

The system "could lead to the offender becoming a social outcast," he said.

So they should be outcast from society! They have committed one of the most vile crimes in human civilisation and being shunned by society is the fault of their own actions and no one else!

And my stance on that matter will never change. The safety and wellbeing of my daughters (and everyone else's children) is more important than the feelings of a sex offender!!

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Posted in: Finland beats Russians for its 1st Olympic men's hockey gold medal See in context

Onnittelut Leijonat!

I am still coming to terms with that nailbiter of a game... But finally, after many previous close attempts, Finland have won gold in Hockey!

You can bet that a large quantity of Koskenkorva shall be drunk over the coming days.

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Posted in: IOC chief rebukes Beijing Olympics organizers for political statements See in context

After this (expected) mess. China, whilst under the CCP, should never be allowed to host another Olympics ever again!

But we all know that sadly money talks and that the IOC will always prioritise money over morals.

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Posted in: Shcherbakova wins figure skating gold as Valieva collapses; bronze for Sakamoto See in context

At least Kaori Sakamoto was able to fully enjoy receiving her well deserved and fairly won medal on the podium!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan figure skating teams to get torches, not medals, for now See in context

So the American and Japanese skaters are being punished (via being denied the experience of being presented with their medals at the Olympics) through no fault of their own?

Quite frankly, and I don't know a nicer way of saying this. This is a complete and utter b/s and disgraceful decision by the IOC!

They (and the Russians) have snatched away the fruits of the labour by the American and Japanese skaters who have worked tirelessly for years.

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Posted in: Finns console Japan captain after quarterfinal Olympic win See in context

Reaching the Quarter Finals for the very first time is an achievement in itself and Japan's women's team should be very proud of what they have accomplished these Olympics.

With every tournament, they get better and better and they deserve their ranking of 6th in the world and their place in the top division of Women's international hockey!

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Posted in: U.S. women rout Switzerland 8-0 in ice hockey; China edges Japan 2-1 See in context

Putting aside the unethical approach of the Chinese stacking both their women's & men's teams with Canadian & US imports (players who don't have an ounce of Chinese ancestry), specifically for these Olympic games.

It is fantastic to see the continued growth and development of women's ice hockey in Japan.

The Japanese have been getting progressively better with every tournament and you can see the results. First ever Olympic quarter final appearance for the Japanese women and this is only the beginning.

With Japan's U18s Women's team winning the gold medal at the 2020 Youth Winter Olympics. There is a lot of young and promising talent coming through the system.

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Posted in: Japan beats Denmark 6-2 to stay unbeaten in women's ice hockey See in context

I watched some of this over a few drinks at the Hub and the score shocked me until I saw it was the women and not men. Didn't know they had women's hockey. Pretty cool.

The Japanese women are very good at Hockey. They have competed in the top division of IIHF sanctioned international hockey for a number of years now (Currently ranked 6th in the world) and the future only looks even more promising. As Japan's U18s Women's team won the gold medal at the 2020 Youth Winter Olympics.

Domestically, there is the Women's Japan Ice Hockey League (女子日本アイスホッケーリーグ) with the majority of the league's being located in Hokkaido. Though, the most successful team is Tokyo's Seibu Princess Rabbits.

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