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Patricia Yarrow, 100,000 years is a long time. Humans have only been using nuclear energy for power for how long? Surely, you understand that technology is going to improve & what is "nuclear waste" today is eventually going to be recycled. Today's reactors leave about 95% of the available energy in the "spent" fuel. We actually already have an answer: Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) don't use EXPENSIVE water-cooled fuel elements like today's commercial reactors. The nuclear fuel is dissolved in a salt which has to be heated several hundred degrees to become liquid. If any leaks out of the system, it immediately freezes & cannot go anywhere. MSRs can burn "spent" fuel from today's reactors, the "pits" from defunct A-bombs and even Thorium.

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+Christopher Glen said, "Correction: "As Japan's government re-embraces nuclear power". The people as usual have had no say whatsoever." (edited for spelling) Correction: Japan's voters will have their say when they go to the voting booths. The point of representative government is to have the representatives stay abreast of government issues and vote amongst themselves what they think is BEST for their constituencies, not just vote for whatever their constituencies WANT at the moment. If they screw up bad enough, the voters can fire them. It's the worst political system ever, except for EVERTHING ELSE that's ever been tried.

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