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Posted in: How bad do you think tensions between Japan and China are going to get over the disputed islands? Is Japan's detention of the Chinese fishing boat skipper the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's See in context

HOW BAD WILL TENSIONS GET: Worse than they already are. China is testing the borders, and resolve, of its neighbors. China will push a little more...

IS JAPAN'S DETENTION: No. Tensions are still building. In the future, after real conflict (military, political, economic?) breaks out, this will be noted as one of the incidents leading up to the outbreak of hostilities...

Japan has to be tough on the Captain, or next week there will be 100 Chinese fishing boats in the same area....

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Posted in: Was the dropping of the atomic bombs necessary? See in context

C'mon people!!!

My only regret is that they did not nuke the imperial palace and mount fuji - that would have sent a powerful message.

They had it coming! ALL of Japan was involved in the war effort. Japan was getting rich off the stolen resources and slave labor from Asia. Was there a whole Japanese city without military personnel? I think not.

Apologist say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were NOT military targets...let's see: Medium sized port cities, roads, rail lines, infrastructure.... nah - what would the military want with a place like THAT??? If Hirohito had shown some courage and surrendered BEFORE the bombs were dropped, MAYBE those people would not have died....and the Americans would have had no war to use as an excuse for testing their bombs... but don't blame the Allies for expeditiously finishing a war started by warmongering Hirohito. BLAME Hirohito!!!

Sorry people everywhere had to die so Japan could flex its muscles, make colonies overseas, steal materials and rape and kill the locals... but again - BLAME HIROHITO.

In Europe, everyone know who the aggressor was - HITLER! There is no debate. He started the war, and it finished him. However, in Japan, thanks largely to the U.S. cover-up after the war, we now see young ignorant Japanese thinking the U.S. dropped 2 nukes for no reason!

Japan started the war, and if they had had their way, maps of Asia would look very different today. But they lost, got their ass kicked, and it took not ONE but TWO nukes to motivate Hirohito to make that very important phone call (where he surrendered).

So, whatever the issue involving nukes or anything to do with WW2 in Asia - BLAME HIROHITO!!!

Think about it.

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Posted in: Bicultural jazz singer Emi Meyer explores her Japanese side See in context

Like "Japanese" sake, or "Japanese" tea, or "Japanese" ramen, Japan & Japanese people are singulary focused on the ORIGIN of things... thus they invented katakana...because they did not want to mix "foreign" origin words... except that ALL kanji words came from China...

In that context, "half" refers to ONLY the Japanese half, because THAT is the only significant reference for most Japanese people. If Emi perceives the term "hafu" as an insult, then she should express it - in Japanese, where the term originated.

As for her attention to race, well, we are all influenced by our upbringing, environment, etc. Today, at the ripe old age of 22, she seems to convey the message that being mixed race has influenced her music... but then, at 22, honestly, what the hell did any of us really know anyway??? If you are looking to her for a deep message or guidance, you deserve to be lost... If she is a good musician, well, good for her!

Zumokamo - YOU are an idiot!!! Emi said she does not like the term "hafu", in the beginning of the article, and many readers followed up on HER comments. As for disliking Japanese music because they don't understand it.... does that apply to everyone/everything? So if I am Japanese, and I HATE enka, it is ONLY because I do not understand it? If I am American, and I HATE country music... can't someone just dislike something, and that be it? Personally, I am not a big jazz fan, but according to YOU, it is solely because I do not understand it... sounds rather simple in my book.

In another post, you mentioned "some races can do war crimes against other nations..." Are you talking about Japan? Because we all know that JAPAN is the biggest war criminal in the world... Open your mind grasshopper, and stop spreading hate.

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