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Posted in: Man who posed as doctor in tsunami-hit area gets suspended sentence See in context

kinda reminds me of the behaviour of scientist ish beings that don't have much social experience or have forgotten. these scientist beings in the universe, that are incredibly old, some of them extremely deranged. powerful. Not the protoss, although some of them are pretty mad in that they easily choose to burn entire planets to destroy plagues and such.

more like that scientist type being that just goes and experiments, with good intention, but reckless at times. I felt like that always when I was young, I felt like it too, like I was old, really old, I didnt care at all that those idiots beat on me and everything, I didnt really care. I just wanted to do something useful. But they work against you, like in this case he is put in prison where his talent might be wasted for 3 damn years. although he might be able to do really useful things there if he is given lots of freedom to do things. But it depends on the psyche. we all have needs. and if someone doesnt want something no pill in the universe is going to 'fix' that person so that he becomes a better influence.

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Posted in: Gemba rebukes Japan's envoy to China over Senkaku remarks See in context

let the Japanese government give up some of its sovereignty already. There's over a billion chinese and a good amount of them aren't that different from the Japanese people. Nationalism isn't going to help anyone. Unless it's aimed at being happy. Maybe China can build a port at the island, make travel of people easier between china and japan.

what's the worst that china can do? they don't stand to gain anything from wrecking the japanese economy.. unless there are other sinister things they want to do to certain types of japanese citizens or something.. but why would the majority of japanese people in such a case throw themselves in the fire..

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Posted in: Hosono meets Fukui governor to discuss restarting Oi reactors See in context

If they are convinced that it is probably safe to use the reactors I am of the opinion that they should use them. If safety is in question you should deactivate reactors if there is reason to not be afraid you should activate it. Not out of some absurd obsession with exploiting any and all tools at your disposal. No to prevent your country from falling apart. Producing enough elektricity and selling it to stabilize the economy is more important than some fear of the all consuming earthquake monster that is going to bite you in the ass.

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Posted in: Taiwan's Acer unveils tablets that use Windows 8 See in context

Seriously, microsoft used to be the root of evil sort of. Now they're just copying utter garbage from the competition. hey it's windows with an android skin, hahahahahah

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Posted in: Dark chocolate cuts heart deaths: Australian study See in context

Note though, just because chocolate noir has health benefits doesn't mean that you need it in your diet to prevent heart disease. It might be better to just eat some hemp seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, raw carrot etc.

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Posted in: Heads roll as Noda replaces 5 ministers to get LDP support for tax hike bill See in context

Why don't they just fire the ministers and get rid of those positions, that in itself will save money and the ministries themselves probably don't care either.

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Posted in: Scientists invent 'cannabis without the high' See in context

According to Maariv, Tikkun Olam sought to neutralize the effect of the THC and to increase the effect of another substance called CBD, or cannabidiol, which has been shown to help diabetics and to ease various psychiatric disorders.

my first question that come to mind is, what are the medicinal benefits of THC? Also does this destroy the hallucinogenic effect completely, and in how far does in influence effects onf the pineal gland?

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Posted in: The tao of toilet cleaning See in context

it's better than using poisoning chemicals, especially chloride. But eh.. why not at least use a brush..

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Posted in: U.S., China compete in Asia See in context

I wonder btw, do they buy supplies from their satellite states or do they bring in supplies via searoute or air route from the US

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Posted in: U.S., China compete in Asia See in context

US just wasting more resources to show how 'impressive' they are. as if they don't waste enough resources already, lol.

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Posted in: Japan, Iran win in World Cup qualifiers See in context

you really shouldn't want to participate in the world cup or similar sport events with highly competitive, aggressiveness inducing sports like soccer.

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Posted in: Softbank tests balloon as emergency cell phone base See in context

My main concern is health not radius. It uses a microwave transmitter with a huge radius of up to 5 km. What kind of transmitter, and are there safer alternatives? If possible I would always choose something with less harmful radiation and less radius. But maybe there is nothing less harmful.

I also wonder about walky talky technology and how advanced the best standards are and if it is possible for peopel to use walky talkies in present day instead of cell phones.

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