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Karthikmg comments

Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

This kind of begging should stop. It is a disgrace to the country & the people. High time to move ahead.

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Posted in: Over 40% of Japan tech firms diversify supply chains from China: survey See in context

If we just count the number of countries that China threatens, we can understand why this is necessary.

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Posted in: China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations See in context

Japan was hesitating in banning travelers from China during this covid and is paying the price now. There is nothing to think about this...Just ban TikTok and China !

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Posted in: Japan to revoke S Korea's trusted trade status Wednesday as planned See in context

More, More and More....

So, what can Japan do to make South Korea happy? South Korea demand more money, more apology, more Japanese materials, more of everything....

Get everything and still complain....There are lot of nations in this world who has suffered much worse for hundreds of years and everyone is trying to move forward. Common South Korea, Don’t be cry babies for everything. Wake Up !

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Posted in: S Korean boycott hitting sales of Uniqlo, company says See in context

I really do not understand what is happening in S. Korea. Just want more of everything and not a single word of appreciation for any single thing

More money from Japan... But refuse to talk about what you did to the money that was already given to you...

More materials from Japan...

You are not the only sufferers of the world war. What do you need to keep your mouth shut? Pl. tell us.

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Posted in: S Korean 'forced labor' plaintiffs seek Nippon Steel asset seizure, paper reports See in context

This has become a big head ache for the businesses in in S. Korea & China...When is this going to stop in these two money greedy countries? What about the war crimes of S. Korea against Vietnam ?? There will be no end to this if countries go on behaving like this.

Just grow up S. Korea and time to move ahead !

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Posted in: Chinese firms offer subsidies on Huawei phones in show of support See in context

Why does anyone from China or the Chinese media question the multiple valid passports of Meng? How can anyone hold multiple valid passports?

Either it should have been got with the Govt.’s support or it should be fake docs. Either way it is a serious offense !

This is not patriotism, but just blind faith...leading to just destruction.

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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

I would say Park is actually least thinking about the wartime sex slaves. She is banging her head hard now to gain her lost popularity in the recent unfortunate ship incident. And the easiest way to fool the fellow citizens is to bring up this issue again. Hello Koreans, Wake up ! It's high time you need to ask your govt about the already paid money and move forward. Your govt already ate up the whole money for themselves instead of compensating the wartime sex slaves. You did this to your own countrymen exploiting the situation and let the wartime sex slaves suffer till end of their life. The whole Koreans should be ashamed of this act. Instead you ask for more money....

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