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"Also would be good if people mention their health condition if got infected and didn't die"

I returned a positive rapid antigen test (first time) on Sunday morning after experiencing mild symptoms ( sinus congestion , slightly sore throat and bit of a headache) for three days prior. On Saturday I was low on power and my body ached but I attributed that to going snowboarding, for the first time in four years, on Friday. On Saturday night I awoke with a fever and sore throat but in the morning fever had broken & I felt I was on the mend. At 59 years old I'm firmly in the veteran category , but am generally fit & healthy. I have had 4 doses of the Pfizer vaccination, received back in NZ, last one was in July last year. Apart from a slightly runniny nose and occaisonal cough I have been symptom free for two days now. Ain't gonna die anytime soon as i wanna see some grandchildren :)

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Posted in: Japan has disappointed many people who love Japan and have a potential to like Japan. The border closure not only made many tourists who had plans to visit Japan upset, but it also will make them more cautious of Japan at least for the next few years. See in context

The government's inept handling of nearly every aspect of the pandemic response has only served to highlight Japan's need for across the board reform. Younger, forward thinking more flexible leadership would be a good starting point .

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Sadly, football lost it's moral compass a long time ago. If indeed it ever had one...

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Hopefully this is a first step back towards normality, if indeed it still exists...but imho this illustrates that lockdowns , business & border closures supported by government subsidies do work in controlling covid outbreaks.

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It is largely for these inherent weaknesses in the Japanese education system that my wife & I decided to raise & educate our biracial children in NZ.

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@ Tokyo-Engr

"If she is in fact talking about a gradual removal of restrictions, Level by Level (i.e. Level 4 to Level 3, etc.) this would be considered reasonable, I hope there is a Level 2, Level 1, and then normal......"

yes, this is precisely what is being proposed

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top post laugh of the lockdown so far thanks :)

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@since1981 don't lose heart, your comments may convince some voters to explore alternatives to this current crop of "leaders". Ganbatte kudasai neh!

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Very frustrating to read of this 'regrettable' action taking place.

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A small step in the right direction imho. It would also be nice to see a campaign aimed at reducing the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging, perhaps beginning by educating (or attempting to educate?) Japanese consumers regarding sustainable alternatives?

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Sadly, it would appear that women only carriages are necessary, as these chikan / up skirt filming incidents keep on occurring. The real issue which needs to be addressed imho, is the everyday behaviours towards women of "average Kazu Tanaka" , the majority of whom, it would seem, have no idea what really constitutes sexual harassment. Didn't the Deputy Prime Minister say when he was in Manila a few months back that, "Sexual harassment isn't a crime in Japan" ? Apparently, this is technically true....

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