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Kashiwa comments

Posted in: Union battles to represent workers at Nissan factory in Mississippi See in context

Opps, that should have been "Canton is NOT located in the Mississippi Delta." Sorry!

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Posted in: Union battles to represent workers at Nissan factory in Mississippi See in context

The Delta, as the region is known, is considered the birthplace of the Blues, and residents are predominantly African-Americans, the descendants of the slaves and later poor share croppers who made the region one of the most important cotton-growing regions in the country.

Canton is located in the Mississippi Delta. It's located a few miles outside Jackson. The Delta is located in the upper northwest and western part of the state, e.g., Greenwood, Greenville, Itta Bena, etc.

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Posted in: Actress Mariko Ishihara not likely to be indicted over shoplifting See in context

Can't find a pic of her? Two articles of this case, with no pics is just plain,gossipy lazy.

Pics and video are at http://www.newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/120736.php

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Posted in: Sato most common surname in Japan See in context

The most popular name consisting of only one kanji character was Hayashi

Our friend's maiden was Hayashi. She married a guy who's surname is Sato. Guess she's double-common. :-)

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Posted in: Air Force grounds F-15s on Okinawa for inspections See in context

BTW, Japan already have spent $2 billion for bases in Japan for last year

How much of this $2 billion was used to pay Master Labor Contract, i.e., Japanese, employees who work for the American military?

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Posted in: Court invalidates Y4.8 mil bill after teen takes dad's credit card on tour of hostess clubs See in context

If Japan has a law which prohibits serving alcohol to underage patrons, the hostess clubs' alcohol licenses should be revoked or at least suspended for allowing that kid to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. Also, considering the amount charged to the credit card, the hostess clubs should assume some responsibility for not checking to ensure the card belonged to him. Further, because of his "baby face," he should have been carded before he was even allowed to enter the hostess clubs. Lastly, that kid was probably a "problem" long before stealing his father's credit card. He must have had some knowledge of clubs andor bars long before he started "sucking down everything from Dom Perignon to Louis XIII de Remy Martin."

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Posted in: French soldier stabbed in throat in Paris See in context

Which has killed more innocents?

Probably suicide bombers, mosque bombings and improvised explosive devices (IED).

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Posted in: Gov't considers setting clock ahead by two hours See in context

he wants to have the Tokyo financial markets opening first in the world.

If the time change is purely for financial reasons, why not simply open the Tokyo financial markets earlier (as someone else mentioned in an earlier post)?

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Posted in: Man kills 3 family members, then himself See in context

One can't kill all three people at once

Since his wife and children's bodies were found lying on their futons, perhaps they were asleep when he killed them.

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Posted in: 17 crows, 1 pigeon found dead on Yokohama street See in context

Health officials should test the dead birds for possible West Nile Virus infections. Dead birds is an early warning sign which indicates WNV may be present in an area. Last year, here in San Antonio, Texas, we had a WNV outbreak which resulted in several people becoming ill andor dying because of the virus.

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Posted in: Victory over Japanese at Kohima named Britain's greatest World War II battle See in context

the operation was under the command of Britain’s Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

General Eisenhower was the overall commander of D-Day forces.

His planning skills and ability to keep the Germans guessing was crucial to its success. The capture of Caen by British and Canadian troops allowed the Americans to break out, Tootal said.

The Americans broke out before Caen was captured. They were able to do so because most of the German forces were committed to defending Caen. It took about two months to capture Caen..

I agree with others who said the Battle of Britain should be considered Britain's greatest WWII battle.

I also think the capture of Singapore was Japan's greatest WWII battle.

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Posted in: Toyota's hybrid vehicle sales pass 5 million See in context

They are a con.

It's not a con, as far as I'm concerned. I bought a Toyota Camry Hybrid in 2007. Still driving it. No problems. Excellent gas mileage. When my wife's 1999 Honda Accord quits, I'lm going to get her a new hybrid. ;-)

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Posted in: 3 teenagers arrested for vandalizing spree See in context

I liked the sound of the glass breaking.

Give him a good long paddling to see if he likes the sound of a$$ breaking!

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Posted in: 70-year-old TV talent show reject phones in bomb threat See in context

he loves singing karaoke and that all his friends tell him he is a great singer

Everyone will say your karaoke is "great," even when it isn't. They're simply being polite. If he based his application soley on folks telling him how great his karaoke is, that's probably why NHK rejected him. .

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Posted in: 48 U.S. lawmakers sound alarm on Japan joining TPP talks See in context

.... Detroit-based automakers, which fear losing more sales to Japanese imports.

Are there Japanese cars being imported to the US? I thought all of the Japanese car makers had plants here in the US and there wasn't much demand for imports. There's a big Toyota Tundra plant here in my city. If cars are being imported, I think Detroit-based automakers should fear losing sales to "made-in-the-US " Japanese cars instead of imports. .

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Posted in: Identity fraudster steals 45 million yen from elderly woman See in context

They seem to be epidemic here but is it because people are more credulous? Or what is it?

It happens quite often here in the US, too. It seems scammers have access to a list of names and telephone numbers of retired and elderly people. I retired at 74. Soon after I retired, I started getting phone calls from smooth-talking folks who stated I had won cars, lots of money, vacation trips, etc. Usually, I erased their voicemail messages. However, whenever I answered their calls, they always wanted me to send quite a bit of money to cover the cost of "processing" my prizes. I always told them to take the processing fee out of my winnings and send me what's left. They usually hung up after that. (LOL). They continue to call, but not as often. Sadly, there have been many instances of elderly (and younger) folks falling for this and similar scams which have resulted in their handing over large sums of money for nothing in return.. To add insult to injury, many of these scammers give call-back telephone numbers that are in Jamaica (Area Code 876). Folks who fall for the scams apparently mistake the 876 area code tor a US toll-free number, and are billed for expensive international calls (when they call to inquire about their fraudulent winnings).

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Posted in: Rodman planning vacation with N Korea's Kim See in context

Lil Kim reminds/suggests-to minorities, that NK is just like them, trying to survive & be fly, in a world run by spiteful, no-pride-having devils.

There may be "some" minorities who believe the above. I'm sure most don't. I certainly don't! Furthermore, when Lil Kim threatens to nuke New York City, he can't give minorities assurances that only those "spiteful, no-pride-having devils" will be toast.

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Posted in: 70-yr-old woman arrested for death of mother in failed murder-suicide bid See in context


I am not calling to wipe out the elderly

I apologize, if you think I was accusing you of wanting to "wipe out the elderly." It seems, I should have included "LOL" at the end of my comment, instead of ";-)" to show the comment was posted in jest. BTW, I'll be 76 next month and I know a lot of older folks who are much older than me and they're able to use computers, smartphones, etc. We just have to review and post our comments faster, before we forget what we wanted to say. LOL and ;-) Domo!

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Posted in: Fists fly in Canada's win over Mexico at WBC See in context

MeanRingo - "It's a problem with the rules. Runs count, so teams try to run up the score "

That's right. Afterwards, the coach of the Mexican team said he was well aware of the rule, and his players (the 3d baseman and the pitcher) should have known better. However, the Mexican coach didn't do anything to diffuse after the first hit batter. That maximum runs rule, BTW, is unique to the WBC.

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Posted in: 70-yr-old woman arrested for death of mother in failed murder-suicide bid See in context

People in Japan are living too long.

Be careful! If "they" start killing off us oldtimers, folks who post snarky comments may be next. ;-)

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors admit raping Okinawan woman See in context

When you teach a group of young and uneducated men to kill other human beings in the worse possible ways

Oh this is just bunk! A very sorry attempt at justifying the horrible acts done by these two men .

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors admit raping Okinawan woman See in context


Just curious, but has the race of the servicemen been publicized?

Does it matter? Ever notice that the article above doesnt mention it either

I also don't think their race matters. They both should receive maximum punishment under Japanes law. My "Just curious" comment was in response to another post which appeared to infer the servicemen would get off if they were of a certain race. .

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Posted in: Iran says it has captured a foreign enemy drone See in context

An article on the Huffington Post website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/24/iran-drone-capture-denied_n_2753230.html now states "Iran Drone Capture Denied By Revolutionary Guard. Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard is denying that it captured a foreign unmanned aircraft during a military exercise in southern Iran." Actually, if Iran had captured a drone by taking control of its navigation system, IMO, it wouldn't be smart security-wise to announce to the world that it had the capability to do so.

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Posted in: Train pickpocket suspected of over 200 thefts See in context

Are there lots of pickpocket-related crimes in Japan? I lived in the Tokyo area in the 70's and 80's and never heard or worried about "dips."

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Posted in: LAPD offers $1 mil reward for fugitive ex-cop See in context

"this guy a US war vet, several tours of duty to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...he KNOWS how to kill, he knows how to survive, this is one thing that scares the crap out of the LAPD etc"

Lets not make Mr Dorner into something that he's not. He was a Navy Reservist. He was deployed to Bahrain. He never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. There's no evidence that he saw any combat or "KNOWS how to kill." There's no indication he received survival traning. It is worthy of note, however, that he didn't go off on his 2008 firing until after his discharge from the Naval Reserves on 01 Feb 13. Perhaps not getting promoted to 0-4 resulted in his discharge and that set him off.

I personally don't know if the LAPD is corrupt, but I thought civilian oversight commissions were created to prevent an event such as that claimed by Dorner from happening. IMO, the best thing the LAPD can do is capture Dorner alive. If he's killed, many will surely say that he was killed to shut him up--disregarding the fact that he allegedly killed two unarmed people and a police officer. .

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 10 polio health workers in Nigeria See in context

"Some Muslim clerics have alleged that the vaccine was laced with substances that could make girls infertile as part of a US-led Western plot to depopulate Africa."

I wonder if the Muslim clerics would be more agreeable, if the polio-eradication program were managed by non-Western agencies? Perhaps, by China or Japan? Or maybe, by some African or Middle Eastern country? Or some Muslim organization? Probably not!

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Posted in: Man held for slashing son, daughter with knife See in context

It's terribly sad that a 38-year-old man would feel he had no options left. It would be interesting to know if he has searched for other jobs that would allow him to support his family.

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Posted in: Super Bowl Monday in Tokyo See in context

LAcajun - What a great football game, went down to the wire, hats off to Ravens for first Super Bowl win

Ooops, sorry, that should have read "The Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV in 2001 by beating the NY Giants 34 -7.

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Posted in: Super Bowl Monday in Tokyo See in context

LAcajun - What a great football game, went down to the wire, hats off to Ravens for first Super Bowl win

Actually, it was the Ravens' second Super Bowl win. The Ravens won Super Bowl XXV in 2001 by beating the 34 -7.

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