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Posted in: Ex-head of scandal-hit school operator, wife arrested over subsidy fraud See in context

Is this just a cover up of Abe's involvement in the deal? To swift the headlight from Abe's involvment and into what seems like an exploitation of state subsidies from Moritomo Gakuen? Maybe Abe told Yasunori Kagoike to throw in the towel to clear any doubts of Abe's responsibility? This matter will definitely not end with this!

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Posted in: S Korea starts review of 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

There's nothing that could possibly justify sexual exploitation during war-time. It's not up to Japan to decide wether their apologies is enough or not. Having comitted such crimes against humanity in the past brings with a lot of heavy responsibility in the future. It won't take an easy century to ease the pain for the victims. It's like France and Britain, where bitter memories from the Napoleonic-era (1799-1815) still remains, even 200 years later!

You can't delete memories and bitter responsibility by just paying an amount of "charity sum" to South Korea.

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Posted in: Japan pledges Y1.4 bil to help Jordan handle Syrian refugee crisis See in context

Why shouldn't Japan grant asylum to more refugees? Only around 27 refugees out of 10 0000 were granted asylum last year. In sharp contrast to european "smaller" countries like Sweden who has promised to grant asylum to more than 32 000 refugees. And Sweden "only" has a population of 10 million, while Japan's population is around 126 million, but declining. The japanese society will have to learn that "foreigners" aren't as much foreigners as they seem to think they are. Japan has a broader responsibility as a G6 nation and the third largest economy to accept more refugees.

For Japan to accept "just" 10 000 refugees doesn't have that much of an impact on local communities when Japan has a population of 126 million. The impact is much more visible in country with a population of "only" 10 million or even 6 million. It's time to let go of the National State-concept. We are all descendants of one common race originating from Africa!

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Posted in: Russia launches 73 satellites into orbit See in context

This doesn't look too good regarding the rise of space debris!:( It's time to launch multiple projects to curb the rise of space debris instead of an all out effort to reach Mars. The earth will surely exist for another millenium, but to reach Mars you'll need to clear a safe passage in order to prevent the Kessler-syndrome.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

Even hanging was condemned and outlawed as an international execution method after the Nuremberg Trials following the end of WWII in Europe. This move came after it took a maximum of 15 minutes for one of them to suffocate! Just introduce life-sentence and let them rot in prison, stripped from their liberty forever. At least it's more humane, and they'll get all the time to atone for their crimes instead of ending their lives simply by hanging!

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates, including one seeking retrial See in context

Could you even think if one of them actually were innocent! What if it was you who had been falsely accused and hanged for a murder?

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Posted in: Japan vows to ramp up efforts to export renewable energy technology See in context

Double standards, Japan! Pursuing a dream to export renewable energy, while secretly exporting nuclear technology to India without being assured that they will not use that technology in future nuclear tests!:( That's just extremely unfair for countries who trusts Japan's transparency in these matters!

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Posted in: S Korea to build 'comfort women' museum in Seoul See in context

Dishonourable for Japan to run away from the truth rather than facing the harsh truth of Japanese aggression!!

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Posted in: Abe's support dips to lowest level: polls See in context

Keep on falling until there's no turning back;) Maybe falling suits Abe better than ascending towards immortality within Japanese politics by amending the constitution and reach Katsura Taro's record from 1902 of 7.8 years in office?

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Posted in: Abe says he will reshuffle cabinet in early August See in context

Of course he won't call out a snap election when his results are doing poorly! The stupidity of allowing a prime minister to carry out a snap election, is that the prime minister can actively monitor the people's behaviour to best correspond to his political agenda!! And after doing so, call out a snap election to secure a landslide victory, without opposition parties being able to adress their point of views within a certain time frame! A broken democracy unfortunately:(

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

Being a yaramiso for too long:(

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Posted in: BOJ issues apology over remark about Hitler See in context

It's terrific for a public servant to show comprehension towards any of Hitler's policy!! This is a behaviour I have not seen by any board-bank member in the western world so far. Even if Hitler indeed did accomplish an economic ressuraection for Germany, it's still blameworthy for giving Hitler any praise and pleasing Hitler-symphatizers with such remarks!!

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Posted in: BOJ policymaker praises Hitler's economic policies See in context

Will "abenomics" enable Japan to to horrible/heinous acts towards humanity again??

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Posted in: Defense minister suggests SDF support LDP candidate in Tokyo election See in context

Her intentions are obviously clear! Abuse of political power by Tomomi Inada! I have at least not seen or witnessed this kind of political behaviour by a defense minister in any other "westernized" country (member of OECD)?!

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Posted in: LDP close behind Koike's party in Tokyo assembly race: poll See in context

Are we supposed to be surprised? The LDP's agenda is to re-emerge Japan as a great world power both culturally and military. If necessary with coercion!! It's all about making other countries prey to Japanese cultural dominance, unfortunately!:( How much cultural impact does foreign countries have in Japan? Where there even is a resentment towards foreigners and their culture! I'm just saying that Japan should be more grateful for influence from countries in the west and of course, China. Instead of trying to squeeze some more "Japanization"/Cool Japan into these countries. Without them, you wouldn't have reached the same scale of growth and advancement as you have. For instance the first civilization in Japan emerged and developed from China;)

A common example is the harpoon canons. While Norway's harpoon canon is more humane with 80%-percent instant kill-rate, Japan's harpoon canons only have 40%:( But still, Japan claims to have better "quality" harpoon canons:( The whales will give you the answer!!

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Posted in: Gov't starts airing announcement on protection from N Korean missile attack See in context

Revealing every precautionary measures to the "enemy"?! Great!!

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Posted in: LDP eyes submitting Constitution proposals to Diet in fall: Abe See in context

It's obvious that the LDP makes a huge deal out of not having SDF-forces clearly specified in the article 9 of the constitution. It is not like every freaking country has specified their defense-forces in their constitutions! It's globally widely recognized that Japan are allowed to have their own defense, respectfully the SDF-forces. Literally every army in the world functions as a self-defense force, even though not necesarrily mentioned in their specific constitutions:) Japan is the only country since the end of WWll not having engaged in military conflicts. All thanks to a pacifistic and peace idealistic constitution. Despite being presented by a foreign power, it resembles nothing but love and compassion! Not much of a humiliation if you ask me! To loosen the restrictions on the SDF-role as a sole self-defense force into a more aggressive force, bears no reflection and consideration of past grievance!:(

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Posted in: Abe pledges to regain public trust See in context

Another launch from North Korea which will blow Abe's sails right up, yet again!:( Gaining support while secretly legislating laws to restrict political opposition and freedom!!

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Posted in: Tight fit See in context

The consequence of too much sushi;)!!

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' law enacted through rare Diet tactic See in context

It's on!! The inquisition of political opponents of the Abe-administration has begun!!:( Hasn't the LDP learned anything from pre-WWll time? This enaction combined with pre war-imperial school materials and Hitler's biography will ultimately lead to the inevitable!!

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Posted in: Japan scouring for maps with 'East Sea' to seek name change See in context

Oh my god!!:( Just stop already!! It's just a freaking map. Every country in the world has their own interpretation of maps in their own archive!! UN states that name regarding any sea that borders between two countries should be resolved between the two parties. South Korea has always shown willingness to engage in these talks. What about Japan? never! In Norway, we even held discussions about granting a piece of one of our country's mountainpeak close to the finnish border to Finland as their 100 year anniversary of independence-gift, so that Finland could enjoy a taller mountainpeak within their border. When it's all about a goddamn map-name, come on!!

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Posted in: Abe offers conditional cooperation with China's Silk Road initiative See in context

I say China should offer Japan a conditional offer to join their "one belt, one road" initiative. Japan's just anxious by China's growing hegemony in Asia. Japan is a part of China's hegemony! Live with it. Instead of avoiding the history's inevitable fact that China has always been Asia's foremost representative!

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

Evinced the extensive surveillance campaign by USA on it's counterparts both in Europe and Asia. A true freedom fighter!! Individuality is what defines the world prespective, if it wasn't for individual thougts we wouldn't for instance had had; Communism, democracy, space exploration, imperialism and so on. Peoples who challenge the norms and laws of society is what truly shapes us as individual beings!! It's time to challenge the norms and laws presented by fascist LDP prime minister Shinzo Abe!!

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Posted in: Constitution debate in new stage as Abe puts Article 9 on agenda See in context

Let's just hope Renho gains a momentum as she convey her thoughts for future Japan, as a pacifist country! And by all means becoming the country's first female Prime Minister;)

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Posted in: Japan Coast Guard conducts drill See in context

Starting to look like Japan is further escalating tension by flexing military muscles!:( It`s not like Japan is a facist or a communist country, but this is starting to defer from what we could call a pacifist country!?

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Posted in: Japan's economy expands for 5th straight quarter See in context

Its a delusional growth! If Abe loses power and support, investors will lose momentum on his so called "Abenomics", and ultimately retreat from Japan. Its like what Hitler did; promising growth and development, while secretly making amendments to the constitution to allow the Nazis further expansion. Japans debt is also continuing to reach new dangerous levels. As of today at swallowing 250% of GDP (around 9,2 trillion$) Investors and bankers will sooner or later at least put a halt into this massive easing policy and rather adapt before its to late for Japan to recover at all, economically from debt! Japan has probably reached their maximum growth potential. Thereby its no need to exceed economical limitations by lending more and more money for Abe`s easing policy!!

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Posted in: Abe, Nikai say Japan could consider joining AIIB See in context

Crawling to the cross!! Japan finally had to realize that China is now the main source of investement in regional Asia. Hard blow for Abe, who seeks to conquer China`s stance on every aspects regarding the influence in Asia! A nice acknowledgement for China from Japan:)

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Posted in: Abe's constitutional reform push facing questions from LDP members See in context

Looks like Abes loosing his head on this issue! Im Surprised that foreign minister Fumio Kishida (a member of Nippon Kaigi) does not support an amendment of war renouncing Article 9! Maybe LDP is conspiring against Abes ill tempting visions for Japan? He definetely crossed the line by allowing imperial learning material and Hitlers biography to be allowed usage at schools on their own basics without educational guidelines!

Abe`s final days may have been counted, even before surpassing Koziumi on the longevity by Prime Minister;)

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Posted in: Japan's gov't debt swells to record Y1,071 tril as of March 31 See in context

Tempting the population with financial eases while quietly changing the constitution!:( Just like a certain guy named Hitler did in the wake of WWll! Its like Abes saying "Come closer, don`t be frightened my fellowers, I will bring an end to the pacifistic guidance our country has endured for too long"!

Without the pacifism, Japan would`ve never achieved their economic boom during the 1980-s and 90-s. We clearly see what is happening to the economy after postponing food tax numerous times and increasing defense expenditures continuously since "he" took power in 2012!! This "Abenomics" is just a an economic delusion of financial stability and continous growth, when the debt is still rising! The aftermath might become as devestating as the "lost decade" if the financial institutions demand their money back at any moment! Luckily for Abe, he has borrowed money from Japanese institutions.

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Posted in: Abe unveils plan to amend Constitution, put it into force in 2020 See in context

A father of Japan is born! A macaber one with imperialistic views toward China and North Korea! Allowing him to control both houses perpetually with 2/3 majority is dangerous! Democracy is dwindling ahead of Abe`s rising aspirations for a new despotic rule of Japan!

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