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Posted in: Should Russia return the four disputed islands off Hokkaido to Japan? See in context

Borders has been moved between the scandinavian countries; Norway, Sweden and Denmark for centuries! We don`t complain, we move on and reconcile! The world faces greater issues than a couple of islands from over 70 years back in time! In war, there are no rules!!

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Posted in: Abe vows to resolve N Korea abduction issue See in context

He has continously vowed on many things, but has yet to deliver!! Abenomics for the past 5 years and the "northern dispute"!! How long are we going to trust this foolish imperialist? Until Japan is utterly imperialized again? When will we ever witness Japan' s first female prime minister (Renho)?

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

A bit cluttered, but some adaption from time to time is necessary in order to move forward with new projects;)!

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Posted in: Ruling parties to start debate on conspiracy bill Thursday See in context

Come on Abe, try me!! Arrest all your protesters and opposers on suspicion of criminal acts!! Just like the secret police of Stasi did in the former DDR!:(

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Posted in: Do you use the messaging app Line? See in context

Still, it is a subsidiary of the South Korean internet giant Naver;) Just like Lotte Corporation! Every flow of profit returns to the Korean Peninsula regardless of Japanese influence! It`s the essence of globalization;)

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Posted in: Here's a kiss See in context

Never gonna beat Kanna Hashimoto!!

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Posted in: Defense minister visits Yasukuni shrine one day after returning from Pearl Harbor See in context

Maybe as a move to ease her pain from the trip to Pearl Harbor! Maybe it was just too painful for her to honour American war dead, that she needed to ease the pain a bit by honouring her countrys war dead just one day after her visit! How disgraceful! She needs to understand that her tribute at the memorial centre at Pearl Harbour doesnt disappear after just one day!! She simply needed to withstand american influence with Japanese influence and patriotism by paying a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine!!

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Posted in: Anti-Russian protest See in context

Imperialism has yet again taken root in Japan after patriotic SHinzo Abe`s influence on this severe matter!!

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Posted in: Do you think Yuriko Koike is a good choice for Tokyo governor? See in context

Who knows? She defied her Liberal Democratic stance in favor of an independent nomination! Maybe shes worse than Yoichi Masuzoe! Shes got quite a few things to straighten up before ungoing another difficult task of keeping her political visons realistic and achievable! But shes brave to run as an independent:) Compared to mogul Abes plan that has see an usurp of support following his food tax hike postponement. Hes playing his cards on the japanese economy and only thinking of becoming the longest serving japanese prime minister after Hirobumi! His Abenomics have failed! Japanese debt is at a record 280% of GDP! Postponing the food tax hike and use even more fiscal stimilus wont resolve anything+ an increased defense budget when they need it the least. And despite all this, they still vote for Abe and his Abenomics! Its almost like Abes the new Hitler in Asia; "Trust my fiscal policy and i will surely bring Japan out of depression;)" His final achievement would probably be to ressurect the Japanese Empire from it`s peak. Probably seeking to invade China and reclaim the Kurils from Russia! Well Abe has managed against all odds to actually achieve a 2/3 majority in both Upper and Lower houses!

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Posted in: Do you support Japan's new security legislation? See in context

If I was a Japanese citizen I would have supported the change without hesitation as a move to ease the military restrictions set on Japan after WW2! That would undoubtly make Japan into a more solid country, not just a country depending on foreign assistance! But luckily i'm not a Japanese! This move will undisputably make Japan more capable with the use of force in The Name of Self Defense to "defend" against chinese vessels! And therefore making the situation in Asia even more tensed then it already is!! Very regrettable by a FORMER pacifistic country as Japan!:( We hereby have no pacifistic country in Asia anymore:(

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

Would propably have been a better idea, if UN were able to keep an eye on the governments actions when not having the peoples approval on the matter!! Instead they railroaded the bills, undermining the peoples and the nation's democracy and pacifism!:(

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Posted in: Does it bother you when people talk on smartphones on buses, trains or in restaurants? See in context

Yes of course!? Because obviously the world's for everyone, right?! So It's our common duty to respect each others excistence in our common and prosperous world!!

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Posted in: Do you support same-sex marriages? See in context

Well we all know that's the religious ones, especially THE CHRISTIANS that keeps opposing the legislation of same sex marriages! Well not all christians have the same view, but most of them, look at USA! It's about peoples lives and I see no reason for not letting them love whom they love! It's not a question about religious behaviour, but a question about stability in the society and democracy as well. The world must accept such legislation to become a better place for all of us to live in!

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

If they are demonstrating against former Japanese rule, they can also use their chance to demonstrate against former Chinese rule under the Ming and Qing eras? It's clearly that South Korea don't want a peacefully end of the issue between Japan when they're just enriches their minds to critisize Japan and not China as well?

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Posted in: Sex slave rally in Seoul See in context

Very disrespectfully done by South Korea to constantly mark their honor to the Sex slaves of World War2. Japan were an imperial state back in those days, it is time to move on with new and more aware peoples! Korea did become a free nation thanks to Japan´s invasion of Qing in 1894-1895! If the invasion had never occurred, then South Korea would have never become free nation. But that was the past, we all have to move on in our lives!:)

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Posted in: Northern Territories Day See in context

Well the islands are no longer a part of Japan, just the way Japan says that the Senkaku islands is no longer Chinas island! Well Japan knew by entering the Axis in WW2 that they would have to suffer if they lost the war. Japan lost the war and the Soviet took The Kuril and The Shakalin islands as a war gift from Japan. Japan cant come now and say that they have the most rights to the islands after the loss in WW2, the islands have becomed russian so Japan should stick to the WW2 agreement! Japan have no rights to claim the Kuril island unless they remove their claim on other Chinese islands as well. Japan took a win-loss chance in WW2 and lost. And therefore lost their islands.

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Posted in: 20 prefectural and local assemblies in Japan have urged the Japanese government to make hate speech illegal. Do you think hate speech should be illegal? See in context

Well a good argument against maybe banning hate speech is Of Course The Freedom Of Speech!!;) Non country can stand against the Freedom Of Speech, but they can limit the hate speeches influence on the society, just as Germany have done against the Muslim haters Pegida!

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Posted in: Going my way? See in context

The world need environment thinkers like Shinzo Abe;) Good work:)

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Posted in: It's never too cold for surfers See in context

Just like (A Scene At The Sea) by Beat Takeshi;)

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Posted in: Do you agree with Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the Dec 25 U.S. release of the film "The Interview" after threats from a hackers' group? See in context

I think Sony did the right decision by canceling the movie premiere! The reason is because of the discrimination within the movie! Making a movie and publish it were the goal is to kill a national leader in a different country should be totally banned, this is an exaggerated use of The Freedom Of Expression!! North Korea is being absolutely excluded from the world society just because of their aggressive stance. I don`t think USA would have loved if North Korea made and published a movie public were the goal was to kill Barack Obama!! USA would have probably responded with sanctions!

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Posted in: Do you think Japan should allow immigration by unskilled workers? See in context

The reason they should allow it is because of the social impact the unskilled ones gives the society, THEY may not be good in many things but I think that it is essential to accept people as who they are. THE GOLDEN RULE!! Japan is for the mostly a free country. And for example after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, many women borned UNSKILLED childs, but Japan would never have abandoned those. So it is equal for everyone, no ONE is worth more than others!!! And I think that Japan have a steadly growing problem for understanding this issue!!

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

I totally disagree, because Japan`s national anthem experience the wonderful way to be born in Japan while the Chinese national anthem experience the harsh communism leadership, and about battle and sacrifice for their country!! But all the chinese competitors are so called brainwashed by the communism government over time i think.And it makes the competitors think that Japan is a bad country and that China is the greatest that does nothing wrong at all, and that China have right to occupy other countries territory legaly!!

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Posted in: The U.S. is putting together a coalition, including Japan, to eradicate the threat to the global community from the Islamic State. Do you think military action will be effective or will it make the si See in context

Probably a very difficult question, because we all remember the fatal invasion of Iraq in 2003. It was a non succesfull operation because it made the hate and expressions against the west even worse, and of course the War against Terror. Terrorism cant be completely broken, but it is a good thing that the world society is reacting with power when terrorism is being used on civilians, Terrorism will never stop because it will only go on when the West continues to bomb them, but the west and the world cant just stand and look at the terrible actings!! When already started, no turning back!!:(:(:(

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Posted in: New internal affairs minister says she will visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

It seems like the arguing between Japan and China will never end!! In Japan they are visiting the Yasukuni shrine to make the chinese angry especially Xi Jinping!! But China have a big role indeed as well, they have taken the next step with starting a propoganda against The Empire Of Japan!!! the argues have to end at some point, and it will propably end in a war were China have support from Russia and N Koream and Japan on their side have The U.S and propably NATO as well!! NB! Can end in a World War if the fighting in the Ukraine continues, and that China will propably take over the disputed islands in the East China seas, China will only grow stronger and stronger and more agressive after time. If there will not be a revolution in China in the coming years, the negative and agressive behaviour from China with support from Russia and opposite can result in a WW!!!!

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

I support the ban, because when a religous person is entering a foreign country it is the religous persons responsibility to respect the rules in the foreign country!! We western people, when we are entering for example UAE many western women pay respect to the UAE with wearing a burqa for example. If the religous people who are visiting a foreign country are not showin any act of responsibility and respect to the country, it is then i think the ban is necessary. I dont like for example the niqab when the whole face exept the eyes is coverded, i am dependent on the persons facial expressions when i talk to the person wearing a niqab! The niqab rule is a silly rule beacuse why should women prevent showing their faces to different men, it is not fair at all. If they don`t wear a niqab when talking to another man then their husband they need to cover their face with something else!! It is like the women never were invented and that the women are just for having child with in that case a son!! It is an violation on the human rights and equality, of course there are going to be a difference on a man and a woman but not a very big difference!!!!!

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Posted in: Who do you think is the biggest threat to peace and regional security in Northeast Asia? See in context

I voted China because i see China as a great threat to the lasting peace in east Asia. I think that it is the powerful communism in the country that is the main reason for the countrys act of agression against Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. We all remember the cold war between the two main powers in the world USA and the Soviet Union, and we all remember the big threat that the Soviet Union accounted!! I believe that communism is the way of thinking extremely big indeed, increased manpower in their army and bigger areas and more power! Of course North Korea is also a big threat but not necceserily as big as China because China have bigger army and more and modern military equipment, something that North Korea doesnt really have! A new cold war can erupt at any time bewteen NK,China,Russia and The U.S and NATO!!!

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Posted in: China wraps up anti-Japan propaganda campaign See in context

Totally unnecessary of China, it feels like Chian wants to light a war to invade and crush Japan in the exact way that the japanese invaded China in 1894 and in 1937 and almost destroyed China! Japan loss its shakalin island and the Kuril islands to the USSR after WWII, and of course Japan wants those islans back, but the japanese are not acting with propaganda against Russia. Propaganda is a dangerous course of thinking and ideology and can in the worst case result in a terrible war!! Acting with propaganda towards a country is not the best way, we have an example, Ukraine and Russia. Russia used propaganda to "activate" the rebels in Ukraine and now Russia are supplying the rebels with medicates and weapons, wich results that civilians get killed. Very risky and a dangerous act of agression of Chian against Japan!!!:(

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

It is very important by the japanese government to remember and to honour those civilians who were innocent killed during the Hiroshima bombing of Japan.

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than, say, 10 years ago? See in context

I voted YES because I think that the internet are beeing used more and more for terrorism propaganda and propaganda for illegal groups, than for 10 years ago!! More terrorism= More insecurity in the world society!!:(

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

In this event this case proves if it is true that allied soldiers that liberated france raped women durin their liberation that the Japanese soldiers were not the only one on the planet during WWII that massraped women.

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