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Advice to Paris: double check the Force Majeure clause in your contract

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I read that the vaccine starts to weaken after 6 months so to be most effective we’d need the booster to be available as soon as January for people who were able to get early vaccines.


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it was incredible to watch!!

I would hardly call .76 second difference “obliterating” his old record.

In a competition where you can lose by a hundredth of a second, beating a world record by seventy six hundredths is indeed “obliterating”.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context


Funny thing is, he actually think France is gonna sanction Japan for this kind of thing. Btw, he lived 15years here already. Why he would think France could even have him is beyond me.

My understanding is that the children are dual nationals so are considered French citizens. That would be strong reason for France to take action.

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