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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

Under the current situation not only Japan but almost 21 countries where china has new border disputes should not invite or accept any visit of Chinese President..

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 75th anniversary of fierce WWII battle See in context

Mankind needs peace.Okiniwa is a beautiful place but foreign gentlemen military bases should be removed so that Okiniwa people can breath peacefully.Okiniwa wa seezukana Island desune.

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

The present poor economic situation in United States makes Donald Trump

( TV Man) to seek financial supports from many countries.He has already started to reduce 25000 soldiers from Germany and he told German chancellor Angela Merkel to pay more for station of 50000 soldiers presently stationed in Germany.so there is nothing to be surprised if he is tapping everywhere for money.The US is capable to creat wars between Japan and China or North Korea or even with South Korea to force Japan an South Korea to accept US bases in exchange of money.He left Paris Climate agreement because of money.He left from Iran Nuclear Pact because of Money,He left from UNESCO because of money and he stopped paying contribution to World Helath Organisation because of money.He is a Money Monger and nothing else.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out at hazmat facility at U.S. air base on Okinawa See in context

Unfortunately Japan has to keep this American base because the growing china is very dangerous not the nay for Japan but other countries too.what is going in Indian border

with China is very dangerous.North Korea and China are both communists.Giving economic advisers des to poor countries and taking their all natural resources are new methods of China.


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Posted in: Nagasaki observes 74th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

We are human beings and we have the rights to destroy all remaining Automic bombs in all countries.we can not be the next destroyer of world after Oppenheimer

the man who regretted through out his life.He declared himself that he was the destroyer of world after Hiroshima.since I love Japan I am Learning Japanese

specially Hiragana( very easy for me )

may God bless Japanese people.

doumou arigatou gozaimasu.


10 rue Lebouis


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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks to join anti-NHK party See in context

We don't need any war against Russia but if Putin really is interested in peace he should hand over these legitimate Japanese Islands being held since the second world war.Afterall Japanese are not holding any territory belongs to other countries.

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Posted in: Tamaki invites U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to see base reality See in context

The war was long ago finished.

But with the present president

Trump a war monger anything may happen not only japan but also neighbouring countries close to North Korea.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

We are matured people.when the

Matured leaders meet together

Of course we can hope for peace in this region.people of Korea ( both sides) have all the rights to live together.we salute these two leaders well determined forward

Minded leaders

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Posted in: Influential Japanese businesswoman says she is in same-sex relationship See in context

She may be happy but There IS no

Need of telling to public.Personally I prefer woman because I am a Man.

Sore wa taihen iideshne.Japanese people are very intelligent.


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Posted in: Why Singapore for Trump-Kim summit? See in context

Can these two little and fate leaders bring Peace To The world?

Small buttons And big buttons Will not be The question but security And Peace are

importantant.These two idiots have To think twice before signing any stupid And empty

agreement In front of us.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

Se are no so sûre that this man Donald Trump Will stay till The official terms Is expired.

since he Is having some mental problems like his pecular hair style And often mental troubles,he won't stay till for The full terms And obviously there Will be another élection To choose a News President .Whatever The agreement he signes with Kim has To be

renewed or removed.

is he ready To remove All warships And forces from South Korea And Okiniwa for kim's total dénucléarisation ?Can he stop from now onwards All these joint naval And military

exercices with South Korea? He often changes his statements And words.As said by Mr.Kim that The western countries would not have destroyed Iraq And Lybia ,If these two countries had nuclear Bombs.Now they want To destroy Syria And Iran because these two countries are against The Israelis illégal occupation of Palestine.These western countries

never asked Israel to free All occupied territories of Palestine.I wish To Tell here that Israel remain as a big Karma for world Peace .

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

After leaving from historical nuclear pact signed between Iran And six nations including United States,now The trouble maker Donald wants To meet Kim.Can we trust this TV man? Any agreement between Kim And this kama sutura Man should be signed In The presence of Russia And China.Donald can not play Hell against Kim.

of course we need peace.if there Is any agreement United States should withdraw all

ameriçan from this région.( Japan And South Korea)

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Posted in: Stars to wear black at UK film awards: Will Kate join them? See in context

We are humain beings And it Is time To say ist enough.those Who dream To abuse women,should be hanged withou any trial.Its time To slap those pigs.

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Posted in: Portrait of a president See in context

He Is not a suitable man To do The US Adminstration he Is not an intelligent Man compare To North Koreans President

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Posted in: Trump and Clinton offer two kinds of Syria policy: bad and worse See in context

why Russia is sending aircraft carrier and several surface ships without adding the forthcoming several submarines to Syria. There are facts that we have to study. United states,France and UK are already near Syria including the two warships which are following these russian warships and certainly these three western powers will attack Syria just like they did in Irak and Lybia and this is one of the fact which made russia to despatch all these war ships and it is a prior warning to United States ,in case they start bombing Syrian forces without considering the civils. Certainly russia might creat some more confrontations in eastern Europe and the European continent. Will Europe ready to face russian nuclear attacks? I don't think so. The real motive of these three western countries is to divide Syria into three parts. One is for Israel ( with golan heights, and secondpart will goes to Kurds , of course after this war there will be a Kurdistan Nation and Kurds have already received full supports from these three countries and european Union.and third part will be share by sunits and chits and there won't be any more Syria. Syria is the only country against the occupation of palestenian lands by Israel. After this partition, there will be many internal conflicts and these three countries will sell their weapons for ready cash. If Russian had not sent their soldiers and war planes , these three countries would have long ago removed Assad with partitions of this country this is their ambition.There will be a new but big Kurdistan Nation recognised by UN A part of Turkey territory where live millions of kurds ,territory of Syria and part of Iraq will be alls annexed with the newnation Kurdistan. Will turkey accept a new Nation for Kurds? Will Turkey be ready to accept for russian bases?against NATO?Will turkey cut of its relation with NATO? However, United States is far from Europe in case the russians threatens Europe.

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