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I am so sorry to learn the Japanese government has also fallen for the COVID related lies and half-lies. They should have at least chosen the Russian Sputnik V shot instead of Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZenica, J&J, or Novavax. Two well qualified licensed professionals I get info from have said Sputnik V is by far the best tolerated of the above listed shots, and my own home made investigations confirm this. Personally, I suspect the Indian Covaxin is safer than the others I listed, though not as safe and effective as Sputnik V.

Well, Japan will soon be rid of those of its elderly who fall for the scam. My friend, a Japanese national living legally in the USA, has an elderly mother in Japan who is 99% certain to fall for it and also a disabled brother who well may be shot up in his sheltered workplace w/o being capable of giving any semblance of informed consent. Hopefully, as the vaccinated elderly and health workers die or are disabled from the shots, the government will be smarter than the Americans, Europeans and Israelis, and stop the carnage before too many younger people are destroyed like is happening here in the USA. The only bright signs I see is that housing shortages should decrease, high prices should also decrease as supply exceeds demand and some qualified unemployed may find jobs.

What is doubly sad, is that most people already had either IgM, IgG or T memory cell based immunity to the SARS2 virus. Most of the ones who died would have inevitably died soon from their other ailments. Most of the dead without the famed comorbidities had combinations of undetected immune suppressive exposures like mold toxins and animal retroviruses that made them extra vulnerable to infections of any kind.

The distribution of these vaccines in the USA at any rate, is really illegal, because here they are done under Emergency Use Authorization, which can only be activated in an emergency where there are no other treatments or preventions. And at this point, there are plenty of the double blind randomized case controlled blah blah type of studies any allopathic institution normally demands, that show the effectiveness of HCQ+Zinc+antibiotic, or Ivermectin or IV vitamin C or vitamin D etc. for prevention, early treatment and even late treatment (Ivermectin and IVC coupled possibly with low dose, short term corticosteroids). The American EUAs should be withdrawn, as should similar legalities worldwide.

I have one question though. In the USA the vaccine makers have zero legal liability for the damage any of their products cause. Surely, this does not extend to countries outside the USA.........I hope?

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