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There will NEVER be any race wars on the island of Japan because ORDER comes first, it always has and it always will. When individuals, foreign or domestic, go against the will of the group, the hammer falls equally.

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Between US isolationalism and UK exception

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Between US isolationism and UK exceptionalism is a sinking ship called Japan. Adios amigos, will anyone really miss you?

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@jcapan you nailed it! Japan is and has been an ethnically and culturally homogeneous society for centuries (perhaps even 1000s of years)...and no one is going to be able to realistically change it anytime soon. The Swiss seem to be doing just fine with a population of 8 million, so the Japanese have a long way to go, just imagine all the available seats on the morning commutes, it's going to be a plus situation for locals and tourists alike.

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Good: 1 Evil: 0

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BREAKING NEWS: early draft of new immigration order reads:

Tweetles of the Tweetleverse, I am calling for a complete and utter Tweet-Ban of Twitlers entering our country, until our Tweetle-Doers can figure out what the Tweets is going on! I declare this Tweet-Ban applies to all aliens, EXCEPT, Lawful Permanent Tweeters (LPTs) and Valid Valid Visa Holders-B (VVVHBs).

Signed the right honourable Tweeter-In-Chief.

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If the ruling slipts 4-4 at Supreme Court the lower courts ruling will be the law of the land, regardless of any tweeting by Trump and his tweet-believers. Credibility, not privilege, is what matters when it comes to leadership in the public sphere.

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No its looking like the state of Washington will maintain the TRO on the EO as the state has demonstrated standing to make a claim for its universities and medical institutions that are allegedley harmed by the EO. On the point of authority the president will not succeed in exercising power beyond the limits of the US constitution as this case proceeds the Trump administration continues to lose face and credibility. The president is not running a business he is a public servant whos authority will be kept in check by other branches of government.

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Its an outrageous Trump Ban and they should plead their case to the courts to protect their rights.

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Setting up a private sever and private clintonemail.com domain for conducting state business implies two things: 1] personal interest and personal gain outweigh the risk to US information security 2] gross negligence involved in handing over the management of public interest technology infrastructure and confidential information to non-state actors (ie, private citizens that are not state department employees and therefore not vetted to manage state-level information assets)

2 alone would get anyone fired for intentionally violating security policies, #1 is a path to an idictment from public office

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