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Posted in: Tuna born from mackerel: Japanese scientists develop surrogate tech to save threatened species See in context


Ooh you are so edgy and cool! Where did you get that info, fake news daily?

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Posted in: Brilliant use for the almost expired milk in your fridge: It’s time for some milk jam See in context

Um.... this has been around forever. It's called milky toast in Britain and my gran made it for me all the time. I sometimes make it too. Thank you Japan for "inventing" something that has existed for... hundreds maybe thousands of years?!

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Posted in: A man-made cave of wonders: the world’s biggest underground storm drain in Kasukabe See in context

A storm sewer called, "Ryukyu"... wow Tokyo. That's like a city dump in North Carolina called Cherokee.

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Posted in: Japan aid agency pulls staff from Ebola-hit nations See in context

Put them in quarintene for two weeks. Check their blood for the virus! Don't just let them come back... Are they crazy?!?

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Posted in: Naha mayor to run against Nakaima in Okinawa gubernatorial election See in context

People don't understand the politics here.

No one on Okinawa has the power to remove the bases. No one in the military- and no civilian. There has been MASSIVE protests and calls to action and things continued on as normal. Sure some of the bases were BRACed but, that was all scheduled.

Sad to say, but Tokyo and Washington DO NOT CARE ABOUT OKINAWA. I live here, and it's the reality.

Unless Okinawa suddenly becomes the Ryukyu Kingdom again-- nothing is going to change. Sure some bases will be BRACed, but there are currently no plans to move the majority of them.


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