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cla68Today  07:34 am JST

islamic extremism has wrought horrific carnage on the West so why wouldn’t a president not want to safeguard against it?

"islamic extremism" [sic] != resident of a predominantly Muslim country

Trump's whole argument is that merely being born on one plot of land makes you inherently dangerous compared to someone born on the other side of a national border that may have been arbitrarily drawn by someone not even from the region.

If I were to say, declare that everyone from the state of Mississippi was an inbred redneck, I would get angry protest from a huge set of posters and my post would probably be deleted by the mods. When Trump makes the same fallacy with regards to Muslims, these same people silently nod in agreement.

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OssanAmericaToday  06:53 am JST

So 60% of those polled should not expect the JSDF to help them the next time a natural disaster strikes. Which in Japan is probably a month or two from now. After all, how can you expect help from something whose existence you refuse to recognize?

Perhaps it's just a sign of the rising tide of fascism around the world that we have posters suggesting people who don't share their political opinions deserve to die in the next earthquake.

Personally, I've always thought the most noble thing about people who join militaries and police forces is the drive to serve their community. How sad that we have people actively trying to deny this opportunity for service and selflessness, and instead twist it into a demand that the community serve the military.

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Posted in: Toronto police say deadly van attack suspect left 'cryptic message' See in context

StrangerlandToday  09:01 am JST

Not necessarily. This may very well be a case of group-think.

In that case, someone is still teaching it. We need to know who and why.

It sounds like a lot of people here are new to the incel community, but do a little digging and you realize they are screwed up. One incel community on reddit famously had a member pose as a woman in order to ask for legal advice about how rapists generally get caught and how a woman who was drugged and raped would be advised to identify her rapist, in order to learn how not to get caught committing such a rape.

But the even creepier thing is when you compare their community rhetoric with that of other communities, like red pillers or MRAs or PUAs or MGTOWs, the world view expressed across these groups with respect to women is startlingly similar. In all groups, women are inherently untrustworthy sex-objects who shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for themselves. The only difference is that incels see themselves as having failed their goal to be PUAs.

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Tommy JonesToday  05:45 pm JST

The EO by Obama clearly wasn't obviously illegal and the court wants more information before it makes a final determination.

Or to put it another way, things don't become illegal just because Trump wants them to be.

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump has said the U.S. might rejoin the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership if a "better deal" can be reached for the U.S. Do you see this happening? See in context

Trump isn't really looking for a "better deal". No one credible even thinks he's read out the full details of the original document. "Give me a better deal" is just Trump code for "I want more." He wants to personally gain from TPP.

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Posted in: For the first time, Facebook spells out what it forbids See in context

It's refreshing to see a media company actually spell out what it's rules are, rather than leaving decisions up to the whims of anonymous, vindictive moderators who are free to push a personal agenda.

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Posted in: Toronto police say deadly van attack suspect left 'cryptic message' See in context

Like I said earlier, it's time to ask who is radicalizing our incels.

That's not a sarcastic question either. Someone is teaching boys that they are so entitled to sexual relationships of their choosing that they deserve to murder people when they don't get them. We should know who.

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BlacklabelToday  06:37 pm JST

I guarantee if Stormy Daniels was in a van with Robert Mueller headed to Michael cohen’s house to talk with Adam Schiff about impeaching Trump we would get a correctly worded headline.

That's because we all already know their names.

They just don’t want to place any blame on the person because they can’t change the narrative later if he turns out to be something “wrong” in his background. 

Or you could just read the whole story, and not stop at the end of the headline. Just saying, that's an option too.

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Posted in: For those of you who are not self-employed, how big an issue is unpaid overtime at your workplace? See in context

FouxdefaToday  04:06 pm JST

It's a big problem for those who let it become one.

That's a bit simplistic. Work, like all of life, can be complex.

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Posted in: 10 dead, 15 injured after van plows into crowd on Toronto sidewalk See in context

BlacklabelToday  05:47 pm JST

Why are all the actions associated with the "van" while the person appears to be barely involved in what happened? "van attack", "van killed, and even "van deliberately"??

Because we have to have headlines that meaningfully convey information to identify a story, and the words "van attack" meaningfully convey which attack we're referring to, whereas little is widely known about the attacker other than his name and so trying to write headlines focused on him at this point is not especially informative about the story attached.

Also because people who actually care about the news tend to read more than just the headline.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

In a speech Shimomura made Sunday in Tokyo, the 63-year-old said the reporter secretly recording the conversation with Fukuda and then taking it to the magazine was "a crime in a sense,


"Most TV broadcasters (are trying to) force Prime Minister Abe out of power...I'm really inclined to think the Japanese media are trying to crush Japan," Shimomura said.

Move on, people, nothing to see here, just another right-winger flirting with open support for authoritarian fascism.

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Posted in: Trump says North Korea agreed to denuclearize. It hasn't See in context

Trump desperately needs some kind of foreign policy victory to distract from his legal woes and suspicions of collusion. Since he doesn't know how to actually achieve such a victory, it appears he's decided to manufacture one. Who cares if it doesn't actually do anything to improve conditions in the region, just so long as he can say, "Mission Accomplished!" and then tweet about it?

I mean, other than the people who have to deal with the fallout, obviously.

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Posted in: For those of you who are not self-employed, how big an issue is unpaid overtime at your workplace? See in context

It's huge. All anyone can seem to talk about is how exhausted they are, and the management's attitude is that staff have big enough salaries that they should be on-call 24/7 to justify it.

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Posted in: Cold water devastates coral reefs off Japan: survey See in context

Is it so impossible to believe that different corals in different parts of the ocean thrive under different conditions, such that a trend in one part of the ocean might kill coral there while the opposite trend in another part of the ocean also kills coral?

Life is fragile, and the natural systems that harbor it are complex. We have to learn to stop trying to reduce the world to the simplest possible terms if we want to understand it.

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SchopenhauerToday  07:25 am JST

We have to be very careful from now in making advances to ladies which may be taken as sexual harrassments.

No you don't. Sexual harassment is a completely different thing.

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Posted in: Trade issues expose limits of Trump-Abe 'bromance' See in context

sangetsu03Apr. 20  02:35 pm JST

The proof is in the pudding. What percentage of the US market does Japan enjoy? 

No, that's faulty reasoning. For trade to be unfair you must be able to identify specific government policies that make it unfair. Blaming outcomes for being less than perfectly balanced as proof of unfair trade is absurd. You may as well claim the fact that I shop at 7-11 more than Familymart is somehow "unfair".

Unless of course you want to implement some kind of hyper-socialist system where all citizens of all countries are required to purchase an equal amount of products from all countries, even if they don't want to. But I thought people who wanted fair trade were against that sort of thing.

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Kuya 808Today  01:25 pm JST

Contrary to a popular opinion people just don't look at a gun and start killing. 

Nobody believes this to be the case. You are posting an empty strawman argument.

They want to kill in the first place and the gun is the means to their end. 

Right. And in every other country in the world, sensible gun regulations ensure that they don't get access to that means to their end. And as a result, innocent young people suffer far less violence.

This isn't rocket science. Reasonable gun laws solve the problem. America needs to quit hiding from the problem.

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theFuToday  08:25 am JST

Do you walk out of work to protest? No. You'd be fired.

Actually I didn't walk out of work to protest because I choose to work in a country with sensible gun laws so that I don't need to publicly protest in order to protect my own safety. You can bet that if I were in the US, I would definitely walk out of work to join these protests, and as I'm a skilled worker, it is highly unlikely I would be fired for a single absence.

That is after all what we're trying to teach these young people to be, right? Skilled workers who can make choices for themselves on their own terms, not mindless factory drones who have no choice but to live by the shift bell?

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Posted in: Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm See in context

FizzBitToday  07:51 am JST

Also and many times, fake news is fake not because of what it says, but what it doesn't say. News should, in its true sense, provide information of all sides and let the reader make their own conclusions.

Erm, no. News does not have "sides".

Most people, including you Katsu, must surly understand that the CNNMSNBCFOXBBCAPReuters corporate "news" machines are tools of the State, right? And should not be trusted.

Did you not read what I just wrote? Fake news is only fake if it doesn't go through a genuinely journalistic process. To write off every major news publisher as publishing nothing but fake news just because of who they are is to engage in baseless hysteria.

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Posted in: Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm See in context

iworld99Today  12:54 am JST

A crack down of fake news is good as long as the right and freedom of press is maintained.

In principle I agree, but the problem is there are too many lazy consumers who aren't willing to put in the effort to accurately evaluate if news is fake or not. They would rather label a story as fake if it doesn't give the information they want or if they don't like the demographic the news outlet that publishes it targets.

Fake news is fake not because of what it says, but the process it goes through in the course of being researched. Unfortunately, the people who scream "fake news!" the most stridently tend to be right-wing authoritarians who understand this concept the least, and are most likely to use their crack down expressly to eliminate freedom of the press.

That's why I would rather instead of a government crack-down, responsible citizens boycott advertisers who publish fake news.

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BlacklabelApr. 20  10:40 pm JST

The columbine shootings were before these kids were even born. How does it actually affect them?

I read there were students who went through the Stoneman Douglas getting coping advice from students who went through Columbine. It still affects them because people of our generations sat on their asses after Columbine and never actually fixed the problem that any disturbed individual can get a powerful firearm and mow down tens of innocent victims in seconds.

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Posted in: Hundreds of school walkouts planned on Columbine anniversary See in context

ulyssesApr. 20  10:22 pm JST

So it justifies kids missing out on education?? Two wrongs do not make a right.

There is something very disingenuous about claiming that missing a single day of school is missing out on "an education".

Personally, I doubt very much that there is anything much that their teachers planned on this protest day that can't be made up another time, but directly participating in the democratic principles the country was founded on in order to be involved in making the lives of American students less deadly, that's an educational opportunity that is quite rare. I would bet that whatever students went to this protest learned more there than they would have had they stayed in school.

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theFuToday  08:19 pm JST

The only reason to do this during school is so that 95% extra people, the lazy students, will join in. If this happened at 16:30 or on a Saturday, only 5% would show up.

The only reason to do this during school hours is the same reason anyone does any protest ever - because it makes you notice it.

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Posted in: Hundreds of school walkouts planned on Columbine anniversary See in context

LOL at all the old folks here taking a break from work to post about how angry they are these kids are stepping out of school to express their opinions.

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Posted in: What are some things that you recall hearing men say or do to women decades ago, which might be considered sexual harassment today, but which were not then? See in context

AttilathehungryToday  02:31 pm JST

These days virtually anything can be construed as harassment, since there are no clear guidelines except "the feeling of the alleged victim". 

This is not true.

IMHO it is hard to separate the deeply instinctual human sexual drive from how we behave. 

Sexual harassment has nothing to do with the human sex drive. No one feels a biological impulse to sexually harass.

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sangetsu03Today  12:14 pm JST

This is false, and has always been false,

Perhaps you're referencing Prez. Spanky's "bowling ball test"?

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Posted in: A new challenge: Changes to elementary school English education in Japan for 2020 See in context

kawabegawa198Today  08:51 am JST

Until Japan starts getting serious about English teaching (e.g. only importing teachers who have a recognized licence back in their home country)

Given that we can't expect Japanese institutions to accurately assess foreign licensing institutions and given that prefectures in Japan already offer special licenses, this is a bit extreme of a suggestion. All anyone needs is for Japanese institutions to evaluate their teachers on merit. Which means to stop paying Japanese teachers more just for being older and to stop firing foreign teachers just for being older.

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Posted in: What are some things that you recall hearing men say or do to women decades ago, which might be considered sexual harassment today, but which were not then? See in context

It's really very simple, and it shows just how left-behind so many men are that they still don't get it.

Is the complement relevant to the person's work? If so, it's fine.

Is the complement about something that the person put a lot of effort into or had a choice in or some degree of control over? Then it's probably okay, but read the air.

Is the compliment unrelated to work, oblivious to the target's efforts, and little more then a thinly-veiled way of expressing your sexual interest? Then be prepared for the consequences if you aren't sure she wants to hear it.

It's human social interaction 101.

Really all the changes I've seen over the decades can be bundled up under this principle: In the past, if a man was into a woman and she wasn't into him, it was still her job to deal with his attraction, unless she had another man in her life to scare him away. Nowadays nobody got time for that. Nowadays if your sexual feelings for someone are so strong you don't know how to deal with them properly, that's your problem.

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Posted in: Trade issues expose limits of Trump-Abe 'bromance' See in context

sangetsu03Today  08:52 am JST

Trump will not back down, too many elderly voters who lost their jobs in the 70’s and 80’s to Japanese imports would never forgive him. 

And here we have the crux of the issue. Both sides aren't actually trying to make trade fair because it was never unfair to begin with. What we have are two sides catering a minority demographic in their own country as a voter base. Trump wants concessions on protecting American car manufacturers because his voters are fixated on the issue they lost 50 years ago to Japan, while Abe is fixated on protecting Japanese farmers because in Japanese elections they just count more than city folk.

They will never be able to reach an agreement because they aren't actually negotiating. They aren't even really discussing the same issue. They're just playing a performance to fool their hard-core supporters into not noticing the many scandals piling up around them.

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he wants free, fair trade with Japan; pledges to help with abduction issue See in context

FizzBitToday  07:50 am JST

I would love to see some cheaper home remodeling materials for example marble tiles, counter tops, insulation, wood flooring, cabinets, etc. it's just sad more Japanese are not into DIY projects.

I agree totally. Japanese people could have so much more interesting spaces to live in if only it were easy to get the equipment, skills, and time to invest in them. But instead everything is concrete walls with textured plastic wallpaper and faux-trendy drecorations tacked on.

Unfortunately the problem can't be solved by complaining about free trade, because the issue is not that such things can't be sold in Japan, but rather that because they're heavy the cost of importing them is huge so no overseas seller wants to do it, and because they aren't designed for Japanese building standards, no local company will import them.

That's the real problem with Japan. It's not that trade isn't free here, it's that anything that isn't already sold in Japan is hard to get because it's just different and inconvenient enough that no one will make the effort.

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