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Posted in: Bauer picks up 4-1 victory in debut with Yokohama See in context

The Dodgers are paying him $25M this season. The caveat was that he wouldn't have been paid if he joined another team in MLB. Playing in Japan was a way to showcase his skills while getting paid by both teams. What a genius move on his part.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro adds platform display showing where least crowded parts of the next train will be See in context

Comments are hilarious. In my country, they can't even stop the subway in the same place. There was one time where my rearmost subway car was still in the tunnel when the subway stopped to let out the passengers. None of us were able to get off!

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

What's next? Car dealerships making their sales staff buy cars if they can't sell them? Even though they don't have a drivers license?

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Posted in: Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year? See in context

Bought a stock called Gamestop right about now...

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Posted in: Hashimoto takes gold in gymnastics See in context

A 3/10 deduction for failing to salute the judges!!! Glad it didn't make a difference in the end because I'm sure that would've been a lifetime full of regret and frustration.

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Posted in: Japan bio venture to sell jacket made with synthetic protein textile See in context

150,000 yen doesn't seem too bad of a deal for a one of a kind jacket. In fact, it's actually cheaper than a mass produced parka from Canada goose.

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Posted in: S Korean jets fire 360 rounds of warning shots at Russian warplane See in context

Time to boycott Russian Vodka in addition to the Japanese beer.

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Posted in: Group creates 'barrier-free' news, manga for the mentally disabled See in context

In case anyone's interested, here's their website :


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Posted in: Baseball star Ohtani encourages ailing boy Shohei See in context

Ohtani is only earning the league minimum for the next 2 years which is 1/10th the league average of 4.5 million. And who's to say that he didn't make a private contribution during his visit?

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Posted in: Falling in love with Japan again on Toyama’s cycle routes See in context

Great article. Will definitely put it on my bucket list.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber, ex-neighbor settle long-running egging suit See in context

He can egg my house to his hearts content for $80,000!

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Posted in: Water stored at Fukushima nuclear plant still radioactive See in context

iodine has very short half life about 8-10 days. Why are they finding it after 7.5 years? Sounds fishy

It depends on the isotope. Iodine-129 has a half life of 15.7 million years.

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Posted in: Japan launches rocket carrying cargo vessel for space station See in context

Good day for JAXA. Successful deployment of the Hayabusa2 Rovers as well as the successful launch of the H-2B.

The H-2B payload includes the proof of concept experiment for the space elevator. Can't wait to see those results.

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Posted in: Angels' Ohtani thinks he can pitch again this season See in context

What an incredible athlete! Throws 50 pitches in a simulated game and then hits his 15th home run that evening as a DH.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor referred to prosecutors for alleged drug smuggling See in context

What exactly is a suspicious package? One which says across the top, "Under no circumstances is this package to be opened and inspected?".

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Posted in: Ichiro released by Mariners; moving to front office See in context

Sad to see Ichiro go but at least he ended his career in Seattle with a bat in his hand. As opposed to fading away as a non-signed free agent.

As for him not officially retiring, wouldn't it be awesome if the Mariners signed him to a one day contract so he could officially retire during their home opener in Japan?

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Posted in: Ohtani gets blister; lasts only 2 innings as Red Sox beat Angels 10-1 See in context

It was pretty obvious that he didn't have his stuff today. He was overthrowing his fastball from pitch number 1 and his splitter was hitting the ground way earlier than it should.

Throw in the hottest team in the AL and they'll take advantage of every mistake you give them.

It'll be interesting to see how he rebounds from this outing.

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Posted in: Tanaka, Yankees top Blue Jays 4-2 See in context

Nice win by Tanaka. A huge difference from his season opener last year. A clobbering which probably caused him to doubt himself for most of the season.

It'll be interesting to see Ohtani pitch on Sunday after the dismal spring he had. At least he'll be pitching against the A's.

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Posted in: Japan to help developing nations enforce North Korea trade sanctions See in context

That operator is praying that Kim doesn't notice the Solitaire on his taskbar.

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Posted in: Russia says Tokyo's deployment of U.S. missiles a blow to relations See in context

It's quite simple. Ask Russia how many North Korean missiles happened to fly over their country.

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Posted in: Otani rules out Yankees, Red Sox; prefers West Coast See in context

I'd love to see him join the Mariners.

Their GM, Dipoto has been going all out. He's made a trade to increase their international signing bonus, he's suggested moving Cruz to the outfield a few times a week and he's even asked current and former players to be available to travel to LA this week to meet him. I hope Ohtani notices and appreciates this.

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Posted in: MLB players extend deadline as Otani eyes majors See in context

If you think the author is glorifying Otani, you should see the articles written about him by the papers in Toronto, New York, Seattle, etc. They're putting him on a pedestal so high that he's almost destined to disapoint.

Thankfully, MLB scouts have come a long way since the days of Matsuzaka and Igawa. They've reported that his pitching is currently at a 3rd starter level and that his hitting is around .260 with 20-25 home runs. But at the age of 22, he's got some serious potential.

Hoping for an agreement to be made over the next 24 hours!

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Posted in: WWII veteran, 93, brings back flag taken from enemy soldier See in context

What a great article. We need to hear more stories like this.

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Posted in: Japan scouring for maps with 'East Sea' to seek name change See in context

This is hilarious. North Korea is test firing missiles into this body of water and it's neighbors are arguing with each other on how to name it.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan request U.N. meeting on N Korean ballistic missile launches See in context

I guessing they are raising the alert level from "Deeply concerned" to "Gravely concerned".

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Posted in: Pep rally See in context

After a display like that, they'll probably want to become oyster farmers.

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Posted in: Sagawa employee caught on YouTube throwing, kicking parcels See in context

All that and they are considering punishment? I'd like to see what it takes to get fired.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau Day See in context

"People play follow the leader, if someone, many times even slightly famous, plays up a product, the news spreads like wildfire, and EVERYONE has to have it or try it."

So in a strange sense, they are bathing in wine but drinking the Kool Aid. ;-)

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing woman See in context

Actually, his exact words were, "You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. I just kiss. I don’t even wait."

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Posted in: Nearly Y5.5 mil stolen from supermarket in Chiba See in context

I'm sorry but if I'm being paid 800 yen an hour to close up shop, it leaves me with very little wiggle room to become a hero.

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