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Katsukyun comments

Posted in: Japan auto industry body welcomes Apple's possible entry: Toyoda See in context

@bo: According to Visual Capitalist, Japan is the 12th greenest country in the world. Unlike Apple, Japan does not force people to work in concentration camps.

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Posted in: U.N. congress on crime prevention opens in Kyoto See in context

@letsberealistic: But World War II is long over, and modern Japanese have nothing to do with it. And the West is destroying the world now.

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Posted in: AI translation company Rozetta bars staff from speaking a foreign language at work See in context

A world without language barriers will be beautiful. Are you so pained by the end of the domination of Western civilization, which in the world was significantly only for a short period? Not everyone in the world was born in Europe, and this is a factor that makes learning English a lot easier

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Posted in: U.N. congress on crime prevention opens in Kyoto See in context

Japan is a good place. Japan is a leader in crime prevention. According to research, Japan has the lowest recidivism rate. The crime rate is also one of the lowest in the world. Other countries should follow the example of Japan. In Germany, for example, the Japanese commit the fewest sexual crimes out of 100,000 citizens of their origin.

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Posted in: Johnson urges Britons to lose weight See in context

By normal standards, 90% of Britons are overweight

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Posted in: Japan job availability up, unemployment down in January See in context

People who deny these numbers are no different from stupid American creationists

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Posted in: Coronavirus-linked bankruptcies hit monthly record in February See in context

I am most concerned about the failures of fashion brands. Japan and other Asian countries produce the most fashionable clothes. Currently, it is not profitable to buy clothes from Western brands that are boring and not very original

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Posted in: Australia administers first COVID-19 vaccines despite anti-vaxxer demonstrations See in context

Wearing clothes with the flag of your own country is cringe and pseudo-patriotism. People from Anglo-Saxon countries are strange.

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Posted in: Mori Building, Aman Resorts conclude partnership for major development in heart of Tokyo See in context

It's great that Tokyo is growing. It already has many advantages, such as the best quality restaurants in the world

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

The reality is that the US will lose its war of influence with China in advance if Japan (btw, 3rd largest economy) reverses. The United States today is a fallen bandit country.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree on cost of hosting American forces in FY2021 See in context

Japan gives jobs to millions of Americans. Japan might as well give this job to Mexicans. America gives Japan nothing but raping young girls and polluting Okinawa's environment

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Posted in: Japan's green growth plan propels firms to sharpen environment focus See in context

In South Osaka yesterday, I noticed the hazy air due to the mild temperatures and lack of wind.

Pollution as per usual, just more visible than usual

> Carbon dioxide does not cause smog. Japan has good quality air.


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Posted in: Japan, U.S. broadly agree on Tokyo's costs to host U.S. troops See in context

Japan should create an Asian union with China and abandon the United States. This age belongs to China.

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Posted in: Renesas to buy Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor for $5.9 bil See in context

It's good to hear that Japanese companies are doing well in global markets

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Posted in: Fujitsu named to Fortune magazine's 2021 list of 'World's Most Admired Companies' for 3rd year running See in context

@jefflee: but why? this is the second best result after USA. Anyway, the number of large corporations counts, and per capita Japan has more of them than the USA, China, UK, Germany and South Korea (fortune global 500, Forbes global 2000)

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Posted in: Fujitsu named to Fortune magazine's 2021 list of 'World's Most Admired Companies' for 3rd year running See in context


I don't know if you know, but in many countries Japanese companies are the best employers, for example in Eastern Europe, where American and European companies offer poor working conditions. People flock to Japanese companies when they have such an opportunity. Believe me, nobody wants to work on German machines that need to be repaired at least once a day. Mobbing also occurs frequently in companies from Europe

Nobody here admires companies from countries other than Germany. The rest of Western Europe produces very low quality goods and no one who is aware of it buys it. Japanese companies usually enjoy a good reputation

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Posted in: Japan proposes tentative 1-year deal on cost-sharing for U.S. troops See in context

The United States should be condemned worldwide for causing wars around the world and systemic racism. Japan is the country that choose peace.

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Posted in: Panasonic to end production of photovoltaic products by 2022 See in context

Panasonic or Mitsubishi has been doing this to look big as a way of luring naive foreign investors. In truth, many Keiretsu groups aren't really that big anymore. I bet the Panasonic factory in Malaysia is definitely a Chinese one for sure.

If these companies are owned by Mitsubishi then Mitsubishi does control them, you are wrong

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Posted in: Nintendo profits soar as people play games during pandemic See in context

We better take with a grain of salt the doomsday claim that the whole Japanese economy would be dead unless "contact businesses" are saved (with GoTo, namely). There always arise someone or groups who are adaptive well to and successful in the emerging realty. The crisis in Japanese means both danger and opportunity.

Glad to hear Nintendo is doing well, but I'm still waiting for a resurgent Japan which will lift the entire country as a whole. One individual company doing good won't move our economy which has been stuck around 5 Trillion for the past 30 years of stagnation

Japanese companies are doing very well in the world. All profits are not simply transferred to Japan. 53 of the top 500 companies in the world are from Japan.

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Posted in: Man to be extradited to Japan for aiding Ghosn's escape accuses U.S. of 'betrayal' See in context

I don't know why it is believed among you that there is no presumption of innocence in Japan. I come from Europe and it doesn't work here in a few countries (Spain, Poland). Additionally, human rights were openly violated in France (yellow vest protests). You have a false belief about the West

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