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Posted in: Indian police to hold Japanese gang rape ID line-up See in context

Mr.Timothy Bedwell & Kekahuna, both of you were right in your logic. But you can only know the real scenario from an Indian who has got the guts to speak the truth. Most of the Indian desperately jump into a desperate fight to save the image of their countries. Actually we Indians suffer from classical 3rd world syndrome, we scarcely have got the courage to accept the fact, or fight the inner vices we cherish from our youth. If I say that crimes exist in every country, that will be a criminal's logic; we who hail from the 3rd world countries desperately put our endeavour in escaping by showing the crimes happened (even if it's rare) in other countries, it is the sign of a weak soul and cowardice. Yes rapes even our countries don't take place every second but being born & brought up here in this country, I watched fellow men closely and I don't feel weak to accept the fact many a men take women as the object of lust, many of them rape them by their eyes and truly when I see such two-legged pests, I feel like breaking their bones. You can at ease find such garbages infesting the Indian subcontinent, many a people attend schools, colleges, Universities and many of them receive modern professional degrees but hardly one receives genuine education which involves maturity, manners, modesty, & self-restraint. Just learning English never makes one a human being. If one teaches English to a monkey, the monkey might start conversing in the same but never it will become a human. It takes a huge courage to accept one's fault, and to fight one's innate vices. Borrowing modern technological advancements, a land never turns into a modern nations, it can only pose as one. This is the naked truth about countries like this. The Japanese people have never seen human garbages in their countries and they easily believe in people, they believe in equality in human beings, so they trust anybody blindly, but we take advantage of the naivety of the Japanese people, especially women and cheat them shamelessly. Being an Indian man, I feel terribly ashamed and feel like dispatching such two-legged parasites. I support Kekahuna; the foreigners should mercilessly avoid such countries and if they want to have the taste of India, visit an Indian restaurant, learn Yoga in their countries. They should not trust a single 3rd world entity. These words might ails some criminally inclined 3rd world souls because they are cowards' certainly there are some good-hearted genuinely kind souls in our country too but the truth is that a country is never made with exceptions.

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