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Kavabata comments

Posted in: OPEC extends oil output cuts after Moscow-Riyadh pact See in context


Price is pulling back to the 55 zone which was broken not much ago. 

We think thank buyers will step in from this zone and push the price higher 

There is a 2618 setup completing at the same area which shows us that we have an statistical edge for this trade. 


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Posted in: Uber's market debut sours most anticipated IPO since Facebook See in context

We will not be tempted to bottom feed on this, given the capitulation in LYFT post IPO . It does bring to the fore that a company losing money is not that appealing to investors after all.


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Posted in: Bitcoin crashes to lowest this year; losses top 25% in a week See in context

Maybe it might be a bubble, but anyways it wont disappear anymore. I think it will fall untill 3K. Than it'll go up. Of course not at the speed it did the previous time. But by the 2022 will reach at least 50K. IMHO

https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/BTCUSD/ take a look at the chart. 3K i guess will be the bottom.

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Posted in: Amazon is 2nd U.S. company to reach $1 trillion market value See in context


AMAZON in good uptrend guys, 

analysis in the chart 

Using Fibo extend and Fibo Retract to find the supports zone and target in middle term 

Good luck and thanks for reading!


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Posted in: Trump’s Iran decision gives gift to Putin See in context

Technicals perfectly matching on this charts. Momentum slowing down as you can see on the RSI . On the lower timeframe (daily and below) we recently saw the impulsive oil drop that does not look like it's going to stop really soon. 


Price may go up towards the 75 level and build up some decent resistance right there before it drops down. The trendline from June 2017 is quite strong and if that significantly breaks, oil  prices are likely to fall down further towards the 60 level. Maybe the weekly COI  ( Crude oil  inventories) can push this to this area. 

A significant move above 75 will make this setup invalid. 

A break of the trendline or break of the lows means we can start to expect bearish movement and a drop off towards 60


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Posted in: BOJ Gov Kuroda says major central banks cautious of issuing digital currencies See in context

Digital currenies would never replace real money cash.

look at the bitcoin chart for example it continues to fall. Dont think someone would risk their cash to buy strange currency that price has such a volatility.


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Posted in: Japan's cryptocurrency exchanges face shortage of engineers See in context

Maybe thats the reason why bitcoin flew up so quickly today? I a, watching chart https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/BTCUSD/ and think untill bitcoin will be under 7700 it wouldnt grow further. More I think tomorrow it will fall hard... What do you think?

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Posted in: Can Facebook restore public trust after privacy scandal? See in context

At least stocks i think will rotate to long again рrobably

If there's anything i am uncertain about regarding this trade is the news surrounding Facebook  at the moment...its not good !! However this trade is on a futures contract and so i will be monitoring it over the next couple of Months.


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Posted in: Breaking up with Facebook? It's harder than it looks See in context

I'm not usually a big fan of looking for shorts in well managed and hot market companies, but Facebook is starting to look bearish in the short to mid term trading. 


Don't get me wrong, I like Facebook  for it's fundamental social integration into our economy. 

As long as this continued to trade below the 200MA and below the 170 price level, I'd like to stay away from short term trading positions on the long side (Though I'm sure we will see a lot of buyers trying to pick a bottom because Facebook  is one of top 10 biggest companies in the world). Until then, I think there will be some great trading opportunities with Facebook as volatility is slow increasing in both broader markets and FB itself.

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Posted in: Rookie crypto investors look past risks; flock to London show See in context

How do you think could Bitcoin fall now to 3-4K due to Google decision to ban all cryрto and ICO? I see many ideas of traders that think BITCOIN is gona sink... What do you think?


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Posted in: Facebook moves ahead on music with last major label deal See in context

On Friday's CNBC's Options Action, the crew analyzed the performance of Facebook  stock. Facebook  ( FB ) has been one of the hottest stocks in 2017, part of the FANG group but has started to underperform it's peers over the past few months. Compared to Tech, Consumer Discretionary and even the S&P 500 FB  has severely underperformed all, which is a bearish sign. Coupled with a break below a bullish channel , points to possible weakness going forward. Expecting FBto have topped, Michael Khouw suggests selling an April 185/196 Call Vertical for a $3.80 Credit. 


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Posted in: Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling See in context

OMG that Amazon! Amazon is unsustainably growing. Never have seen anything like that growth!

It's been a series of steady growth triangles until recently. Now it's growth is much sharper and a correction is coming. Indicators show its overbought at the moment. There is also a bearish divergence between its recent upward trend yet the downward trend of volume . Recently, this surge of sharp growth appears to be in a Rising Wedge pattern which is typically bearish . 


Much like the Amazon bubble of ~2000 when people overbought on hype on Amazon revolutionizing stores. Now it seems like people are overbuying due to hype of Amazon's new ideas and products in the modern economy. Day/week traders may find avenues to short it. But mid to long term holders are cautioned to wait.

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Posted in: Blockchain influencer Oliver Isaacs and Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, convey how blockchain will change world See in context

https://medium.com/@tradingview.com/charting-for-kids-2a287c1058b1 The easiest way is to buy and sell not to mine...IMHO

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Posted in: New virtual currency Otaku Coin easy to earn; changes the way fans influence anime See in context


Ive made a little reserch. REally It could rise. Ive made a technical analysis on it.

Ill try to buy it. This is cahrt: https://www.tradingview.com/i/cZqlOD1R/

We are about to broke the ascend triangule. Having saw the previous fractals, two conclusions: 

Time to perform a big fractal and continue with long term wave 2. 

Risk ratio huge :)

https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/MONABTC/ found some рeoрle who is already following this coin. Very ineresting buy it could be...

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Posted in: Twitter hits a milestone with first-ever profit See in context

Even the stocks went uр. Рubblished this idea a few weeks ago.

"Look at Twitter. Can it recover to previous highs ? 

Market wants social media stocks, Snapchat 's IPO made quite of a buzz. Twitter also managed to pull a surprise themselves with some excellent earnings previous years. With analysis ratings as high as 32, we might be very well on the way of recovery."


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