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Posted in: Kavanaugh on track for U.S. Supreme Court See in context

Excellent. He will make a fine judge.

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Posted in: What do you think of the #metoo movement one year on? See in context

It's gotten stupid. I hope it dies a quick death.

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Posted in: A referendum would be a very effective way to gauge the will of people in Okinawa. See in context

Referendum certainly worked well in Brexit...

Certainly did. Can't wait to leave the EU.

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Posted in: A referendum would be a very effective way to gauge the will of people in Okinawa. See in context

The people of Okinawa need to stop moaning and be thankful that the US is here to protect them. You think the Japanese SDF would last a day against any foreign aggressors?!

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Posted in: Record 385 foreigners in Japan stripped of resident status in 2017 See in context


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Posted in: Record-high 70% of women held jobs in August amid labor shortage See in context

Yeah, none of them earning over ¥180,000 per month.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Notice the empty flight deck as the UK's navy has become so pathetic!

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Posted in: Volunteer recruitment begins for 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

These volunteers are mugs. Why do something for free just so somebody much richer than you doesn't have to pay you?!

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Posted in: When you were younger, did you enjoy visits to zoos, aquariums and circuses? Or as an adult, have you even taken your children to such places? See in context

In Japan, I refuse to pay money to "zoos". They have no idea what they are doing in terms of animal welfare and stress-free habitat creation (bears, lions etc in concrete pits etc). Horrible.

In the US and Europe, sure, I love to visit zoos.

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Posted in: Foreign caregiving trainees to get financial aid to study Japanese See in context

I failed N4 twice. 

This must be a typo, surely?

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Posted in: Japan inflation edges up but way below target in August See in context

I don't want higher prices, thank you very much, so I am happy to read this.

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Posted in: World Rugby advises teams to cover up tattoos at 2019 World Cup in Japan See in context

Come on, we all know how welcoming the yakuza are to non-Japanese. These players are clearly here to do some business deals with the yaks. The rugby is just a side-show.

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Posted in: France's Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS tweets See in context

Not surprising. Those who are not afraid of speaking out these days on issues like immigration are usually silenced in one way or another from the lefties.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Glad that the attacker got shot. I wish the Japanese police would take out more bad guys with their guns.

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Posted in: UK's Hunt says Britain can flourish even without Brexit deal See in context

And he's right.

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Posted in: SpaceX says billionaire Maezawa to be 1st passenger on rocket trip around moon See in context

Must be cool to be born to rich parents.

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in foreign nursing care students amid labor shortage See in context

By bringing in more and more people like this and not increasing wages.... Japan will eventually be reduced to the 3rd world country all the foreigners are coming from. 

Spot on. Same as the recent trend in hiring ALT "teachers" from Third-World countries to teach here in Japan.

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Posted in: Author Murakami withdraws from consideration for alternative Nobel award See in context

He isn't a very good writer at all.

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Posted in: Kisenosato upset again on Day 8 See in context

He's no good.

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Posted in: Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown See in context

These people need to get a grip, seriously.

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Posted in: Whenever you say or hear someone say "the good old days," do you think the "old days" really were good in some sense or is it false nostalgia for a past that never really existed and that we are remembering pleasant experiences and filtering out bad ones? See in context

I miss the days when you could say what you thought about something without people bleating, crying and having a nervous breakdown....

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Posted in: Japan criticized over dolphin show at World Cup sailing competition ceremony See in context

Japanese have no idea when it comes to zoos and aquariums.

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Posted in: Over 50% of people in Japan have considered living with or close to their parents, nearly double the share of parents who have had similar thoughts. See in context

You couldn't pay me enough money to make me want to live near my parents. I love them to bits, but they would drive me insane within a fortnight.

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Posted in: 2 dead, many injured as typhoon hits western Japan, shuts down Kansai airport See in context

Only a Category 2 now. Big fuss about nothing.

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Posted in: Conan O’Brien announces trip to Tottori Prefecture’s Conan Town See in context

I wonder if Jordan Schlansky will accompany him?

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Posted in: Basketballers who spent night with prostitutes get 1-year suspensions See in context

Meanwhile, this weekend, hundreds of thousands of Japanese men will be using Japanese prostitutes!

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Posted in: Liberal Democrat and Trump-backed Republican to face off for Florida governor See in context

Rather be anything than Democrat.

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