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It is fascinating what sells in this country....face whitening lotions, pink nipple creams, bra's with three-way padding, detox tea, detox bath salts.... quick, non evasive OTC products in high demand, however the big facial moles and crooked and/or protruding teeth all are left untouched. Weird.

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Posted in: U.S. sending robots to Japan to help with nuclear plant See in context

Japanese robots are only capable of serving tea and bowing.

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Posted in: Toba Aquarium holds entrance ceremony underwater See in context

Very tacky after at this point in time....

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Posted in: Osaka cop caught red-handed stealing women's clothing See in context

OK, now I know what to say when I get a parking ticket. "But officer, I have never illegally parked here before in my life!"

Perhaps they should implement the "Don't ask, don't tell & don't get caught!!!" policy for cops and jiedai here.

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5 is way to veiny but he does have a nice 6-pack. Not a face to drool over though. 7 has some nice abs but that look of constipation just throws it all off.

The guy on the right looks like he may have a sense of humor as well as some nice thigh muscles. I really need them to turn around so I can get a look at their gluteus maximus. Then I can pick a winner. :)

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Posted in: Panty-thieving cop caught in the act See in context

They probably only caught him because he stopped to put them on! ROFL

I wonder if there are any boxer-theiving policewomen!?

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Posted in: Suzuki, Nissan, Daihatsu announce recalls in Japan See in context

Perhaps it has something to do with the name of those models....LOL. --- Every and Scrum--- seems like besides fixing the flaw in the air conditioning part, they need to recall the names too!

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Posted in: Home Cooking with Japan's First Lady See in context

'short stack'....that was a good one USNinJapan2!!

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

I wonder how many ojiisans and taxi drivers are going to be caught on camera, relieving themselves outdoors. Gag.

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Posted in: Hungry gang members eat 351 lunches and run See in context

Perhaps the bento manager should fix them one last bento.........with lots of dumplings from China!! Waaa ha ha ha ha!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dialing 119 on 157 occasions See in context

Sounds like she needs to be on meds or locked up!

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Posted in: Would-be store robber gets yelled at by employee; calls police himself See in context

Sure doesn't seem like she learned a thing from that seminar. I don't see how yelling can be considered "calm demeanor".

Perhaps she knew the punk from the neighborhood and was just used to yelling at him.

BTW, why was her age listed and not his?

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Posted in: It's a dog's life for Richard Gere See in context

Awe man! I should have grabbed my camera and headed his way. I so would've laughed at his jokes and then thrown some back at him. I miss humor in this country.

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Posted in: Pepsi inks deal to produce, sell snacks in Japan See in context

I wish they would bring in Reese's peanut butter cups!!

The Shiso Pepsi takes exactly like Shiso juice. Totally weird. No pepsi flavor at all. Coke also has a new GREEN TEA flavor. After the shiso taste test, think I will pass on that one.

It would be nice if they could get some NON chocolate, NON sugar coated breakfast cereal here!

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Posted in: Y20 million stolen from pachinko parlor in Saitama See in context

More than likely it was a Yak who robbed the joint!! They are easy hits w/ loads of cash. The police won't lift a finger either as they just turn the other cheek when it comes to P.Parlors. Too many Yaks involved.

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Posted in: Four injured after 10 men brawl in Saitama family restaurant See in context

Hope they wash the knives at that Gusto!

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Posted in: Two members of train groping gang grabbed on Saikyo line in Saitama See in context

Use those high heels ladies!

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for flashing high school girl in Tokyo See in context

What is it with this country?!! I have seen more than my fair share!! Gag! "Here a chin, there a chin, everywhere a chisai chin...."

I just point and laugh!

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off 5-year-old son’s toe in Okayama See in context

That is just sick. Sick and sad that the first son died at the hands of his father (most likely) and the second son is clearly being abused when he allowed to visit his parents home. The poor kids.

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Posted in: Two elderly men arrested for robbing supermarket in Sapporo See in context

was that number #5 on their bucket list? wonder if the completed the other four.....

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Posted in: Man drives car into four people outside snack bar in Hyogo See in context

Hit the nail on the head w/ that one, Budda!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing husband in Shizuoka See in context

Seems she took her wedding vows to the extreme...well, she has definitely parted from him now. Maybe in her fruity mind divorce was not an option.

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Posted in: What does Japan need to do in order to attract more tourists? See in context

Clean up the public toilets. puke

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Posted in: Man arrested after shooting himself with home-made gun in Ibaraki See in context

Wonder if he will try that again!

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Posted in: Mother of murdered girl in Chiba says 'sorry to Yuki' See in context

Truly heartbreaking. This mom will have to live with this forever. I still don't understand how parents in Japan can just let their little kids roam the streets or parks unattended---or leave them in parked cars while they shop!! From my point of view this thinking is insane. For Japanese, it is normal. Why?? Why can they not open their eyes and notice the danger that is all around??

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Posted in: Kagoshima police committee to prevent scandals after cop busted for sex in patrol car See in context

“The October 16 case was partly because of indifference and a hands-off attitude among officers,” said a police official.

Hmmm....sounds "hands-on" to me.

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Posted in: Two men wearing Spider-Man masks assault pedestrians in Osaka See in context

Only the masks eh?.... Why not do the full body spidey suit? Not packing enuff ammo eh?

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Posted in: Pachinko academy draws in students See in context

Awe...but you are all forgetting the parlor's posh "powder rooms". They are the best toilets you will find in Japan. Floor to ceiling marble and top of the line bidets!! Folks, forget those eki crappers, go Pachinko!

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Posted in: Convenience store thief strikes again in Yokohama See in context

Caveman you crack me up!!...."fishing Telletubbies outta the moat".... Tis so true about the conbini's being a dime a dozen. Kinda like McD's here. Let's supersize Japan.

Yep, Jpns off-duty cops are not allowed to moonlight. No big bucks for them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

I wonder what is going to happen to the baby? Will her parents raise it? Will it be handed over to the prefecture? Poor baby....I just don't understand how you could do that to your own baby, regardless of whether or not you know who his dad is....Sheeze!

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