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Oh really. Well, the French government stopped counting the "zone urbaine special" a few years ago, when their number had reached an embarrassing 700 or so, so I guess that is one way to claim they "don't exist".

Do you really think that you are teaching me something? I'm from those "Zone Urbaines" and I'm still living there. We know that they exist, nobody denies it, but they just point out the fact that poverty is higher and that education, security is a priority there.

But calling them "no go zones" is an obvious lie, you can even take the worst area in Paris and its suburb as an example it won't change anything. No one will call that "no go zone" here, and it will never be. Also Fox News map is so wrong that the Ritz hotel, which is the one of the costliest is located in those "zones".

Do you realize that even the "specialist" interviewed by Fox News apologized for this lie, and that everybody is make fun of this news here?

How can you make a news about France without interviewing someone who knows his subject ?

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I think the tolerance of accepting Islamic beliefs as immigrants is not the right position. Paris has "no go zones" to appease the immigrants. Big mistake! When in Rome do as the Romans as they say.

Seriously, stop watching Fox News, it's better for you and your general knowledge. I live in Paris and those "no go zones" don't exist, not in Paris or anywhere in France.

Modern world needs photo ID. Woman must have their vials removed for photos. If you don't like it emigrate to Saudi Arabia.

We already have Identity Card and vials are not allowed on the photo.

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I'm french and my parents arrived in France in the late 70's and now married to a japanese wife, I can say that I'm pretty much in connection with all the subjects in this article. Mr LePen is quite famous in our country for his xenophobia, antisemitism, and the way he like to simplify subjects for his audience. It's true that France has difficulty to deal with immigration but the solutions and causes provided by LePen are WRONG (and by the way this line "... out of France’s total population of 65 million, 15 to 20 million are Muslim immigrants or their descendants" statistics is an obvious huge lie). The problem is the gap between the rich and the poor, Paris and its suburbs while we promised to the first migrants that those suburbs would be a temporary situation before they can enjoy a good life in Paris, the reality was totally different now their children born in France are having more problems than their parents who immigrated to be assimilated as french and to live in France. The gap increased to the point of rupture. I'm also living in those suburbs so I can witness all of that, but I managed to get out of there thanks to my education and my job. I was lucky but it's not everyone's case. For the future of Japan I can't tell really tell, since japan's culture and especially the relation with the foreign world is really different from Western's. Anyway LePen's interpretation of french society is quite old and smells the nostalgia of colonization.

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