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well living in the UK i have many muslim friends and none of them have tried to kill me, convert me or scold me for my liberalism.

those same friends (males and FEMALES) studying to become teachers, lawyers, doctors, whose parents are more thankful to have moved to the "developed West" than those born in it, struggling to do good in their lives, for themselves, their families, their communities and society as a whole - i guess they're all bound to become extremists at some point so i should probably distance myself from them now ey?...

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@JeffLee: my comment was in reference to the fact that people are merging race and religion into one, even worse generalizing extremist religious groups as descriptive of certain peoples as a whole. but thank you for making me clarify.

in my opinion Sharia law is not fair. then again nor is the Jehovah's Witness pledge not to accept blood infusions or the Catholic churches opinion on women, homsexuals or inter-religious marriage (a point you seem to indicate is exclusive to Islam).

personally i'm not a Muslim but any kind of damaging generalization, no matter what group it is pointed at, is enough to rile me. Islam is not of the same elk as the Aum Shinrikyo religious extremist, terrorist group.

islamic terrorists are.

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just to make some clarifications - whilst islamic extremism did exist before the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US presence in the middle east has resulted in more resentment towards the west and extremist groups more easily able to convert people to their hate war.

there are comments here saying that islam in it's nature is oppressive and lends itself to anti-liberal ideas. i won't comment on that but don't forget that's not a point intrinsic to Islam - you can stick that label to a number of religions.

also, whilst the big terrorism stories of the past decade or so tend to have Muslims as their culprits, such a simple connection that islam breeds terrorism cannot be made. the IRA were extremist Christians, as a reminder.

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at last, something Abe is saying that i can wholeheartedly agree with! this came as quite a shock though, there are instances of Abe making sexist comments in the past...

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@proxy; yep i was dead serious - he's one of my favourite authors, hence my username ;)

and for Murakami "skeptics", please don't discredit his work based on the public furor surrounding him. just ignore it all, pick up his book and judge it by its own value and not by the praises of the press.

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gosh i can't wait to read this!! :D

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@TakumiSaito; i completely agree - hopefully under the current government funding for exchange programmes etc. haven't been cut (as in the UK!)

also if anyone has any more information on this story, just to help me understand the budget better, please let me know in the comments - thanks ^^

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£10million was spent on this procedure. The only state funeral for a politician (I hear) after Winston Churchill, a man who was undoubtedly less divisive of the British people. whilst I take no pleasure in her death, this ceremony was wholly unnecessary...

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i think there's still a market for PC's in office environments as well as education institutes and so on. however i think laptops and tablets will replace PC's as ones home computing device...

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about time - hopefully online campaigning will particularly influence the younger members of the population to vote (for once)!

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there is something very special about Murakami's books - i can't quite put my finger on it. it's like there's a constant feeling of, me the reader, being on the verge of making a really deep philosophical realization but never quite getting there. i think that's what's why i'm addicted to him anyway...

if you haven't read one of his books - give it a chance! "Kafka on the Shore" is my favourite ^^

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making an English per-requisite compulsory won't actually make people's standard of English any better because the teaching methods themselves are flawed. it's all on memorization of grammar, reading ability and comprehension. people who've studied English for years are still unable to hold a basic conversation in the language... (which is the most important thing for conducting business)

this policy suggestion is pointless unless they change the actual focus of the curriculum. even so, this is just an extra stress on an already stressed out student body.

and one more thing... i wish Japan would stop ignoring the fact that they "border" China and Korea and not the US. learning Korean or Chinese in schools could be equally, if not more, beneficial for their futures and national development.

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her polices were awful, the changes she made were damaging and her legacy equally unsavoury. having said that, celebrating her death is just ridiculous. you can openly dislike her, even at a time like this, but revelling in it all is rather sickening.

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this is fantastic news! the japanese work ethic has had the unfortunate effect of ruining many family relationships due to the extended absence of the mother/father from each other, their kids and their relatives. i hope other companies adopt a similar policy.

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an endorsement from Abe doesn't really count for much nowadays...

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ooo fantastic! at this rate "inception" shouldn't be too far off :3

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actually i feel that Japan in many ways could be considered a colony of the USA. Japan actively relies on the USA for security and regularly considers the USA in terms of foreign and economic policy.

the USA are pleased to have a hold in East Asian security through their alliance with Japan. furthermore, the government is keen to bend it's policies to one's which would benefit their partner as there is a great deal of profit to be made out of them.

perhaps colony is too strong a word but Japan openly accepts and exploits the control the US has over it. i hope that will change in the future but with Abe in power... i doubt it.

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oh dear. what with the government and power companies already vying for nuclear energy, i hope this doesn't push people into thinking renewable energy sources aren't worth the investment...

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take the games to Tohoku, then we'll see real development and re-vitalization. boosting the economy of the north will hopefully make people see the region as a viable place to live, work and invest.

the majority of the international community have already heard of the likes of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto... highlight somewhere new :)

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really good article... whether or not you approve of nuclear energy as a whole, as Rick said, it makes no sense for the most seismically active place in the world to hold so many power stations.

i understand the economic implications of keeping them closed but nuclear energy is no a viable energy source for Japan's future especially when considering the massive potential of geo-thermal energy. (seeing as Japan is the peak of a giant underwater volcano surely this makes more sense!!)

Abe will push for better nuclear safety and technology but i'm praying the people of Japan will react to safeguard their futures and overlook the immediate economic benefits...

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hopefully these visits will lead to a stable S.Korea-Japan relationship (finally!) together they are stronger ^^

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i still don't understand why the games are being held in Tokyo? (semi-rhetorical question)

it would benefit Japan so much more to stage the Olympics in an area of the country foreigners DON'T know about. somewhere in Tohoku such as Sendai would be a much better choice. the region as a whole would benefit from regeneration and the dispelling of negative associations and the international communities perception of Japan would be broadended beyond Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto.

furthermore, a Tohoku summer is marginally more bearable than that of Tokyo!

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