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Posted in: Nearly 5% of Japanese addicted to gambling – even though it’s still 'illegal' See in context

Imo. the Numbers of addicted Women is underrepresented, in our Area the Women outnumber the Men in the Daytime.

There are easy Ways for the Government to limit the Number of addicted Citizens, even without making "a Game" illegal: just change the Laws for the Numbers of Machines, introduce a Time Limit (like 60min. Game with a periode of Breaktime like 20min.), protect the Workers inside of this Halls and forbid smoking (positive side effect)

But the Japanese Parties are imo. to "shy" to fight the organized Crime!

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Posted in: Babysitter arrested over death of 2-year-old boy See in context

Sometimes Babies and young Kids die, Sudden Infant Death is a well known fact, instead of wishing this Guy to "rot in Hell" we need to wait for the Investigation of this case!

A Mother should never trust her Kids to unknown People, there is always another Way but you (Mother & Father) need to know it.

The right Planning is the key, Preparation is the Salt in our Soup.

I hope the Kid died, without suffering and pain, resurrect in Peace.

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Posted in: Water decontamination system halted at Fukushima plant See in context

ALPS is toooooo sophisticated for the daily Work, it will have failures until the end of this crisis and everyone who "want to know it" knew it already!

TEPCO is just preparing the Public for a massive release of contaminated Water with this News.

PS: i am sure that TEPCO provide no idea what they think to do with all the Sludge of ALPS, that Stuff will be highly, i mean immense highly and concentrated contaminated with all the evil!

Tokyo, 0.095mcSv/h

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