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Kawesa Alan comments

Posted in: Woman robbed of underwear while walking home See in context

All that hentai and paedo porn producing creeps like this.

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Posted in: Rumors swirl after girls mysteriously collapse at Fukuoka school See in context

I just came here for the comments.

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Posted in: Chinese media slam Japan's move to expand military role See in context

Make peace not war. The US is encouraging this arms race. This is the latest frontier of this cold war that has never ended.

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Posted in: Man saved from Nazis by 'Japan's Schindler' returns on journey of homage See in context

I wonder why we don't hear more about stories like this from mainstream media and movies than stories that often open old wounds.

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Posted in: Suarez bite storm as Uruguay sink Italy 1-0; Greece advances; Costa Rica, England draw 0-0 See in context

At times I wonder how Suarez walks around in the sunlight. I thought vampires were allergic to that.

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Posted in: KISS kick off Japan tour See in context

KISS are my favorite band with no talent.

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

hilarious, now i'm getting ideas. My neighbour has a generator during power cuts.

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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

2am is too early, atleast they could have waited for people to finish up.

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