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Posted in: Japan's death specialists exhibit skills at expo See in context

I believe Nokanshi is more for survived family members and close friends ... Can you say the same(waste of money etc... ) when you are preparing for your family member's funeral???

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Posted in: Mothers react to being called by their first names after years of just being 'Mama' See in context

My Japanese father calls my Japanese mother by her name to this day and they are in their seventies and sixties. I guess it is different for everyone....

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Posted in: New Gender Equality Minister See in context

Gender equality??? yeah right.....

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Posted in: Akashi becomes first city to stop recording 'legitimacy' of births See in context

Great move!!! I hope this would be the first of many.

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Posted in: Charlie Hunnam, Dakota Johnson named for '50 Shades' film See in context

Was a good book to read while on train to kill time, but I don't think I will be at movie theater for this one.

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Posted in: M6.5 quake hits eastern Japan; no tsunami risk See in context

Didn't feel a thing here in Shibuya.....

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid chief vows 'safe' Games after Boston blasts See in context


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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

I have to wonder what kind of Japanese person some of you have been talking to. I think people I know usually know about all the stuff you have been mentioning here.

I must admit that we(I mean "I") could get diffensive when people keep saying your country did this and that, and it gets tiring real quick all you hear is Japan is this bad country. I know it is not right to point a finger and say "your country did the same thing too" when your country did some really awful things, but I get frustrated. I usually keep it to myself, because I know our grandparents generation did some really horrible things(tust me, my parents even took me to an island where Japan made posison gas. hope all of you know what I am talking about. yeah, all the experiments with human. yes, I know!) and we are really sorry for those things. We are not letting that happen again.

But no country's got clean hands. Also, I feel real defensive when people talk about Japan like it is the only country with all these attrocities. Japan should do this and that. And now, we have to be told what shoud be taught in school. (like learning could only happen in school.) I must wonder how much people learn about their own horrible history in a way victims can be satisfied. There is no chance of that I am pretty sure. Japan is no different from any other country.

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