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Posted in: Japan's business leaders praise EU trade pact but farmers worried See in context

If they are worried then ey need to get their ship in order. Several times in the last few years there has been a butter, cheese or milk shortage for some reason or another.

If the EU can prodice a decent prodict for a cheaper price, the Japanese will need to modernize and get competitive. Instead of waiting in the dark they might spend their time figuring out what the farms in EU are doing so they can be ready to adopt or adjust their production.

For those worried about Japan becoming too dependent on foreign sources of food, reminder that Japanese import roughly 61% of their food. It is admirable to try and reduce that, but frankly with only something like 3 million farmers in all of Japan, with an average age of 65...consider me skeptical.

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Posted in: Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a redesign? See in context

I don't see the issue. American coins are all kinds of confusing too, but there seems to be no problem once you spend the 30 seconds to familiarize yourself with them. (Coins being labeled "one cent", "five cents", "one dime", "quarter dollar" in addition to varied thicknesses and sizes)

Worst case it would a simple thing to make the 5 kanji into an actual 5 numeral on future coins, no?

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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context


As a teacher, the problem is both in the management and the parents' expectations. I could spend 1/3 of my class time talking to the kids about their week, asking this and that about what video game they're playing or what band they're into, but if the management thinks its a waste of time..well, they pay my bills.

Similarly, the parents have these ridiculous goals along the lines of "I want my kid to pass Eiken Pre-2 in a year", yet only allow for 1 hour a month and no home support. It's like expecting to have a sexy body by only hitting the gym once a week or so.

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Posted in: Petition to boycott Netflix adaptation of 'Death Note' reaches Japan See in context

Don't really see what the deal is, as long as they make it their own. No problem with having the same plot or even characters.

..didn't see this reaction over the Magnificent 7 (aka 7 Samurai remake)

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers begin collecting discarded electronic devices to make medals See in context

I know this may not be well received, but have they considered utilizing the metal from machines or otherwise destroyed things from Fukushima? I'm not sure how politically correct or hazardous such materials would be, but I imagine they could make a medal from some of it?

Just thinking of a way to A) keep Fukushima in our heart and B) provide work for the people there.

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Posted in: Company offers fake friends photo service to help customers look popular on social media See in context

With the intense pressure in this country, I can imagine this being quite popular.

Just imagine being a new graduate moving to Tokyo...you've had the same friends since elementary school and now you've been thrust into a place where you have no connections and quite possibly don't really know how to make new friends easily.

...you're too busy with a new job and before you know it your birthday comes around. Couple that with hounding from home about how you're doing and whether or not you are dating and the pressure can be real to show some pictures just to get people to shut up.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor mural canceled over concerns about headline See in context

@Gaijin Playa: I'd generally agree, but consider other racist slurs from history and whether they are appropriate or not. A mural depicting historical but currently inappropriate brand names comes to mind. (See Darkie Toothpaste, sold in Asia)

...or a headline using the word Pigs for police, or cracker for whites.

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Posted in: James Cameron says 'Avatar' sequel not coming in 2018 See in context

@Katsu: lol :) yeah... my point was for being revolutionary and original, I had some serious de ja vu.

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Posted in: James Cameron says 'Avatar' sequel not coming in 2018 See in context

@Nima: I see what you mean.

I saw it, enjoyed it and wouldn't mind watching it again at some point, but it was a pretty generic story; Basically Dances with Wolves or Disney's Pocahontas...in space.

I wager it was more the technical work that made it big (Mocap, 3D, Bluescreen effects, etc). I like movies, but I'm not really in the know of how technically difficult Avatar was to make, so I can't really appreciate it to be honest.

...probably the same could be said about the new Mad Max- it got all the praise in the world, but for me it was just another pretty good action flick.

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Posted in: If a job applicant is not sure how to dress for an interview, what should he or she do? See in context

Research. Part of a successful job interview should very much include prep work looking into the company you're trying to get into. Googling the company should give enough info- in most cases this will just be a suit, but it might be a laid back company, or a place where a certain look can be the difference between a hire and a pass (hair, makeup, jewelry, etc).

My philosophy is that one shouldn't just expect people to tell you what to do.

Getting a job is a good time to "learn to adult" :)

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Posted in: Trump, hitting back, accuses Schumer of Putin ties See in context


Not sure you see what Nemui is trying to say.

Basically, the accusation is that Sessions met with Russians and was untruthful under oath. Trump's response is that Schumer met Putin (in public, in what was basically a photo op).

The logic is "Bob did the bad thing, but it's not so bad because Jack did it too", which is a ridiculous agruement.

Nemui is trying to say, in a legal sense, this won't hold water. Eg. A man claiming "Well, I raped Sally, but it's not so bad because Bob did it too" would be ludicrous.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

I seriously doubt buying chocolates or not is going to ruin your social life or chances at getting a date.

..that said, the dating game is pay to play. You can't expect to impress or win over a girl with words alone. Gotta buy dinners, go to bars or prepare small shows of affection. If you are not willing to spend a token amount on someone, how should they interpret your value of them?

If this was a public service message of the insanity that is girichoco, I would be behind it, though the wife doesn't buy any girichoco anyway, so I consder myself lucky, or just practial.

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

Personally prefer bakery/cake shops with coffee, or all-you-can-drink family restaurants. Basically I go for cheap, non-smoking places.

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Posted in: Who will casinos hit hardest? See in context

A major problem Japan seems to have historically is over doing on whatever new fad comes. Like the theme park boom of the 80s, I see companies building a lot of casinos in random places hoping tourists come to them...only to dry up in a matter of years.

Indeed, for this to work, a zone needs to be set up, like in Okinawa, where several resorts and casinos can build up in tandem to create a big resort area. Japan has to understand it is not just providing more casino choices... it would be competing directly with other established areas like Vegas. Heck, knowing Japanese pricing, it could very well be cheaper for Chinese to goto Vegas than Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese women explain why they give 'obligation chocolate' to male co-workers on Valentine’s Day See in context

Or they're just doing it because massive social pressures still chugging along from the bubble era because hey, wouldn't want to be the nail that sticks out, right?

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Posted in: Japan eyes U.S. job, investment plan ahead of Abe-Trump summit See in context

Talk is cheap, promises easily broken and winds change... wouldn't it be more prudent to show what Japan has done up to this point to bolster the US economy? And then from there ask what USA wants from Japan?

Abe could very well put down an offer above and beyond what Trump was expecting to walk away with.

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Posted in: An iPhone made in America? Not that simple See in context

Companies like Apple do not operate on a 4 year (or perhaps even an 8 year) schedule. They're planning way ahead.

Why would they accept and invest loads of money on something that could be pulled out from under them in 4 to 8 years?

Moreover, we very well may be at the point where it's just smarter business to operate in China. It's closer/easier to ship to India, Australia etc, there's less BS that comes with moving through the States, etc etc etc.

No hate for America, but if it truly wants to be great again it needs to do a lot better than strong-arming giant companies.

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Posted in: How do Japanese people feel about kissing in public? See in context

Honestly I've never personally seen that big a difference on this topic between couples in Japan and America. If anything it might be regional. In my hometown in USA the people tend to be fairly conservative/traditional. I would hardly expect a girl from Tokyo to have the same mannerisms as say, Okinawa.

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Posted in: Use all your leftover yen coins at Narita Airport’s huge capsule toy area See in context

I never seem to have too many coins... as a rule I spend my coins first and my wallet has a coin pouch so I guess that helps?

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Posted in: Five anime scenarios Japanese fans are sick of seeing See in context

Mostly agree with this, although I would say a lot of the copy paste mentality applies to all drama, all over.

Regarding the harem discussion, my wife has a sorta love hate/guilty pleasure relationship with the genre and from what I have seen, agree that a good many of them have no plot...but it is kinda cheesy fun for her nonetheless. Truth be told it is more of a drinking game where she yells something like "ah! Walked in on her changing clothes! Called it!" (I have to take a shot, even though I didn't know I was playing)

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Posted in: Weather notification clock connects to iPhone See in context

What a bizarre idea. Does it drain my phone's battery while in use? Sure it's not a lot, but... Why doesn't it just have w-fi and setup options through a PC to let it tap directly into wireless..?

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Posted in: NHK chairman confident SMAP will be on 'Kohaku' on New Year's Eve See in context

What a strange thing to say. How can one possibly be confident when all they have is a "hunch" and that negotiations are in "early stages".

If SMAP were smart (devious?), they could easily charge 2x-5x their normal fee to be on Kohaku because this fool would pay it to save face.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurant wows customers by serving meals on water instead of a revolving conveyor belt See in context

making news for taking the concept to a whole other level, by removing the belt entirely and replacing it with a stream of flowing water.


The joy of receiving food and beverages on water is something that Japanese people have enjoyed for centuries.

...bit of an oxymoron, no?

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Posted in: Britain, Germany each win 3 International Emmys; Japan gets 1 See in context

I'm not in the Trump camp, but

“I feel it’s my moral obligation to inform you that on Nov. 8 this hall was the venue for one of the darkest, most negative and utterly destructive moments in the history of this country,"

...really? More destructive than, say, the Atomic Bomb? Agent Orange? The mass lynching of blacks in the early 1910-20s?

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Posted in: It is difficult for us to maintain these routes in the future. It is beyond the level that a private business is capable of. See in context

Such is business. If you can't entice customers, they should downsize.

For all their pros, trains will never be as convenient as a car. Top that with yearly car improvements (navigation, safety, efficiency, etc), and trains will just continue to become less and less so.

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Posted in: Many companies expect young employees to work long hours to learn new skills. Companies have been cutting labor costs since the 1990s, which increases each individual's work burden. See in context

@Mark: honestly it is probably too little too late. If you can convince a generation of people that X is the status quo, it will be significantly harder to refute or change X without a significant surge from the population. Government in general does not want change that is not directly in its own interests.

So, no. Without significant strikes or civil unrest I can't fathom this happening.

(Eg. American Independence, civil rights, Magna Carta etc etc)

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Posted in: Too quiet on the set; filming accidents often go untold See in context

It's just like any business,game or situation really- Once given a set of rules on how to "play", people just game the system. Risk vs. Reward.

Think of it in another way- most of us probably speed right? That puts yourself and others on the road in some degree of danger, and if you don't speed too much you're probably not going to get caught. And if you do get caught, hundreds/thousands of others aren't...and the penalty is pretty minor so you'll probably do it again in the future.

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Posted in: Many companies expect young employees to work long hours to learn new skills. Companies have been cutting labor costs since the 1990s, which increases each individual's work burden. See in context

...and then shuffling the workers around every 3-5 years so they have to learn new skills all over again, often in areas they have no interest in working in.

Why? Sure, the song and dance is to make workers well rounded, but the reality is if one keeps the worker skill level relatively low, they become easily replaceable.

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Posted in: Hit anime film 'your name.' officially announces Academy Award qualification run See in context

Just saw it and would say it was certainly worth my time as a casual date movie. There was a good mix of emotions and a plot that fekt satisfying. That said, Oscar material? I'm not so. The movie wastes a bit (or tries to add comic relief?) by having the boy, when in the girl's body, grope himself every single morning, without fail.

Would have accepted it once, and there was even a part where he said he shouldn't for her sake... but he does anyway.

Basically took what could have been a funny 1 time gag and did it half a dozen times.

Throw in some upskirt shots and wa-lah, you throw away what otherwise could have been a pretty good flick to something I might be embarassed to watch with my parents.

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Posted in: Clinton blames FBI director Comey for election loss See in context

..or it was Weiner's fault. Or maybe Republicans? Or the pre-election pollsters (who may happened to have polled where there were more Democrats?) Or a billion other reasons.

I don't like or hate either candidate, but Clinton should have accepted loss and left it at that. Trying to pass the blame only hurts her image, in my book...

Captain going down with the ship and what-have-you.

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