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Posted in: Can towns near Fukushima nuclear plant recover? See in context

Unemployed drifters from all over Japan have settled in and around Iwaki-shi to get clean-up work at Fukushima Daini and with them have brought crime, from petty to the aforementioned murder. Just ask any Iwaki resident what the town is like now. The Japanese press has largely ignored the matter.

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Posted in: How should the international community deal with the migrant situation that is currently overwhelming Hungary, Austria and Germany? See in context

Yes, the migrants/refugees will have to be resettled in Europe but sooner or later the EU will have to get to the root of the problem which means intervention in the ME.

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Posted in: China's economic crisis similar to Japan in 1990s See in context

One difference between China and Japan is that China is a powder-keg of different cultures and ethnic groups that have been suppressed for decades. A declining economy may be just the match ...

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Posted in: 59% of 'salarymen' find family life more exhausting than work See in context

google "stippy sexless marriage japan" and read not the article but the comments to see what marriage to a Japanese is often like ...

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Posted in: Leaving the java behind See in context

Here we are a decade and a half into the 21st century and Japanese "women in business" are still a rarity ...

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Posted in: 'Lolicon' teachers a growing concern See in context

Japan has a high tolerance for this kind of thing. Many of us have seen high school girls after hours in Akihabara soliciting joshi-kosei osanpo dates ... in plain view of everyone. As long as high school girls are big business and used to sell, well, most everything, including themselves, this sort of thing will continue.

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Posted in: Housewives going crazy home alone all day behind facade of normal life See in context

No, there is no hard data on numbers but that doesn't stop bloggers from speculating like they have done with high school enjo kosai and other Japanese phenomena that makes a good story and gets clicks.

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