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kazetsukai comments

Posted in: Nearly 40 nations criticize China's human rights policies See in context

It is probably wrong for us to identify China as under Xi's control. He may be the mouth piece and executive and commander in chief, however, it is obvious that the majority of the population or more, do believe in the concept of China dominating the world as world power, and are ready, able and actually carrying out that objective. It is also evident among those Chinese living outside of China in China towns all over.

If Islam's objective is to dominate the world by religion, then China is by economic and military power, backed by technology and people under race based communism. China was after all a kingdom, it's people were used to being under single dominant controlling leadership. And that Chinese racial pride is driving the entire nation.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

When people do not respect and learn from past history but make issues of past events that cannot be changed but by ourselves to be better (not necessarily to atone or even apologize), there will always be unwanted conflict such as this. We with all our ideals could not live their lives in the past and they could not live ours as they are not here.

We can still be made aware and point to the errors we see from our perspective today. However, it is most important to drop and stop the blame game. Especially of events that occurred in the past during what we call wars. We should concentrate on any ills that are happening today.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea to resume business travel from Thursday See in context

Regardless of the pandemic problem. For now, Japan should keep S Korea entry limited to certain defined businesses and immediate family, period. There are too many other risks as from China and possibly Russia. The economic and military consequences are much higher than the pandemic at this time as proven by events happening in the US.

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Posted in: Again, no female contenders in Japan's leadership race See in context

I still do not see a NEED for any particular sex to be represented by numbers or even percentages for any position in business or in government. The fact is, it is the ability of the person to get up to a position to be selected or elected and qualify to do the job. It is not sex, age, race, color, education, number or kind of certificates or the college or university he/she attended.

It is also determined by the voting public and their preferences.

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Posted in: U.N. chief urges Japan, others to meet goals on climate change See in context

While immediate solution may appear to be air pollution from industries, many forget the pollution in the oceans and on land, specially petroleum by products such as plastics which directly contributes to global warming and most importantly the "health" of all living beings. If "lead" killed the Romans as they say, then the plastics will kill life on earth.

Japan can help in more ways than one.

Japan should take the lead in reducing "plastic" pollution on land and in the oceans where much of Japanese and world food supply cokes from. Japan's first recycling plant in the 1970's to reduce Styrofoam (polystyrene) into pure water started the world into recycling. Use that kind of innovation and help lead the world.

Toyota gave away their "hydrogen" energy patent and already in France there are trains running on hydrogen power producing only water at the end. Get the world to do the same.

Meanwhile, why is the world telling japan when China and Brazil are the worst polluters? The world want Japan to spend money, to help others that is all. Japan cannot be a "sucker" as was the US for many years.

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Posted in: Eneos to hasten refinery consolidation as virus hits demand at home See in context

Low carbon emissions may not be the only problem.

With the company resources, help to clean up the plastic pollution which is the by product of petroleum. Convert the old refineries into pollution free recycling plants for example and stop producing more plastic.

Even recycling plastics from automobiles makes sense.

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Posted in: Biden's campaign expands to 'Animal Crossing' game realm See in context

Nuts... get elected first.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. of plan to build ships solely for missile defense See in context

Good idea. But also build many, many more submarines, if japan is to be safe. The ONLY safe and undetectable vessels. Today for Japan surrounded by water and most of its natural resources known to be under the oceans, "protect" them with more ships and more submarines.

China, Russia and even S Korea is "mapping" Japans under sea resources.

Wake up Japan!

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Posted in: Oil industry placing risky bet on plastics: report See in context

The problem is, if they continue, our oceans and our land will be so polluted that for sure we will have unprecedented global warming and climate change with extreme storms we are already experiencing. El Nino and the hurricanes and Typhoons are caused by "warming" of ocean waters that change the flow of air around us. All weather forecasters know and use that water temperatures above 27 degrees Centigrade to determine the strength of the storms and the flow and direction.

Water in oceans, lakes and rivers are 70% of Earth and unlike land they maintain heat longer and deeper. While the land freezes, we know water freezes, especially the oceans, only on the surface. That is why fish are alive.

But those oceans and the fish within are so full of plastic particles that not only they absorb more heat, they are now an extreme heath hazard. While we are told that the air pollution is the problem, much of the evaporated ocean and lake waters contain those plastic particles that also help to absorb heat.

So if we are to stop global warming and the pollution, get at the source. Stop making more and recycle while every effort is made to clean out the plastic pollution for our waters.

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Posted in: Rwandan single mothers turn to online babysitting of Japanese kids See in context

Probably the worst way to babysit.

I will NEVER ever trust 3rd party babysitting via internet.

Physical persense is imperative. Even if I work 2 jobs, I would let my spouse babysit till child is 5 years old.

I want my children to have my philosophy and my family style and not those of institutionalized pre-schools with teachers I don't even know their character till too late. I cannot trust people whom we do not know their life style or their philosophy and I now they do not know mine till I meet with them. I even have hard time with personal baby sitters that are licensed they say, and by whom for what.

I also know that parents must be there for any physical emergencies and internet just does NOT cut it.

So there... to all those internet schooling buffs.

As for that company making money... nice thought but ... not for me...

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Posted in: Democrats pound their message: To oust Trump, you must vote See in context

One simple question still not answered:

Vote Pres. Trump out of office to "what" specific pragmatic alternatives that is actually possible to be implemented by whom , how and where?

Exactly what are we getting in return?

We know exactly what Pres. Trump said he will do and did.

If we still do not like that which Pres. Trump did then what are our options?

As for his personality, we cannot change that. And we are NOT voting for personality, we are voting for what realistic and pragmatic results we can get.

Till then there is no reason or need to change.

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Posted in: Pelosi says U.S. postmaster general has no plans to restore mail cuts See in context

The issue here is the USPO and their need to become more efficient.

With UPS, Amazon etc. taking away the logistics business, MAIL by the USPO is still amajor problem because of the antiquated concept of being at every location possible for the convenience of the public to access (when almost all have access to transportation), must "deliver" to each address, and because the internet has taken away the bulk of the communication business. This was seen coming from the arrival of the fax machine and then the cell pones.

The problem is the "inflated" infrastructure and excess personnel as within the government itself, inherited and difficult to change because politically expedient to keep the employment levels high, even with new technlogy that can practically eliminate more than 50% of the current personnel. Amazon, UPS, FedEx have proven that the entire distribution system can be 90% automated from the beginning to end. The only problem for the USPO is the door to door delivery which still require manpower until such time as the recepticles at each home is stadardized at a special location on each property for automated delivery system to work. Almost an impossible task since all Condos, apartments, and office buildings must now redesign their entire postal access system. It is worse when handicap access must also be rerouted to allow access to same.

The problem illustrated here is that they are already a - (minus / negative) cash flow operation which cannot afford to automate enough sites unless they "close" as many as they can and stop certain services which are better handled by other private companies. The ONLY important part that they can "tout" is the fact that it is actually government backed for certification and assurance sake.

The issue here is that while the USPO may be able to handle the mail, they cannot meet the deadlines of mail in ballots if done for an entire city such as NY because their existing facilties and personnel cannot handle such volume in a timely manner.

And such request was being made just when Pres. Trump and the Post Master were in the process of negotiating the budget and funding, after a review of the efficiency of the postal system. And that review indicated massive inefficiencies and discrepancies for which Pres. Trump threatened to stop additional funding for the Postal Service, and to bring attention to the problem with mail in ballots.

That is because, Only US Mail is certifiable as legitimate "route" for all legally acceptable "mail" within the US.

Then it was politicized by both parties, to which this commentary is about.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

About time is what I want to say, but it is rather late in the game.

Japan needs up it's military capability ASAP along with actually sending people and occupying the islands. Once you occupy you actually "own" that piece of land, the territory.

Do what China did in S China Sea for your own islands, for goodness sake. China can only be removed from those islands by "force" today. Once you occupy other cannot claim it and take it away, except by force. Do not make it like the northern islands now occupied by both Japanese and Russian people. That situation can only be settled by "force" or "buy" it outright, like Louisiana purchase.

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Posted in: Schools restart across Japan after short summer vacation See in context

My children returned to school and they are very happy to be back. Even with the new rules for the virus, the attitude and manners of all the children have change for the better, showing more "respect" for each other. Even some of the teachers are showing signs of more concern for the children's over all welfare. Interestingly none are showing "extreme" fear for the virus, keeping the relationships with respect.

So therefore, there is a "good" side to all this.

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

So what's the problem. Live with it.

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Posted in: Osaka tops Tokyo as Japan reports 1,070 more coronavirus infections See in context

Given the current ineffective reporting of numbers, all gpvernments interested in stopping the spread and to control the actions of irresposible people, the reports should now be 1) No. or people that died, 2) no. of people that are in critical condition, and 3) the number of people that were hospitalized for that day in each city and town. That does not give out personal information and still tells the truth and facts about the virus.

Then they can add the numbers tested and found infected.

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Posted in: Britain to bring in mass testing to curb spread of COVID-19 See in context

I any case, mass testing only "identifies" those areas and persons contracted but do not stop the spread. It does however, give the data and information as to where and who should take more precautionary steps.

The "spread" had been determined that each individual action to prevent the spread and not the testing itself.

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Posted in: Changing TikTok Japan ownership could address security concerns, lawmaker says See in context

To expect changing ownership will change any security risk is nonsense.

It is th entire "system", the program itself that controls information and not the ownership.

Chaning ownership only changes the front-line profit take but everything else still remains under Chinese control. To begin with no Chinese will let another take its profits away.

Need to ask "who" is really behind this idea. For all we know with so many Japanese firms already "fronting" for the Chinese, the new owners will be in doubt, regardless.

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Posted in: Trouble-plagued nuclear fuel reprocessing plant clears safety screening See in context

The point is that it could be "used" and help eliminate some of the major problems with spent fuel storage. Those spent fuel will continue to come for some decades into the future.

Profitability aside, "recycling" and elimination of new stocks of plutonium is in itself a needed safety measue for all countries in the world.

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Posted in: Man arrested for graffiti on fence claims to have been spray-painting for over 30 years See in context

Apparently 30 years may be an issue for the police.

However, by enforcing even something seemingly minor like grafitti and even shoplifting a single item, the people are kept in check. Which basically indicates that the laws are not necessarily strict bur designed to be effective also in "prevention" of crimes as people are made aware that even seemingly minor misdeeds are also unacceptable and is a crime.

The problem is that such a system sometimes makes people meek and too reliant on police to take care of their problems. Which inturn makes the gang members bolder against their victims and at the same time difficult to catch.

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Posted in: Fitch lowers credit outlook on Japan to negative on COVID-19 impact See in context

It is the same everywhere.

But the problem for Japan is not external debt. Other countries owe Japan more than Japan owing other countries. The problem is the ability to "collect" on all those loans in a timely manner, because of the pandemic. US is also one of the major debtors to Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo may pay restaurants, bars to shorten hours in August amid spike in virus cases See in context

Makes no sense. Is Tokyo legislators trying to buy future votes?

The responsibility is with the "customers" to control themsleves and NOT for government to subsidize businesses for what they would have lost anyway if the people stayed away. That is business for everyone, not just those attract night life.

Government is NOT the source for bail out used as "bribes" to close a business. If people do not come, business will close. That is exactly what is happening all over the world.

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Posted in: Japan's supercomputer suggests changes to travel, work amid airborne virus threat See in context

Everyone, need not get excite. Supercomputers or not, real science and the results depends on what question were asked using what basis and what kind of scenarios as well as the kinds of results wanted. Also, it does not give the "right" answer to any thing, but the correct answer to what was asked with the kind of data used and the way in which the "if - then" questions are answered by "degrees" of probability determined by the criteria set up by scientist based upon their "estimates" as to importance and applicability to the final answers outlined for the computer and based upon data and statistics and some of the situations and circumstances determined by the scientists as pertinent and relative and meaningful for the results desired. In other words it all depends on the "design".

We still do not know what was asked or the design of the research from this article. As usual it only gives the so called results picked by the scientist as being reliable and trustworthy because it was science and used the supercomputer. As in taking polls, there is a percentage of error to what ever specific question the computers are asked to answer.

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Posted in: In Fourth of July speech, Trump slams his enemies within See in context

A nation is a nation because its people, its citizens are united awith the same or similar ideals and objectives and and work together without harming each other or mutual benefit and protect that nation from destruction by forces within and without. To keep it sustained and growing in a meaningful and organized manner there are laws and those who make sure the laws are fair, reasonable, meaningful effective and enforceable. To prevent destruction by outside forces, there are migration (immigration) laws and such forces as the military. It is also imperative that the people of the nation understand and appreciate the intent and value of that nation's existence by understanding its history and the correct as well as the wrong ideas and actions that sustained and allowed that nation to continue and survive.

Trump actually said all that with multitudes of past and present historical facts with one simple statement "One Nation Under God". Whether you believe in God or not, the point is that in the "eyes" of all Humanity and the entire Universe, it is ONE NATION and it must stay "one" (united and together even with differences).

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Posted in: China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law See in context

China must be taken seriously if only for one reason; they are actually doing things (acting). They have and will affect us all whether we like it or not, whether we want to recognize it or not.

Without the so called globalization, the world from the very beginning was a "globe" called earth and is only "one" planet. It has always been a world of one. The oceans are filled with waste from thousands of years ago from all over the globe circulated and mixed a million times and the weather affects the entire globe. So does human actions today.

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Posted in: U.S. holiday weekend adds to virus worries as case counts grow See in context

This entire pandemic response relies much too much on "other's" actions and responses, expecting governments and scientists to "help" determine and act on and for people's behalf to protect and save everyone from disasters and death. Just as others cannot live your life, you cannot live the life of others. There is "resposibility" and there is "reliance". But to live one must first take responsibility for oneself and rely on oneself.

To do that take actions that is for yourself before demanding that of others. And let others do the same for themselves. If they do not, it is their problem and not ours. Do not make some problem that do not affect us directly, our problem.

I am also getting tired of those that only know how to point fingers at others.

Remember that that when you point one finger at the other, there is "always" three (3) fingers pointing back at you. And all that starts with one's perspective and attitude. It is better not to make one's problem a problem for others.

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Posted in: Russia says China would be needed in expanded G7 summit See in context

It is the very fact that those two nations are "expanding" and affecting and influencing the entire world significantly, that they must be included so that all are aware of and may deal directly with any misdeeds. The old saying "Keep your enemies close" definitely makes sense if you say "Keep those that affect us negatively or positively close". Like it or not they are not just affecting but influencing and effecting the entire wold.

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Posted in: Trump signs extension of COVID-relief fund for businesses See in context

There is a fine line between support and pampering... just as there are legitimate and miscellaneous spending that has nothing to do with the actual need and the resulting effect of any aid. The government is using our money to help all and not just one person's or one philosophy's interest. There is always a "limit" and consideration of "legitimacy" and "responsibility" on the part of any government action. That is not an easy task for any person in government with or without political interest, as they are judged by personal perspectives of others.

Some wants to "please" and some want to be "pragmatic", that is what makes for "responsible" action.

The npoint is that so far what they have done has worked faily well for most that do not have "special" , "different" and "difficult" situation and conditions to contend with. One single entity or source cannot address all and every single need.

It also takes the efforts of those who have the need to find solutions for their difficulties along with the aid received.

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Posted in: China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law See in context

Canada did not meddle but "reacted" to what China itself did.

This is a totally misguided perspective and rhetoric to misinform. Those who are "aware" and have the abiilty to discern facts from fiction should be able to read between the lines.

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Posted in: Canada suspends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong; eyes immigration boost See in context

Interesting move but rather too late and in view of the past a change in thought.

For many decades, inorder to get more people to work in Canada and to get Chinese investments, it has recruited and allowed major settlements by Chinese people from China as well as HK to settle and occupy Canada's West Coast where they now not only dominate some cities but also run those cities as elected officials. Hopefully they are all adjusted to and have assimilated as Canadian citizens. Hopefully is not facing a similar situation as California's Silicon Valley.

Immigration for all countries worldwide is of concern especially whose that are economically well off and politically stable. With extremely stressful world environment due to forced migration resulting from wars to famine, and with much easier and affordable transportation for movement, there is major shifts in population which affects the host country. The stability within any country is often affected by migration and immigration laws and its enforcement. Canada too now as with the US have a similar problem as they too face movement Northward from the US besides from China and other distressed areas of the world.

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