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Posted in: Tom Hanks says he, wife Rita Wilson have coronavirus in Australia See in context

I noticed a lot of criticism from few Americans toward our government, culture and country for the way we were handling this virus initially. Everything from the way we don’t wash our hands properly (which I found laughable coming from westerners as we are one of the most hygienic nation in the world) to how slow our government is reacting. Now that the virus has reached across the pacific and how similar our predicaments are/were, lets see how well you handle this.

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Posted in: Japan hoping surprise cricket U-19 World Cup appearance is just the start See in context

But if you are a cricket fan, Australian, British, Jamaican, New Zealander, South African, Irish, Indian, Pakastan, Shrilankan, Bangladesh, and others I'm embarrassed I can't remember the others.

to Cricky

What you should be embarrassed about is not the fact that you don’t remember all the countries that play cricket but the fact that you are implying that only the US and Japan plays baseball.

I understand that cricket is a international sport but baseball is just as global as cricket. I hate people who comment negatively on baseball when they don’t really understand the sport and that is ignorance imo.

Your ignorance on the sport of baseball is... “awrsom”.

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Posted in: China sentences former Japanese politician to life for drug smuggling See in context

Its a political anti-Japan judgment by Communist PRC. Just another way to attack Japan. Let Sakuragi go free, he is very old, why would he traffick drugs.

Uh.... the same reasons why anyone would smuggle narcotics...

You are commenting as if seniors don’t need money or they are immune to problems of life.

Does it look suspiciously biased? Yes

Do I think the Chinese government are burning him unfairly because of their negative feelings toward us? Yes

But to speculate that he is innocent solely based on his age is quite a bold assumption.

He was asked by a Nigerian acquaintance to bring in a package full of shoes??

Not sure if he was really that naive and oblivious but I think he should have rejected such request because he now sounds like a gullible old fool.

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