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Posted in: Aso likens Russian war in Ukraine to bullying of weak children See in context

To OssanAmerica, no it's you who have to study history. 1931 is China who got raped and dismembered. You forgot about Korea and how Formosa was taken from China. By the way, please sort out your own country's nonstop mass shooting case to point the latest bang bang in Chicago yesterday.

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Posted in: Aso likens Russian war in Ukraine to bullying of weak children See in context

Shouldn't he asked too why his government raped, burnt, pillaged, raped and murdered its way through weak Asian countries from 1895 to 1945? His country was only stopped by two atomic bombs and a massive onslaught by the Russians. That also it appeared certain elements in the current government appeared unrepentant.

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Posted in: Lithuanian agency warns against use of Chinese-made phones See in context

Desert tortoise, you're afraid of being spied on by Chinese phones? Ha ha ha ha ha, what are you? A big major high profile target that's the stuff that keeps Xi up at night? And that coming from a pipsqueak country in Europe with an obvious axe to grind. Now run along and let Apple, Fujitsu, HTC spy on you then. Or Phillips or Alcatel if they are still making phones. You need a cool beer to cool your racist ardour. Cheers.

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No need to increase the defence budget to 10% of GDP as already suggested by the MoD.

Just up it to 2%.

That would be enough to ensure Beijing *and its supporters) have some sweaty nights.

Yes, Mr Peeping Tom. Why not you lobby the Japanese government to increase the defense spending to 5% instead of from 1% to 5%. Cut away all the other trimmings such as care for the elderly after all they are going to die soon anyway don't waste state funds. While you're at it, please sign up to be forefront of the new Imperial Japanese armed forces to start Part III of the Sino-Japanese war yeah? Next time you want to comment, use your big brain and not the little one further south.

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Posted in: TEPCO to build undersea tunnel to release Fukushima water; gov't to buy marine products See in context

Didn't a Deputy Prime Minister said the water is safe to drink? How come until now we didn't see him gulping down the stuff? Can save so much money from having to store that H2O then dump it into the ocean.

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Posted in: Japan gave intel on China's crackdown on Uyghurs to U.S., Britain See in context

China has locked more than one million Uyghurs and other mainly Muslim minorities in re-education camps, and has forcibly sterilized Chinese women.

When I first read about this, the number was 50,000. Then 100,000. Then 500,000. Now it's a million. Soon it will be 20,000,000? (far more than the number of residents in Xinjiang province).

Do you have an idea of the absurdity of how much it will cost to feed and house 1,000,000 souls per day? Not to mention feed and house the huge number of guards, overseers and "teachers"? Until now, short of taking a flight there once borders have reopened, I have not seen any evidence of these camps. I read that from 1948-1960, during the Malayan Emergency, the British locked up 500,000 Malayans of Chinese descent in 554 concentration camps (called "New Villages") all over Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia) in order to prevent them from helping the Communist rebels. A million incarcerated Uighurs would be over 1,000 camps---where are these camps?

Since the first veracity of OIC's (Organization of Islamic Countries) mission probe into this was called into question, why not just get another United Nations + OIC-led mission deep into Xinjiang province and have a clear expose on the truth over there? The whole word deserves to know the TRUTH --- either China is lying or the 5-eyes+Japan have concocted a crock of bull all the while.

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Posted in: Ex-transport minister Hata, 53, dies from COVID-19 after falling ill on Dec 24 See in context

I am curious....Is there not any other picture of the late Hata-san than this one showing him visiting Yasukuni?

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